Edgar was married.

Scorpius remembered a conversation that took place six months earlier after Easter Holiday.


Edgar asked, "Will you stand with me at the joining ceremony?"

"Not if it's soon." His friend was eighteen, only really knew the girl through letters. It would be mental to rush.

"The betrothal lasts a year," Edgar said.

"And you're sure I'm the best man?" Scorpius had to ask. "Things have changed."

"Doesn't matter. You'll see."


Scorpius said, "I'm going to offer my congratulations. Will you send over a bottle of champagne?"

His grandfather pursed his lips. "Sparkling wine. Domestic."

That would suffice. Scorpius weaved his way through the maze of tables, saying hello to acquaintances. He paused to chat briefly with a Hogwarts dorm-mate, Nathaniel Nott, who glanced over at Edgar and asked in a hushed voice, "Could've blown me over when I read the announcement. Why the hasty wedding? Is Marianne pregnant?"

"I wouldn't know."

Nathaniel's long face became doleful. "People lose touch when they leave school. Shame, really. We should get the gang back together."

Scorpius could learn useful information from his former house-mates. "Owl the time and date and I'll be there."

"Yeah? Brilliant!"

A few tables away, the new Mrs. Goyle stared at Scorpius with wide eyes. She looked like a Dresden shepherdess with her upswept hair and sky blue dress robes. Edgar sat beside her, solemn and hulking. The antithesis of a happy bridegroom, and Scorpius knew why: his friend had feelings for another girl.

"I hear congratulations are in order." Scorpius kissed Marianne's cheek and shook his friend's hand. "Did you forget to owl my invitation?"

Edgar smiled a little. "It was a small ceremony."

"Held at Mrs. Goyle's bedside," Marianne said. "Just us and my parents. My brother Guy wasn't even there. She had to limit the number of people. Her heart, you know."

"No, I didn't." How Slytherin of Millicent Goyle to continue manipulating others from her deathbed. He asked Edgar, "Are the Healers at St. Mungo's allowing visitors? My grandparents will want to pay their respects." Scorpius didn't mention his father—the Goyles hadn't spoken to Draco Malfoy since the war.

"Mother's at home, resting as comfortably as possible," Edgar said.

Of course she was. He'd ruined his life for her. What more could a hag of a mother want? The simultaneous arrival of a server with Edgar and Marianne's lunch and the wine steward presenting a bottle of Taittinger Brut La Francaise compliments of "Les Messieurs Malfoy" gave Scorpius an excuse to congratulate the couple a final time and return to his grandfather.

"You sent champagne," Scorpius said as he resumed his seat.

Grandfather Lucius waved his fingertips dismissively. "It was non-vintage."

For some reason, Scorpius laughed.

His grandfather took a sip of wine. "What's so amusing?"

Nothing, really. "Today has been a lot different than I expected."

Grandfather Lucius raised his glass in an ironic toast. "And it's only lunch."


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