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Reaching his home, Naruto quickly opened the door and sealed it behind them with a flick of his wrist before carrying his slightly dazed girlfriend up the stairs. He had a desire to sate and his nose was still detecting his woman's arousal from earlier that morning. Not to mention the way she kept snuggling into his embrace unconsciously was spiking his desire. Laying her on the bed ever so gently, he went and prepared a hot bath. Looking at it, he grinned as he pictured them together in a onsen of their own and he knew it could happen if he had one built for them in the back yard, though he was loathe to lose the open space such a building would require. Maybe it was time he began looking for a place to have a family compound...Too bad mom and dad didn't have one of their own. I mean every Hokage before him had one...But they were already established Clans at the time. Dad was an orphan and Mom was a refugee. Still, it's something to consider...he thought as he tested the waters and grinned to himself. Rising to his feet, he shut off the water, and went to wake up Hinata pausing as he did so, his smile growing and changing into one of appreciation at the sight before him.

Hinata had awoken, hearing the sound of running water and she glanced around nervously. The sheer speed of their travel had taken the wind out of her and left her dazed but it was the emotional turmoil of the attempted assassinations that had really taken their toll on her. So sitting up slowly, she recognized the bedroom she found herself in and smiled as she got to her feet. Unzipping her jacket, she had begun to lower it only to see Naruto coming out of the bathroom. Her lavender eyes locked with his blues and she felt her breath almost leave her again. She read the emotions in his gaze and her heart began to speed up and heat rose in her cheeks and other places at the need and lust he revealed. Then she smiled as she began lowering her jacket bit by bit, letting his gaze be filled with the full and curved body hidden away by the garment.

Naruto watched intently as his lover dropped her jacket to the floor. Her sensual motions driving his desire up more than a notch. He strode forward and stepped around her, his chest to her back. Without touching her once, he stripped off his own jacket and let it fall to the floor as hers had. Then he slowly placed his palms on her sides and pulled her back against him. Once done, he leaned in and growled after a slow inhalation of air which brought to him the combination of her shampoo, soap, and that unique scent that solely hers. His hands rose up along her sides to cup her breasts and give them a slight squeeze before the thumbs teased the tips which hardened within a moment of his attentions.

Hinata moaned softly at the ministrations of those strong hands upon her breasts, her hips and backside pressing more against Naruto's front while her hands reached back and rested just above his hips, her fingers tightening slightly. Hinata's eyes lidded and her neck tilted to the side when Naruto began nibbling on her earlobe followed by her neck, making goosebumps erupt on her arms. "oh Naruto-kun." she crooned throatily as her body swayed ever so slightly, causing a grinding motion of her rear to his front. She moaned anew as his hands slid down then gently lifted her mesh top up and off her body, her arms rising to assist in the endeavor. Shivers travelled along her skin now as her flesh was caressed by his hands, the thicker nails of his fingertips trailing along her skin teasingly while his lips and tongue kept her neck and ears tingling.

Naruto savored every shiver, every moan that he received as he touched and caressed the body which had now become addictive to his enhanced senses. He ignored the instinct to simply ravage her and claim her fully as his woman and mate. He was a man...not an animal, therefore he would do things his way. After a bit of manual torture, he bent his knees and slowly dropped to the ground. He saw how Hinata had tensed and he grinned as his fingers slid along the band of her pants before hooking into the fabric and he gently tugged the garment down. A smile grew on his face as she tried not even half-heartedly to stop him with her own hands atop his. The attempt ending as he placed a warm, damp kiss with a lick included at the dimple of flesh at the very base of her spine. A new growl rumbled as he saw the lace crafted bikini's she was wearing while his eyes travelled over the exposed lean skin and muscles of her legs. She was in a word...perfect. He grinned even wider as she stepped out of the pants without his urging though she gasped then moaned as he gently removed the low heeled sandals from her feet, taking a second to nibble on the ankle bones.

Hinata wondered absently if this is what an Inuzuka chew toy felt like. Her body was on fire from all the attention it was receiving and she didn't know whether to praise Kami or whimper as the torture ceased at long last. A reprieve that ended only a moment later as she felt Naruto rise back to his feet, her breath shuddering as his chest glided against her back every inch of the way. Then suddenly, her sports bra was gone and flew past her to hit the wall and fall to the floor. She turned somehow and faced her lover, slipping her arms around his neck as she rose to tiptoe. Her shyness overcome by the ever increasing need and she gripped Naruto's hair and pulled his head to hers for a heated deep kiss that made her feel light-headed from the intensity yet the way his hands came down and gripped her rear kept her grounded despite the way those fingers kneaded the skin and muscle. A growling groan as Hinata lifted one leg and wrapped her calf against his thigh, her hips shifting to press right where the heat of their bodies was the hottest. When they broke apart at the lips for some much needed air, her heavily lidded eyes stared into his and she said the only thought that could rise from her foggy depths, "Screw the bath." To punctuate her desire, she moved like a fluid serpent and with a shove, sent her lover falling backwards onto the bed and like the tigress he sometimes called her, she pounced.

