On Scorpius Malfoy's first visit to The Burrow, he had experienced a chilly reception followed by a dunk in an ice-cold pond. The Weasley clan had thawed to him since then—no more gang interrogations, and Granny Weasley stopped threatening to hex—but he was mindful that the family truce could end at any time. That awareness made Scorpius hesitate when Rose suggested they fly his new enchanted motorbike to Devon for Sunday dinner.

"We can't skip another one," she said. "Lily's sending owls, threatening to hunt us down." Rose sat cross-legged on the bed, draped like a goddess in Egyptian cotton. "She said we've been going at it for weeks, we have to come up for air sometime."

"I disagree."

"Me too." Rose set her teacup on the tray holding the remains of their breakfast. "But I see her point. We—"

"—are on holiday." After seven years at Hogwarts, they deserved one.

Rose sighed. "Tomorrow it'll be over. Ministry training for me, and you'll be working for Malfoy Enterprises."

Scorpius set the tray on the floor. "There's still time to go at it before coming up for air."

Rose glanced at the clock on the bedside table. "Dinner's at two. We'll need at least an hour to get ready." Her lips curved. "Plenty of time."

"Barely enough." Scorpius leaned over to kiss her smiling mouth.


The issue of how to get to Devon was forgotten until much later, when they were hurrying to get dressed.

"I can't wait to see you in riding gear," Rose said.

The anticipation on her face banished any concern that the Weasley family clock would report Rose in mortal peril instead of travelling. Scorpius replied, "Not the trousers. Only the jacket."

Rose slid on a pair of blue jeans. "Hugo will say we're trying to match."

Her leather jacket was all black. His had grey stripes. "There's a reason Headmaster Snape's portrait calls him a dunderhead." Scorpius watched Rose choose trainers and selected dark jeans and riding boots.

Wizard buildings didn't offer the Muggle amenity of underground parking, so Scorpius and Rose walked up the steps from the penthouse to the roof garden. He rolled the black Triumph Rocket III out of a shed charmed to resemble a privacy screen.

"Millionaires love their toys," Rose said.

"Billionaire by the time I inherit." Scorpius handed Rose a helmet that was almost as blue as her eyes, checked the fit, and fastened the chinstrap before sliding on his own silver helmet. "I have to admit this is one of my favourites." He wouldn't trade the Creevey Wizard Comics and action figures he'd collected from childhood for the motorbike, but he'd forfeit any other "toy" he owned.

Rose mounted the motorbike behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist. "Will this be like flying in Dad's car?"

Scorpius chuckled. She knew he thought her father's Bentley was the equivalent of flying sofa. He hit the start button, pressed another button to levitate, and then engaged the Invisibility Booster. "Hold on." He twisted the right handgrip towards his body and the motorbike shot forward. The speed was exhilarating, but the real thrill came from the danger. Rev the engine too much and the bike would do wheelies. Accidentally pull hard on the front brake lever and the motorbike would slide sideways on the ground or in midair. His skill controlled the machine. Kept Rose safe. The knowledge aroused a primal response his grandparents would deem unbecoming to a Slytherin. Once they reached the orchards belonging to the Weasleys' neighbours, Scorpius pulled the lever called a clutch to begin their descent. The tires touched ground in a paddock and rolled to a stop.

Rose climbed off to open the gate and then close it behind the motorbike. Scorpius drove slowly through a field of tall grass and halted at the edge of The Burrow's back garden.

"Do you want to walk from here?" Rose asked.

The family gathered around picnic tables stared in their direction. No one smiled. Rose's father and uncles seemed ready to hex first and ask questions later. Scorpius lifted his hands. "They think we're intruders. Take off your helmet."

He could tell the moment Rose was recognised. Wands lowered.

"Merlin," Rose said with a wavering laugh. "I was scared we'd have to cast Shield Charms."

Scorpius had cast a Shield Charm, but since it was non-verbal, and cast without a wand, he was relieved not to test it against a dozen curses. He waited for Rose to dismount and got off the bike to remove his own helmet and riding gloves. Most of the family wandered over to greet Rose and take a closer look at his motorbike.

"What's that for?" Rose's cousin Lucy asked, pointing to the pad he'd conjured to place beneath the chrome kickstand.

"Stability, so the motorbike doesn't fall over."

Lucy smiled, revealing a gap where she'd lost a canine tooth. "I like your motorbike. It's shiny and pretty."

"Malfoys are all about appearances," Teddy Lupin said. He stood nearby, smirking.

Scorpius looked at Lupin's spiky turquoise hair and arched an eyebrow.

Lucy burst into giggles.

Harry Potter, the original Super Wizard, strolled up to the motorbike. He was dressed in alter-ego mode: t-shirt and cargo shorts. "My godfather, Sirius Black, had a Triumph Bonneville," he said. "I take it out now and then. It has a finicky kick start."

Scorpius nodded. "This model has a charmed start button with a kick start lever backup."

"Care to give me a ride?" Potter gestured to the picnic tables. "After dinner, of course."

"Of course." What else could he say with Weasleys, Potters, and Scamanders gathered around? He escorted Rose to the garden where they sat with her cousins Albus, Lily, Lucy, and Dominique. Scorpius listened to the ebb and flow of conversation and ate a second helping of Granny Weasley's chocolate trifle to extend dinner as long as possible. When Harry Potter ambled over to their table, Scorpius reluctantly stood.

They walked in silence until Scorpius said, "If the Auror Office needs more diversity in their trainees, find another Slytherin. I'm not interested."

"Neither am I," Potter said. "Not since I realised you'd be much more effective working inside Malfoy Enterprises."



Author Note: If anyone reading this has never heard of Our Little Secret and Our Little Secret: Lost, you don't have to read them, (I think every story should be able to stand alone) but if you get some time, I think reading them will make you enjoy this story even more. :)