Chapter One

I was seated on the couch and was wiping the tears from my face, trying to prevent my mascara from running. It turns out I failed because as I pulled my hands away, I saw black streaks staining my fingers. I was crying because I was laughing. I always got like this when I watched Family Guy. It was one of my favourite shows. It was extremely dark and it pushed the envelope way too far, which was in direct correlation to my own sense of humour. After I calmed down, I was able to finish the show in a somewhat more relaxed fashion. Meaning I wasn't suffering from a bursting lung.

However, I was a little more interested in the show than most people because I am extremely attracted to Seth MacFarlane, the shows creator. I thought about him as I turned off the TV and walked to my room. To me that man is perfect. He's handsome, funny, has the same sense of humour as I do and most importantly his voice is the sexiest thing I've ever heard. I have a thing for deep, husky voices so when I heard his I nearly jizzed myself.

As I pondered him and his perfectness I began to think about how close I actually am to him. My uncle works for Family Guy and American Dad as one of the writers. I live with his family and have so since mine moved back to Canada. I stayed so I could finish my schooling. I study at the University of Los Angeles as a film major. I hope to become a great movie director one day. Anyways, my family moved back to Canada when I was 17. That was 4 years ago. So 21 years old and living at my aunt and uncles house with my two cousins.

Anyway, again, my uncle is Seth's best writer and he comes over often for dinner to discuss new ideas for the shows and just to visit. He knew the whole family very well. Everyone except for me. See I have this lingering fear of meeting my celebrity crushes, afraid that I'll make a fool of myself. So I try my hardest to stay away when he's over by occupying myself with cleaning my room while playing music. That way I can't tempt myself hearing the fun.

This particular evening, Seth was due to come over at 5. It was currently 4:45 and my cousin Amanda was trying hard to get me to join tonight's party. 'You've had a crush on him since you were 16. I don't see why you don't just come down and at least say hi to him.' She started.

I began tugging dirty clothes off of my vanity into a basket, purposely not looking at her. 'I don't know either. I mean I want to, it's just I'm terrified of him even knowing that I'm here. It terrifies me even more that I'm just a hallway away from him.' She smiled at me when she saw a pink blush creep into my cheeks. 'You really are too cute. I know you care about him and you haven't even met him.'I didn't answer right away because to hide my blush I squirmed under my bed to clear out the mess. I came out, brushed off the dust bunnies and replied.

'I really do. It sounds silly but-' At that moment I heard the doorbell ring. I whipped around to stare at the front door which was clearly visible from my room and I could see his tall silhouette through the stained glass door. I thought I was going to throw up my heart it lurched so hard. Snapping myself out of my panic I rushed towards Amanda and shooed her out. She turned to protest but I silently pleaded with her to go. She understood and turned to answer the door. I stared after her and just as she opened the door I shut mine.

I leaned my back against the cool wood and sighed. I wish I wasn't such a wuss. I shrugged and walked over to my player, started my music and resumed collecting dirty laundry, completely blocking out the thought of Seth MacFarlane standing right outside my bedroom.

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