((Sometime later…))

Hinata's eyes opened as her body shifted and she looked around her in sleepy confusion. Then she looked down to where her toes should be and her breath hitched when her lavender orbs locked onto deep baby blues staring back at her...from where her legs were draped over his shoulders and his chin rested atop the damp curls above her nether region. Her heart sped up as he growled and lowered his head murmuring huskily, "Desert." Which earned an classic "EEP!", her hands trying to press his head away before her eyes rolled back in unanticipated bliss, her back arching sharply and the hands ceased their intent of stopping and began gripping thick tufts of those golden hairs and pulling him even closer…..

((A few hours after that…))

Once again, Hinata opened her eyes and glanced to her side. This time seeing the sleeping form of her love there, snoring into his pillow and his arm draped across her middle. Thank Kami, she thought, if we did anymore, I wouldn't have survived… Lifting his arm and sliding from underneath, she limped her way to the bathroom despite the many insistent protests the worn out muscles gave. Shaking her head at the ruined bath, she quickly drained it before gingerly stepping into the shower. The soon cascading water and steam eased her muscles as she washed her hair. Then she felt hands not her own, rubbing her back and she sighed, "Naruto-kun…enough. We have much to do." she said as she turned to smile into the eyes of her lover.

Naruto chuckled, "If I remember right, I wasn't the only one...insatiable yesterday. Nor last night…" he teased as he nipped her lips playfully. "This is a shower only…." he promised as he took up the soap and washed her back, rear and legs once she turned around once more. Then it was his turn to feel the torture as Hinata reciprocated. Only she used her body. Not just her hands. By the time she was finished, he was trembling with renewed desire. "What happened to 'enough'?" he queried in a deep husky voice.

Hinata giggled throatily as she skipped from the shower and went to get dressed. Answering over her shoulder, "Think of it as an incentive."

Needless to say, Naruto quickly dropped the water temperature and finished up his own shower.

Days passed rather quickly for the duo after that. They made the rounds, visiting the Clans first. Hinata stood back and watched proudly as Naruto spoke sincerely and with an unusual eloquence to each Clan, expressing his gratitude for their actions during his illness and reassuring them that he was fine and ready to resume his duties. The only hard time he had was when it came down to the Hyuuga.

He spoke to both Houses equally, yet he was no where near as relaxed around the Main House as he had been the Branch. Hiashi and their Elders all were watched carefully which was evidenced by him summoning up a small army of Shadow Clones to act as a guard over them both. This show if overt distrust got the message across, however; The past is the past, but never shall it be forgotten... The bright spot of that had been the reunion between Hinata, her mother and Hanabi. The three staying well within reach of one another the entire time.

On the fifth day, they stood hand in hand as they silently watched the execution of the former Advisors and the WarHawk. Naruto had noted the way the Civilian Council, while they had kept their silence, had gone pale as the charges were read aloud before the entire village. More than one of the fainting or puking when they had been hung one by one, the bodies left out for all to see.

On the sixth day, Hinata found herself standing outside a Training Ground reserved for the Hokage. She couldn't enter nor could the two dozen ANBU standing about at various places, the barrier Naruto had erected with the help of no less that forty Clones ensured that. He didn't explain how he knew this jutsu to those outside its perimeter. He only gave a mysterious smile and tapped the side of his nose. My secret...deal with it. They couldn't see beyond it but they could damn well hear the sounds coming from within its cofines. The yells, explosions, curses were all too audible as Naruto and Tsunade, inarguably the two strongest shinobi the Leaf had went at each other with abandon. It seemed like it took forever,despite it only being maybe an hour, before the barrier fell and thick smoke, dust and debris flew out.

What they saw was a moment that none present would ever forget. Naruto walking- though it was more like limping even if his stride grew stronger- out of the maelstrom, carrying an unconscious Tsunade wrapped in his red and black cloak. The reason why became obvious as he gently placed his Hokage on a stretcher and the cloak partially slid away. Her clothing was literally torn into barely decently placed shreds. Not that his own were in much better condition. He walked to Hinata's side, and gave her a reassuring smile and hug as Shizune quickly slid a sheet over her Mistress's body to shield her from any perverted eyes.

