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How We Started Out Part 1

Classes and Yuri

Me: Hiya everyone! Been a while right? Well I've been busy and I lost damn flashdrive! GRRRR! I couldn't do anything else. I was also drawing blanks on how to end some of my stories. (Ideas would be appreciated please!) Everytime I draw blanks on an old story I start a new one! (In case you couldn't tell) I'm probably gonna look at some other stories and see how that author would end a story and take ideas (Not words or actions) and twist them a little so you won't even tell! Well, maybe you will I don't know. Anyway, I'm gonna stop yaking your ears off and start the story. Yes it is NaruHina. Gotta problem? DO NOT FUCKING READ THEN! Anyway, I'll also add some other couples in the background. Look out for them and let me know what you find! One more thing...look out for Hinata's descriptions of her pictures and her schedule. Her schedule is the same as MY schedule for my school. So in all her classes Leena's gonna be in there because Leena is me! Except for the Reading Class. My Reading is first on even days but it's downstairs. Not upstairs. Also when you look out for the desciptions of Hina's pictures she draws if someone can draw the picture itself or a base with the hair for each character, (Leena's hair is brown and Sarafina's is dark navy blue like Sasuke's) please send it to me. (I can't draw to save my life!)

(Hinata's P.O.V)

"Hinata time to get up! You're gonna be late!" My little sister Hanabi said shaking me a little. "Just a...few more...minutes." I said rolling over. "You don't have a few more minutes! It's almost 8 o'clock!" Hanabi said. I shot up and looked at my clock. "Oh my goodness you're right!" I said getting out of bed quickly. I took off my pajamas and opened my closet. I looked quickly and chose my lavender skirt with a white top. I grabbed my lavender backpack and purse and ran out of my bedroom. I ran quickly to the bathroom to brush my long, dark, indigo hair. I brushed my hair and pulled it into a ponytail. I added a ribbon to it and then brushed my teeth quickly. I rushed out of the bathroom and grabbed the toast that Hanabi had made for me. I kissed my dad quickly on the cheek and left for school.

As you already know I'm Hinata Hyuga but my friends call me Hina or Hina-chan. I'm sixteen and I attend Konoha High School. I'm a straight A student and I'm very shy. Especially around Naruto-kun. Naruto Uzumaki is the younger brother of Leena Jean Uzumaki the strongest Kinochi there's ever been. She's hard on Naruto sometimes but she's just very protective and sweet. I actually admire her. She's going out with Gaara No Sabaku, one of the three siblings that transferred here to Konoha High from Sunagakure High. I'll admit she's perfect for him. Both of them have had a hard childhood and they share the same pain. Stomach pain that is! They both have O.A.G.B or Overactive Gas Bubbles and they can't help burping or farting anytime they need too. Leena-chan though just can't well actually she can she's just too embarrased to burp or fart in front of anyone. Gaara, on the other hand, has no problem with it but when it's a full speed day they both complain but no matter how much pain their in, they'll always go and console the other. It's kinda the same with Naruto. Not the stomach pain of course but the way he never gives up. No matter what he does he sets his heart on it and keeps trying til he gets it. That's one of the many reasons I admire him. I also love his crystal blue eyes. They shine with happiness, excietment, and courage. Unlike me I always cower and hide when dangers near. I want to get rid of that side of me but I don't know how to but when I see Naruto in action all my fears and shyness just fades away like it was never there to begin with. Since I'm so shy though, I'll never have the courage to tell him I love him.

