Me: Guess who's lazy~?!

Jazalini: *snoring*

Me: GET UP! *pushes Jazalini off bed*

Jazalini: *lands on other mattress on the floor, drools on pillow as butt sticks out*

Me: ARG!


Chapter 7

1 year later

It was Sasuke birthday and Shizuo and Izaya wanted to make sure their son had a great birthday, they invited all their friends. Unfortunately Shinra was the first to arrive.

Shinra: Congratulations on living an entire year with Shizuo and Izaya without getting any serious injuries!

Shinra was speaking to Sasuke who was trying to fit his tiny pale hand inside his mouth getting it wet with saliva.

Izaya: What's that supposed to mean Shinra! We're not bad parents!

Shizuo: Yeah we not horrible! We're just…..getting use to the responsibility.

Sasuke: Abffyghj! Goo gab abo…blff!

Shinra: Yes you are hungry Sasuke.

Izaya: Since when do you speak baby?

Shinra: Yesterday.


Shinra: Yeah, yesterday.

Izaya: You learned to speak baby in one day?

Shinra: Yeah.

Izaya: *picks up Sasuke and walks to his room*

Shinra: What is h…..

Izaya came out and walked to the kitchen. Once there he prepared a warm bottle of milk for his son, after that he calmly walked back into the room.

Shizuo: Oh come on Izaya, it's his birthday don't make him fall asleep.

The blonde then goes in the kitchen and pulls out a cup of milk for himself.

Izaya: Okay he's asleep.

20 minutes later.

(P.S. Shinra is looking in the fridge)

Izaya sat down next to Shizuo as they waited for the guest to arrive. The moment he sat down Shizuo began to scoot closer to the raven. Shizuo put his hand over Izaya's shoulder when…..

Shinra: Hey! *plops down in between the couple*

Shizuo: What the heck Shinra!

Shinra: Hey you guys I was just thinking what kind of person do you think Sasuke will marry?


Shinra: Do you think he'll like boys or girls?

Izaya: Well…I guess it doesn't really matter….

Shinra: Oh sure it doesn't matter…..maybe he'll love someone genderless~

Shizuo: …What?

Shinra: If he does marry a boy do you think he'll get the boy pregnant like Shizuo got you Izaya?

Izaya: Well I'm not sure how that would work…even I don't even know how it's possible that I pregnant.

Shinra: Oh Izaya just say it, you're a freak of nature *Shakes Izaya around*

Izaya: Stop that! I'm getting dizzy!

Shizuo: HAND'S OFF!

Shizuo pushed Shinra away slightly not pushing hard enough to hurt him.

Shinra: Alright alright. I promise I won't touch the scientific miracle we know as Izaya.

Shizuo then did something so bad that Shinra passed out.


All the guest made it and little Sasuke woke up right when the party was in full swing. Everyone loved how small and tiny he was. Everyone spent their time talking, Simon who was still angry that Sasuke wasn't named Simon talked with Celty.

Simon: But why didn't you pick Simon?

(Random. It was random)

Izaya: Time for cake!

Everyone crowded along the table as Izaya pulled out a knife. He set the knife down and began to light the candles.

Shizuo: Sasuke put that down!

Everyone turned to see Sasuke trying to the cut the cake all by himself. Izaya took the knife away.

Izaya: No Sasuke. That's not for you.

Izaya cut the pieces of the cake and passed it around, he gave Sasuke a small piece and he ate it calmly. When no one as looking he tried to say a specific word, he curled up his lip and tried his best.

Sasuke: Sh-Shi…Shi…..zz…u…oh. I-I….Izz….Izzzz… …yyy..a

Erika: Were you trying to speak!

Erika absolutely adored Sasuke even though said baby was looking at her as if she was an Idiot. Izaya then came up and grabbed his son carrying him in his arms.

Izaya: C'mon were going with daddy.

Once the party was down Izaya laid Sasuke down to sleep and went to sleep in his room with Shizuo.

Me: *blows whistle loudly*

Jazalini: Huh?

Me: It's done.

Jazalini: Okay then *goes back to sleep*

Me: Review.