Chapter Thirty One

As I stood glued to the spot, wringing my hands nervously, I carefully studied Seth's face. His brow turned down slightly for a moment, then relaxed, and his lips parted as a corner of his mouth turned up into a goofy grin. I slowly smiled back at him as he kneeled in front of me, lifted my shirt and kissed the barely there baby bump.

Feeling him on me and our child made me more emotional than I anticipated as a wrenching sob shook my body. Seth immediately stood up with a look of worry on his face. 'Hey, hey, what's wrong beautiful?' His voice was tainted with concern. I wiped an escaped tear from my cheek and looked at him for a minute.

'I just, I'm so happy. 5 years ago I never imagined myself in the position I am now, and now that it's real, I couldn't imagine my life to be any different. I mean, I'm with the man of my dreams, and I'm having his baby in eight months. Nothing in my life has ma-' I was cut off suddenly by Seth's kiss. His hands cupped my face ever so gently as his lips made delicate contact with mine, soft and loving. I relaxed into it, and let my hands clasp behind his back.

Breaking away with a need to breathe, Seth buried his face in the crook of my neck. Pressing his lips against my flesh, he whispered 'Every minute that we've ever spent together has made me a different man. Before I met you, I was a depressed cartoon writer, sleeping around with nothing to live for.' He pulled away from me, reached into his pocket and lowered himself to one knee. 'Walking into your house on the night we met, I had no idea I was walking into the rest of my life.' My lips parted and tears welled up once again. 'And it would be an honour if you would take me as your husband.'

The small box that was in his pocket was opened to reveal a delicate, yet stunning engagement ring. 'Calleigh Jennings, will you marry me?' Small sobs took over me as a hand covered my mouth in an attempt to calm them, although it was a lost cause when I felt hot tears stream down my face. 'Yes, yes, yes.' I cried out. I fell to my knees and threw my arms around his neck, and cried tears of happiness.

As the tears kept coming, Seth lowered us to the floor, and we lay there side by side. It took several minutes for me to calm down enough to answer his question. 'When do I get to be a father?' I smiled an open hearted smile and replied 'In about eight months. I just found out I was 3 weeks along 2 weeks ago, and I've been trying to get up the courage to tell you since then.'

A puzzled look then crossed his face. 'Howcome it took so long?'

The question was innocent enough, however, it still made me nervous to answer. 'I..' I had to pause for a moment to collect my thoughts. 'I was worried it would be a deal breaker. We had never discussed the topic of children because one, we weren't married or engaged then, and two, I didn't know how you would react.'

A look of soft understanding extended across his features and he tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear.

'The truth is, is that I never truly knew if I would ever be ready for, or even want children. But now, now I have my own growing inside the one person whom I am spending the rest of my life with, and there is nothing that could even come close in comparison. The last half hour of my life has been one of the best of my life.'

Before he could say more, I pressed my lips to his in such a passionate embrace, my breath was taken away. When we pulled away, we rested our foreheads together, and Seth's hand met with my bump and left it there. It was hours before we moved from our spot on the floor, and even when we did move, the contact was never broken.

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