It was the last day of school before summer started. I ran half-hoping to see Naruto on the way. I didn't see him so I was a little disappointed. I walked into the school building and walked to my locker. "Hey look it's Miss Straight A student! Ha ha! She's so shy that she can't even tell Naruto how she feels!" Some students came crowding around me. My face turned bright red because as I already said I couldn't tell him. I was too shy. "Hey assholes! Fuck off and leave Hina-chan alone!" I heard a loud voice said from somewhere in the crowd. "Hey bitch shut up will ya?" One of the boys said. "Bitch. Oh you're in for it now." The voice said cracking her knuckles. She flipped her long brown hair out of her face before puching that dude so hard she sent him flying down the hallway and slamming into the door on the other end. "Hey! What's your..." One of the other boys started to say. "Don't man. That's Leena Jean Uzumaki. She'll kill you man!" The other boy said to that boy. "Oh shit! Let's high-tail it outa here!" That boy said and ran with the others following him. "And don't come back!" Leena shouted down the hallway. "Was that really nessesary?" A low, raspy voice asked walking next to Leena. "Hell yeah! No one messes with my friends and gets away with it." Leena said to him. I looked up at them and smiled. "You alright Hina-chan?" Leena asked smiling at me. "Yeah. Thanks Leena." I said getting up and closing my locker door. "You seen my brother around yet?" Leena asked. "Not yet." I said. "Damn. He left his damn homework in my room and I grabbed it to give it to him but he left before I could! I've been looking for him all fuckin' morning!" Leena ranted. "I've got his class now so I'll give it to him." The boy next to her said. "Oh good morning Gaara-san." I said finally realizing who it was. "Good moring Hinata." He said smiling at me. "How are you feeling today?" I asked. "Not all that hot but I feel a little better than I did this morning thanks for asking." He said. "Yeah that's because you stank up my bathroom this morning." Leena said playfully. "Hey!" Gaara said. "What? You did!" Leena said. "I know I did but you don't need to tell everyone!" Gaara said.

Then the warning bell rang then Leena waved goodbye to Gaara and we ran upstairs to our Reading Class. I sat in my seat just as the bell rang. My seat is right in the middle of my two best friends Leena and Tenten Mitsashi. Tenten's on my left and Leena's on my right while behind me is cousin Neji Hyuga. I looked around the room. Then Kurenai-sensei took role. "Yamanaka Ino." She called. "Here!" Ino called. "Nara Shikamaru." She called. "I'm here." He said lazily. "Akimichi Choji." She called. "Here." He said before taking a big bite of the cookie he had in his hand. "Rock Lee." She called. "Right here sensei!" He said eagerly. "Mitsashi Tenten." She called. "Here." Tenten said. "Hyuga Neji." She said. "I'm here." He said. "Aburame Shino." she called. He raised his hand since he really doesn't talk that much. "Inuzuka Kiba." She called. "Here." Kiba said. "Uzumaki Leena." Kurenai said. "I'm here." She said. "And finally..." She said. I zoned out for a moment thinking about Naruto-kun. I put my head on my desk and sighed. "Hyuga Hinata!" She said a louder than the first time shaking me from my thoughts. "I'm here Sensei." I said lowering my head on my desk hiding my red face.

"Alright I hope everyone studied because we have our Reading assessment today. Clear your desks off please." Kurenai-sensei said. Almost everyone goaned but everyone did as they were told. She handed out the tests and we began. I remembered that I studied hard for this test last night and that was the main reason I was almost late for school this morning. I was the first one finished and I handed in my test. I took out some paper and started to draw quietly. I was working on an old picture that I desperatly wanted to finish. It was a picture of me and Naruto sitting on the bench with my head on his shoulder while we looked up at the starry night sky. In the picture I was wearing a pink and lavender halter top with a cute jean skirt. Naruto was wearing his black shirt with some shorts. I had my hair down and his hair was still all spiky but he wasn't wearing his headband and neither was I. I had on some white sandals and he had on some sneakers.

