This prologue to a chapter story does not need too much explanation. Because it a Moonlighting fanfiction, the characters will be speaking directly to you, the readers. For the Beauty and the Beast side, those characters will not break any walls. For this prologue, the narrator is in italics, and my interact is bolded. Now, on with the story, maybe.

Once upon a time in the mythical city of Los Angeles –

"Hold it," called a feminine voice.


"Los Angeles is not mythical to them." Madolyn Hayes pointed to outside the page.

It's a literary license.

"It's an I Dream of Jeannie copy, that's what it is," said David Addison.

Maddie was confused, "What?"

"Episodes two through eight had an opening beginning with 'Once upon a time' and then it changed to the animated theme."

Even then, it wasn't the same theme the audience knows today.

Maddie and David looked at the Narrator, "Butt out!"


Maddie and David spoke at the same time again, "What were we talking about? I don't remember."

David spoke up, "You know what – forget it. Just redo the beginning."

Thank you.

Once upon a time in the city of Los Angeles, there lived a beautiful woman who was once a model. Unfortunately, her evil accountant stole all of her –

David's voice called out this time, "Hold it!"

What is it now?

"This is fanfiction, right?"


Maddie jumped in, "So why are you giving our back stories? The readers wouldn't be reading this if they didn't see the show. They wouldn't even know we exist."

David agreed, "Exactly."

I'm saying what the fanfic author told me to say, just like you two were at the mercy of the television writers for five seasons.

Maddie crossed her arms, "Well, we'll have a talk with this fanfiction writer, whoever he or she is."

I just got a message from the author – she says she agrees with your position on this issue. However, she wishes to remind you both that since your show was cancelled twenty-three years ago, you wouldn't have new scenarios if it wasn't for the fanfic writers. She wouldn't complain if she were in your shoes and neither would I. She also wants to add that she does not own Moonlighting or any of its characters. That belongs to Disney, ABC, and anyone else who has the rights.

"First, the author's a little late with the disclaimer. Secondly, David, the author and this narrator have a point. Remember our set being dismantled? That really was over twenty-three years ago."

David shrugged, "How could I forget? Wait a minute, do we still own Blue Moon?"

I'm waiting for a response… the author says no. She wants to maintain consistency, well as consistent as an author can be with a show that broke the fourth wall several times within one episode.

David was enraged, "She can't do that! Why can't she bring Blue Moon back?"

She says this story will mostly take place in the present time of 2012, not 1989 where you guys left off. You should be retired now.

"What do you think we've been doing in the last twenty-three years," asked David.

Hmmm… she says she doesn't know – she only started watching the show within the last two weeks.

"Last two weeks! We were on twenty-six years ago!" Maddie was getting more annoyed by the minute.

She wasn't born then.

"Ohhh!" Maddie and David finally understood.

Now, can I get on with my narration?

Maddie and David nodded, "Of course, sure."


Maddie responded, "No need to be testy."

Sure. Anyway…

Once upon a time in the city of Los Angeles, Madolyn Hayes and David Addison were…

There was silence for several minutes.

David came back, "What is it now?"

The author says since you got rid of her fairytale opening, she has a case of writer's block.

Maddie came back as well, "Oh, brother."

David added, "And we're just under five hundred and fifty words."

Maddie agreed, "Some writer."

She is threatening to erase you both if you don't cooperate soon. Then, you won't get a comeback in a fanfiction.

"So what? There are other writers and other stories," said David. Maddie nodded.

This one is supposed to be a crossover.

Maddie spoke, "There are other fanfiction crossovers with us."

Only three – two Xena and one Remington Steele. This one is with Beauty and the Beast.

"You mean, there are going to be dancing tea cups," asked Maddie.

"I always wanted to sing with that candelabra. Be our guest/Be our guest/Put our service to the te–"

"David, that movie was released two years after we were cancelled. You shouldn't know anything about that movie."

"Why not, Maddie? It was a perfectly good movie."

"I'm not saying it wasn't good, just that we never should have seen it."

I quit! I'm sorry, but I can't take this anymore! I can't get a word in edgewise with these two! Good-bye.

The Narrator walked off slamming the door to his sound booth.

David and Maddie looked at each other, "Was it something we said?" They both shrugged.

Maddie put her head in her hands, "Now, what are we going to do?"

David replied, "Apparently, we need a narrator who knows how to read, can tell a story, and can handle us."

Maddie asked, "Where are we going to find someone like that?"

A new feminine voice was heard, "Can I be of some help?"

Maddie and David looked at the new person, a very attractive young woman with brown hair, hazel eyes, and wearing a blue dress with an apron.

David's eyes popped out of his head, "Oh, yes." Maddie slapped him, "Ouch," and he was rubbing his arm.

Maddie rolled her eyes at David before looking at the young woman, "Do you really think you can help us? Our narrator just stormed off for no reason."

The young woman replied, "Yes, I saw him yelling 'run away' and doing it. Still, I lived with a beast for several months that I think I can handle you two. I can even create my own stories."

Maddie shrugged, "Well, we can try it."

David spoke up, "Wait a minute, living with a beast. So you're our Beauty and the Beast crossover?"

Belle shook her head, "No, it's the other Beauty and the Beast with Catherine Chandler and Vincent Wells."

David was confused, "Can we do that? We were owned directly by ABC and that show aired on CBS. Isn't there a conflict?"

Maddie chimed in, "I think we can since neither show has been on the air for over twenty years."

"I'm still uncomfortable with this."

"You're comfortable making the most sexist jokes, looking down or up women's dresses, and having sex like it was one big holiday, including my cousin, but you're uncomfortable being in a crossover story because the other television show was on a different network? You are the most vile, disgusting excuse for a television character I have ever seen!"

"Try some new lines, will ya? Although adding 'television character' was new."

Belle started to walk away, "That last narrator was right. These two are impossible."

Maddie sighed, "You know what, let's forget the narrator and go on with the story."

David responded, "Sounds good. Author at your will."

Author's Note: After dealing with Madolyn Hayes and David Addison, as you used to see week after week and probably now watch in the DVDs, I will need some time to write the actual prologue since these two characters are slightly insane and can easily drive others up the wall. Your patience will be appreciated.

Maddie and David yelled, "Stop making excuses!"

This is only the prologue or was supposed to be the prologue. After this display of driving off narrators, I am deciding if I want your lives to be much harder than I originally envisioned it.

David became sarcastic, "Oh yeah. Sounds good to me."

Maddie grabbed his arm, "David, she's the writer – she can do that."

David's eyes widened, "Oh, right. Well, Maddie and I will wait patiently for the next chapter of our lives, and you, our readers, please review the prologue – what little there is of it."

Maddie nodded, "And we apologize for confusing the author and delaying the actual prologue, although we can't promise we'll change our habits. For those of you who were with us over twenty years ago, we apologize that we caused problems that led to more reruns than episodes."

"And again, remember to review. We've been off the air for twenty-three years so our characters might be off. Make sure to tell the author, and she'll fix it."

Maddie and David were waving to outside the page, "Goodbye for now. See you soon."