Hello and welcome to my younger sister's fanfiction. I indroduced her to the show and she immediatly picked up on Shizaya.

Let me make this as clear as possible I made 0 modifications on this. This is all her with no help from he what so ever. This is how I got it when she gave it to me and this is how I'm giving it to you guys.

My sister does not own Durarara, it be awesome if she did but she doesns't. She does love ths show though.

One day Shizuo was in the park. He couldn't believe it, he thought he was having a wonderful day. Then HE walked up.

Izaya: Hello Shizu-chan! What wonderful weather we're having?

Shizuo: Shut up, BASTERD!

Izaya: Awww, what's wrong Shizu-chan? I thought you were having a GREAT DAY!

Shizuo grabs something very heavy object.


Then he THROWS the object! (But people were not so worried)

But luckily poor Shizuo missed.

Shizuo: Damn it!

Izaya: What did you really want to HURT me?

Shizuo: No, I was trying to KILL YOU, dummy. But until now marry me!

Izaya smiled.

Izaya: But you just said you wanted to kill me.

Shizuo: So I can die with you.

Shizuo and Izaya danced and got married.


? Yeah my sister is weird

TShe actually made me act this out for her. With me as Shizuo and herself as Izaya, she even made me dance.

And made our brother play the son they had which she said was named Sasuke. I'm not sure how she expects them to have kids but she said Shinra had something to do with it or Izaya just always had that gift.

So what do allof you guys thing of my sister's story? Bet she'd want to know.