Then Tenten passed me a note. I opened it and read it. It said, "That's a nice drawing Hina. Are you gonna give it to Naruto?" I blushed a little before replying, "Maybe once it's finished but I don't know." I handed it back to her and continued drawing. She passed it back and this time it said, "I think you should. It's beautiful." I wrote back, "Thanks." Then an idea popped into my head and I grabbed new sheet of paper. I started to sketch the outline for a new drawing. I was thinking of a picture of the main couples here in Konoha High at the Beach behind the beautiful sunset. Each couple would have a different pose. I also thought of one Jonin couple I could add because they were both friends of mine. Just as I was almost finished drawing the outline, the bell rang. "I hope you all did your best. Class dismissed." Kurenai-sensei said. I tucked away my two drawings and just as I was about to leave Kurenai-sensei called me. I walked up to her. "Yes Sensei?" I asked. "Hinata I wanted to tell you you've got good drawing skills. Do you take classes?" She asked. I nodded. "Well you're good so keep up the good work okay?" She said. "Yes thank you sensei." I said before walking out of her class.

I got down the stairs when the warning bell rang. I didn't watch where I was going so I ran into someone. "Ah. That hurt. I fell on my ass again. That's the third time that's happended today." I head a familiar voice say. I stood up and saw a flash of yellow-orange hair. I gasped in horror. "Hey sorry I ran into you...Hinata?" The voice said turning around. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Naruto-kun! "Oh it's alright I ran into you so it's my fault." I said. "Oh. Well who cares. Anyway, is this yours by the way?" Naruto said holding up my drawing of me and him on the bench. I blushed and snatched it away. "Thank you. But I have to go now. Bye Naruto!" I said running away to my Geometry class. "What was that about?" Naruto asked scratching his head. "Dude you really don't know?" Naruto's best friend Sasuke Uchiha said. "Yes Uchiha. I don't know." Naruto said. "Dude almost the whole school knows that Hinata has a crush on you and you can't tell?" Sasuke said. "She has a crush on me?" Naruto asked blushing a little. "Hey Sasuke-kun why is Naruto blushing?" Sasuke's girlfriend Sakura Haruno asked walking up next to Sasuke clinging to his arm."I AM NOT BLUSHING!" Naruto shouted defensively. "You know what, let's drop this and go to class. We've only got two minutes left." Sasuke said. "Yeah let's go." Sakura said. Then the three of them walked to their classes. Sakura was only one who had my class though. When Sakura came in Asuma-sensei took role. I looked around the room and I saw Leena sitting next to her best friend who's name I don't know. After role call, Asuma-sensei told us to take notes. We all got out a piece of paper and pencil. Then we wrote down the notes and then we went to the computer lab to do some math site for the rest of the bell. When the bell rang I went to Keyboarding class.

I finished all my work quickly and then started sketching the other picture again. I looked around the room and saw my friend Temari. I studied her for a few minutes before she looked at me and said, "What are you looking at me for Hina?" I replied, "It's for a new picture." She smiled and went back to working. I studied her and drew her very well. I drew her wearing a red bikini. Of course I didn't color it but that's what color I wanted it to be. The top had no straps while the bottom tied on either side of it. Then I looked at Shikamaru. He was asleep so he wouldn't care less if I looked at him. I drew him next to Temari wearing some black swiming trunks. Since they are together after all. In the picture I had them putting their hands together making a heart.

Then I looked around at Ino. I studied her for a few minutes and had a pefect image. I drew her wearing a baby blue one piece bathing suit that showed her breasts a little. Then the bell rang and I grabbed my things and walked to the lunchroom. I sat next to Ino and asked her to describe Sai for me. "Well, he has black hair like Itachi did. Only he has a different style. He has dark brown eyes like Leena. Is that enough?" Ino asked. "Yeah. That's enough. Thanks." I said. "No problem." Ino said. While Ino or anyone wasn't looking, I added Sai into my picture wearing some teal swiming trunks. In the picture I had Ino and Sai hugging closely.

After lunch, we went to gym class. Eveyone had gym class so I looked around at the girls in the locker room. I looked at Sakura first. Then I had the perfect image of her. I had her wearing a pink bikini. The top tied around her neck while the bottom just slipped on. Then I drew Sasuke-san next to Sakura wearing some blue swiming trunks. In the picture I had Sasuke-san holding Sakura bridal style and Sakura had her arms around Sasuke's neck.