Hinata looked up into Naruto's face, whispering, "I take it things went well?" her hand caressing the thicker whisker marks on his cheek. Her emotions calming as he almost literally purred.

"Very." Naruto said and they and the ANBU details walked the stretcher along a convoluted path to a hidden entrance of the Hospital. All the way to a room where the well endowed woman had a team of Medics waiting. Sitting down outside the room to wait, he spoke lowly to his love. "We went all out. When taijutsu wasn't enough, we upped it to include weapons. Gotta tell ya, Hime…" he grinned as she blushed brightly at the latest nickname he gave her, "I knew from the Chuunins how tough she is, but this time...she really went all out. We added in jutsu at the end as we were just enjoying ourselves too much. When it comes to baa-chan, sparring will never be enough. I have to give it everything or it feels like I'm cheating her and myself. I know she thinks the same. It was written on her face and in her eyes as we fought." he concluded as Shizune came out and gave the lovers a nod and smile before saying, "She wants to see you both in the morning before you leave.."

The two glanced at each other before nodding and using a silent Shunshin, Naruto placing his arms around Hinata, to go home. Once there, they took a long hot soak and it was Hinata's turn to shake her head as Naruto fell onto the bed and was fast asleep in record time. Covering him up with the sheet, Hinata brushed the hair from his eyes, "Sleep well, Naruto-kun. Our adventure is only beginning…" she blinked with a shiver as she went downstairs to finish preparing their home for their extended absence.

Naruto woke up a few hours later and came down to see everything was ready. Furniture had been covered by sheets, the fridge was empty and his workshop sealed off tightly. Dishes had been done and were neatly stacked in a strainer. He sniffed the air and frowned when he could only just barely smell Hianta's scent. Following it, he almost laughed as he had opened the door just as she was obviously returning from Inchiraku's with dinner. They spent the evening in doors and simply enjoyed the quiet and solitude.

The next morning, they stood before Tsunade in respectful pose as the woman finished a few pieces of paperwork. Staying silent until was ready to address them.

With a final stamp, Tsunade put aside the document and steepled her fingers while her hazel eyes looked over the pair intently. A natural fit...they compliment each other so well. These two in particular have come so far in such a short time… Straightening in her chair, she spoke at last, "I have no real choice in this as I know you'll be going no matter if I were to order you remain. Just remember: the Akatsuki is still out there and they won't hesitate nor hold back. I want you to do the same. You both have grown not only in skill and power but as man and woman. It makes me prouder than you can imagine to call myself your Hokage. To that end…" she paused as the door opens to admit: Hatake Kakashi, Yuuhi Kurenai, the remaining "rookies" and their surviving Jouunins. Once everyone was situated, she resumed once she got to her feet. "Uzumaki Naruto...based on the evaluations of myself and every Jouunin present I am honoured and pleased beyond measure to promote you to Jouunin. From your battle with Gaara during your first Chuunin exams to present you have never once lost your Will of Fire and protected this Village and the people within with no regard for reward. You have risen from a life that would have destroyed anyone lesser to being recognized as the very best we have to offer. Beyond that, you have surpassed not only your Jouunin instructor, but also…" a slight catch in her throat, "Jiraiya's expectations to become the next Toad Sage, as well as your very father's. You have gone beyond any and all calls of duty. As the Godaime Hokage, I order you to relinquish your Chuunin vest and accept a new one." She gestured and watched as Kakashi stepped forward to accept the Chuunin vest before offering him the new. Once that in place and settled, she turned to regard Hinata.

"Hyuuga Hinata, Don't think for a moment I have forgotten you." she smiled at the various chuckles filled the room. "You as well have grown from the shy, timid girl I remember seeing into the impressive woman that stands before me. You have come out of a terrible situation stronger than ever. It is my pleasure to give you the rank of Tokubetsu Jouunin in reward for the growth you have shown not only in character, but in skill and power. The greatest being how you have managed to keep this Gaki in line over the past year." she said with a laugh as she jerked a thumb at the now laughingly pouting Naruto. Another gesture and she watched as Kurenai took the Chuunin vest from the blushing woman's hand and gave her a vest befitting her new status. Then she took a breath and concluded.

