Stereo Hearts

Judy sat in her office at work twiddling the card she got from Russell, debating on whether or not she should call the number; or just throw it away.

'1-272-885-2697 EXT. 384' she re-read. "Dr. Antwan."

Judy held the car in her hand, debating on what to do. She wanted to call to see what was going and if what Russell said had any truth. But sadly part of her felt that if she did then she would be going behind Quinn's back, something she never wishes to do to her daughter. Another part of her was scared, what if its real and her ex-husband, the man she still loves, is still dying? What if Quinn decides to get tested and she's a match? What if Quinn decides to go through with the operation? What if Russell dies? She can see herself living without Russell seeing as how she's done it for 12 years, but could she see herself living in this world knowing her first husband was no more?

Judy was strong she could last without Russell. But Quinn, her flesh and blood, the bliss in her life, her bundle of joy she could not live without. One thing she can't live with is the assumption that Russell is lying but it turns out he's telling the truth. One thing Judy Fabray refused to live with is guilt.

She took the business card and picked it up, dialing the numbers with no hesitation. She listened to the dial tone, the sound getting louder and longer with each passing moment.

"Thank you for calling St. Joseph's Candler how may I help you?"

Quinn lay on her back breathing hard after her long yet satisfying round of playing in the sheets with Rachel. Quinn smiles smugly as she watches Rachel breathe hard, and at the beads of sweat that dripped from her girlfriend's forehead. Rachel was still on top of Quinn, a position she admitted was her favorite. Quinn watched as Rachel pulled herself from Quinn's now soft member, and laid onto the bed next to her.

"Damn that was amazing." Rachel moaned as she moved to lay her head between Quinn's neck and shoulder.

"What can I say? I'm that damn good." Quinn smile smugly while wrapping her arms around Rachel's waist and began nibbling at the brunette's smooth neck.

"Cocky ass." Rachel giggles.

"Admit it, my cockiness turns you on." Quinn speaks huskily.

"Like hell" Rachel jokes.

"Oh really?" Quinn said with a raised studded eyebrow.

Rachel giggles as Quinn gets on top of her and begins kissing and biting at her neck.

"Quinn, stop it!" Rachel giggled. Quinn continued her tender attack on Rachel's neck. "Hey"

Quinn continues nipping at her lover's neck, gently licking the salty skin.

"But you taste, so fucking good." Quinn states in a sly lazy tone.

Rachel giggles and wraps her legs around Quinn's waist. Rachel used both of her hands to pull the Quarterback in for a tender kiss, running her thumb over Quinn's cheek when she felt the blonde's tongue slowly enter her mouth. With her eyes still closed, Rachel pulls away from the kiss while Quinn begins to nip at her neck.

"We're supposed to be studying." Rachel reminds.

"We did" Quinn speaks while attacking the top of the cheerleaders round breast. "We studied calculus and now we're studying Anatomy."

Rachel's breathing hitched when Quinn gripped her leg that was wrapped around her waist, squeezing her firm yet juicy thigh.

"Babe c'mon, we need to- study something." Rachel moaned gently.

"We've been studying for hours" Quinn husked out. "Your dad's are working late, let's stop for the day and have some type of fun."

Quinn looked deeply into Rachel's eyes, allowing Rachel to see the desire that dripped from her eyes. She could see something else in Quinn's eyes, a slight flicker of pain and confusion that drifted away just as quick as it came. Next thing she knew Quinn's member was pushed fully inside of her.

"Ah" Rachel moaned out, feeling her self wrap completely around Quinn's member, the feeling turning her on with each passing moment.

"Fuck Rach" Quinn moaned gently as she rested her forehead on Rachel's chest. Quinn was almost frightened for she had never been this deep inside of Rachel, and Rachel's slick walls had never sucked her in so deliciously before; but then again that only just started having sex.

"Baby, you're so deep." Rachel managed to get out while digging her nails into Quinn's shoulders, then moving them against Quinn's back as Quinn thrusts into her with a great amount of force. "Quinn" Rachel spreads her legs wider to allow Quinn more access.

"Quinn we need to talk." It was a little after nine pm when Quinn finally made her way home. She spent the whole day with Rachel in attempt to avoid her mom and the discussion that she knew was waiting for her at home.

As soon as Quinn walked through the door she was summoned into the kitchen by Judy. Taking a deep breath and straightening her shirt, Quinn walked into the kitchen where she saw her mother standing at the counter with a bag of Burger King.

"What's up? Where's Brittany?" Quinn questions while moving further into the kitchen.

"She's showering, should be down soon and until then we need to talk." Judy speaks while pulling out a Whopper and taking it out of its wrapper to place it on the plate in front of her.

"What do we need to talk about?" Quinn asks while watching her mom pour fries onto the plate as well. Quinn felt her mouth water at the sight of the burgers and fries.

"Sit" Judy orders in her motherly voice reserved just for her kids.

Taking a breath, Quinn pulls out the chair at the head of the table, the seat that became hers as soon as Russell 'gave it up'. She watched as her mom grabbed a Dr. Pepper from the fridge, opened it and then placed it in front of Quinn. She watched as her mom moved back the Burger King bag and pulled out some more burgers, one for Brittany and one for herself.

"Mom what's going on?" Quinn finally questions. "You almost never give us fast food for dinner."

Judy sighed painfully before looking Quinn in the eyes.

"I called the hospital today." Quinn felt her heart constrict from just that bit of information.

"Why would you do that?" She asked Judy. "Why wouldn't you talk to me first?"

"Quinn he's dying." Judy's words silence Quinn. "Russell has Lupus Nephritis that's causing his kidney to fail. The doctors say he may live a few more months but he needs a kidney."

"What does that have to do with me?" Quinn bitterly questions, slightly frightening Judy for a split second; she had never seen her daughter in this manner.

"T- The doctors want you to come and get tested as soon as possible to see if you're a match."

"Hell no" Quinn immediately states.

"Quinn you won't even get tested?"

"Mom that man abandoned me and disowned me because I have a dick!" Judy slightly jumps when Quinn jolts to her feet and raises her voice. "That man doesn't give a shit about me, he forgets about me and then remembers me when his life is at stake? He doesn't come over to say hey Quinn, how you doin' Quinn? No! That fucking piece of shit comes back into my life and does what? Asks for my fucking kidney!"

Judy just listened to her daughter speak. She could see much of Russell in Quinn, especially when she was angry. She watched as Quinn's nostrils flared with fire and her the vein in her neck pop out.

"That man does not give a damn about me. So why the fuck should I give a damn about him?"

With those words Quinn picks up her plate of food and soda before walking from the kitchen and up the stairs. Judy nearly jumps at the sound of Quinn's bedroom door slamming shut. Judy sighed deeply, she knew this would be an excruciating subject for Quinn to talk about, especially since she never got the closure that she needed.

"Mom what's wrong with Quinn?" Brittany's words pull Judy out of her head and back into reality.

Judy sighs.

"Sit Down Brittany." Judy says in her motherly voice, feeling that she might as well tell Brittany as well.

"What's going on?"

"Quinn's father's back in town, and he wants Quinn's surgery." Brittany raised an eyebrow.

"Russell's in town?" Brittany had never met Russell, but she had heard the stories and knew that the subject was to never be mentioned around Quinn.

"Yeah baby he is." Judy states. "This really isn't sitting well with Quinn."

"Obviously." Brittany says while running her hand through her blond locks. "I hope she's okay."

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