Then I looked at Tenten. I drew her wearing a lavender tankini that stopped at her bottom of her breasts. Then I drew Neji next to her wearing light gray swiming trunks. In the picture they were sitting in the sand with her head on his shoulder. Then I looked at Leena. I drew her wearing a rainbow bikini using the same style like the one I drew for Temari. Then I drew Gaara-san wearing red swiming trunks. In the picture I had him laying on top of Leena in the sand kissing her neck. The last ones I had to get where Kakashi-sensei and Sarafina-san.

After a few minutes of standing there I realized I was thirsty. As I went to go get some water I overheard Leena was having a party tonight to celebrate our first day of summer. She had already invited Ino, Sai, Temari, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Kakashi-sensei, and Sarafina. I stood there and listened for a minute then went back to what I was doing.

Then Leena came up behind me. "Hey Hina-chan." Leena said standing behind me. "Hi." I said bending down a little to get some water. "Wanna come to my party tonight?" She asked. I thought to myself, "Well, only of Naruto-kun's gonna be there." but what I said was, "I don't know. I've gotta study tonight." Leena smiled at me and said, "Naruto's gonna be there." She slid her hand down my gym shorts and underwear and started rubbing my clitoris gently. I moaned a little because it felt good. "You know Hina-chan you're the only girl in this locker room that hasn't been in bed with me." Leena said. "R-R-Really?" I asked. "Yeah. So you in or not?" Leena asked. "Yeah I'll go." I said craving her to go further with me. Why? She's Naruto's sister! Sleeping with Leena is like sleeping with a female version of Naruto. Also I haven't had my first Yuri session yet and I wanted it to be with Leena anyway. She seperated the flaps and rubbed inside a little. I moaned a little more. I didn't know it but Gai-sensei had locked the two of us in here. He won't unlock the door until it's time to leave. Leena picked me up and layed me gently on one of the benches in the locker room. She lifted my gym shirt over my head and threw it not far away from us. Then she slid off my gym shorts and threw them in the same place. I did the same to her. "Hina-chan come here." Leena said in a very sexy voice. I did as I was told. She had her hand down my underwear and right back to my clitoris. I moaned as she slid her fingers inside me. Then she did something I thought she wouldn't do. She pulled my underwear off and tasted me. I moaned her name. Then I asked her, "Can I taste Kieara-chan?" She stopped for a minute and looked at me. "Wow. You're the first one to ask. Not one of the girls I've slept with asked that." Leena said. Before she could answer I had her underwear off and I said, "It would be a great honor to be the first to taste her." Then I seperated her opening and started tasting her. She was moaning my name. "H-H-H-Hina-chan here comes h-h-h-heavy impact." Leena moaned. Then she came into my mouth. I didn't miss a single drop. Before she could recover I switcher our positions and planted a fiery kiss on her lips. Her toungue toyed around with mine. Our clitorises were pressed together tightly. I undid Leena's bra and took it off. I stared at the very large set of breats before but me but I didn't hesistate for long. I went right for her nipples. I sucked and nibbled on her soft flesh. She moaned even louder. She got so horny and needy that her cat ears and tail popped out. Then she got an idea. She stuck her tail inside my clitoris an used it like a dick. It was fuzzy and felt weird but at the same time good. Then I got an idea. I moved my free hand upwards on her body til' I reached her bellybutton. I rubbed and played with it gently. "Oh god Hina-chan don't. Please I won't be able to hold back." She said before her stomach rumbled in a nasty tone. "Oh god. Hina-chan I..." She said before she held me even closer and put her chin on my shoulder. Then she burped loudly. She hid her face from me and apologized. Then the bell rang and we got dressed and left to go home. I kept thinking about what I did with Leena and imagined it with Naruto. Not the making her burp loudly part of course but what all happended before that. Then I thought to myself, "That would never happen." Then I walked into my house and told my father about Leena's party. He said I could go so I go packed up and started to head over there for what I didn't know until now was the best night of my life!