"Your mission since I know you won't refuse is this: You will train for two years in an undisclosed location with a sensei that will not be named. During which you will send me reports on your progress via Toad Summons." she saw them nod and Naruto stepped forward to accept the scroll he offered him. "Train hard you two and come back to us stronger than ever. Dismissed" she finished and watched as the crowd left. Returning her gaze to the duo, she quickly gathered them both up in an almost bone crushing hug. Smiling to herself sa they both reached out and returned the hug as tightly as they could. She kissed their foreheads lightly, whispering, "Be safe. Stay out of sight." she said softly as she stepped back from them. "Don't draw attention to yourselves. I'm saying this not as your Hokage...but as your Baa-chan." she finished quietly with unshed tears in her eyes. "Hinata...keep him out of trouble." she said with a low watery chuckle. "Now get going brats. I have a job to do…" At least until I think you're ready for the responsibility...she thought before finishing, "And you two have a long trip ahead." So saying she sat behind her desk and prepared to resume her duties. So you can imagine her surprise when Naruto stepped forward.

He placed a tri-pronged kunai on her desk. "Keep this with you, Baa-chan. If we are ever needed, pulse your Chakra into it and we'll be here before you know it." he winked as he stepped back and Hinata stepped forward with three scrolls, which joined the kunai.

"A D-rank mission request for the Ebisu Gennin team. Once a month cleaning our home. They are the only ones we trust there. The second is authorization for appropriate funds to be transferred to take care of our home's rent and bills. You are the only one we trust with this. The last…" Her right hand came up to find comfort in the hand Naruto placed on her shoulder, "A letter for my mother and Hanabi explaining that I have left on a training journey with Naruto-kun. No specifics, I promise." Hinata assured Tsunade and stepped back a half step to rejoin Naruto.

Tsunade nodded and replied, "It will be done, I'll have to make it a long term mission so that rank is not an issue should they receive Chuunin." She smiled and set the scrolls aside, the kunai slipped into a hidden pocket of her pants. She watched them depart in a sudden flash of yellow and she couldn't help but laugh. A laugh that ended when an ANBU arrived and whispered in her ear. She spun to the window and opened it, bellowing in outrage,


Standing on a tree branch the duo, now wearing dark hooded cloaks to obscure their features, paused and laughed as they stared back at the Hidden Village that was their home. More specifically, the Hokage Monument which now bore paint marking on their faces just as he had done during his Academy days. ((Think from pilot episode of "Naruto"))With one major addition. Tsunade's bust bore black wrinkle marks around the eyes, rosy cheeks, and a sake bottle sticking upwards from the lips. Still laughing, the duo suddenly became two hundred and in pairs took off in every conceivable direction.

No matter the adventure that awaited them, somethings would never change.

((In an Akatsuki Base somewhere…))

Zetsu rose from the ground like some disgusting form of plant mixed with man as he turned to regard the only other person in the room. The lighter skinned half spoke quickly, "My spy in Konoha has informed me that the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki has departed the Village for an unknwon destination. Due to the use of proliferous Shadow Clones, following them was made impossible."

The other figure slid on a white mask bearing a swirl pattern surrounding three tomoes. One red and one purple eye stared out angrily. "It matters not...continue recruitment. It is only a matter of time before both the Hachibi as well as the Kyuubi are mine. After all, I can afford to be patient.""

((A cave somewhere in Fire Country))

He read the Message and a hand crumpled the paper. "Soon enough Dobe...We'll meet again and I'll put you where you belong. Under my heel. Proving you are nothing and I am the Elite. Only then can I return to Konoha with my honour intact."


A certain busty red head read a missive with a no longer shaking hand and cursed flouridly as she handed it to her bodyguard Ao. "Open the gates and resume normal activities. Lockdown is disengaged. However; I want patrols to remain on Alert status. All vessels are to be thoroughly searched."

The one eyed guardsman nodded though he had to ask, "Understood, Mizukage-sama. If he's coming our way, he won't find it easy to sneak in." he left the chamber with a bow and closed the door behind him.

Terumi Mei sighed, "I'm not so sure of that…" she whispered as she quickly wrote a message onto a scroll and sealed it up before handing it to MIST operative. "Send that out by Messenger Hawk to the client." she ordered and she paced her office. Whatever you have planned, I hope this is what you wanted. Either way, Kiri may well pay the price...


"Two years...we have no choice but to wait til then to fix that fool's mistake. But we'll be ready then." one figure said to their opposite.

"We will indeed." the other said as the two shared a cup of tea, their pale eyes shining somewhat.


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