Chapter 13

The Legacy of the Sailor Scouts

The sun was starting to set when they left Dreamland. Luna told them she would go straight to Serena's house and left before any of them could utter a word.

They took the bus back to the to the cathedral, where Serena's father and Amy's mother was waiting for them. Even as they chatted and giggled as teenage girls would normally do, they could barely hold to the excitement of telling Dave and their other trainers of their success. However, when they arrived, there was a bit of a surprise.

"Your mother has invited all of us for dinner at our house tonight," Keith said.

"She has?" Serena blinked in surprise.

"Apparently she wants to meet your friends and their families," he grinned, "And to be honest, so do I. You two girls must be Amy and Raye, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Thomson," they returned, shaking his hand.

"Please, call me Keith. Everyone does."

"Does this mean we're going too?" Amy asked Peggy.

"Of course," Peggy smiled, "I only got to meet Serena's mother once and that was a while ago. Plus, Keith's been telling me that Isabelle is a very good cook. I'm eager to find out whether that's true or not."

"I'll tell her you said that," Keith laughed.

"And Keith tells me that's he got some of the finest wine in the world," said Dave, "I have to go and find out if he's bluffing."

"Grandpa," Raye frowned at him, "you don't even drink anymore."

"I do drink wine on special occasions such as this," his expression turned serious, "so how did your trip to Dreamland go?"

"It was great!" Serena said, immediately catching his hint.

"Did you run into any trouble there?"

"Oh, no," said Amy, "No trouble."

"We did have one little problem when we couldn't get into the Candy Palace," Raye smiled, "But we able to deal with it."

"Good," Dave nodded, looking relieved.

"I'm happy to see the three of you didn't get mixed up in that Palace incident," Peggy shook her head, "there was another incident their today, as I'm sure you found out."

"Yes, I saw it on the news," said Keith, "The security cameras and a bunch of witnesses caught these three young girls dressed in strange outfits blasting through the palace doors with a bunch of fireballs and ran in. What was more astonishing was that the doors resealed themselves after they ran in, like it was magic. One of these looked like you, Serena. Except she was dark haired."

Serena paled, as did the other girls, but quickly recovered when she realized that the camera had only seen the illusion of her instead of the real one.

"She did, huh?" she forced a grin, "What a coincidence."

"Authorities think those girls were responsible for the incident," Peggy frowned, "But I think that's nonsense."

"Why do you say that, Mom?" Amy said carefully.

"Well, why would three girls create scene out in the open like that? I think what those girls were doing were the exact opposite. I think they were actually trying to save those unfortunate people inside the palace and had to act quickly in order to do so."

"It still doesn't explain who they were or what they were doing there in the first place," said Keith, "But I can believe what Peggy's saying since no one had to be taken to the hospital in time. Even more amazing, the ones from yesterday who were taken to the hospital suddenly recovered as though they had only been sleeping. Everyone's scratching their heads now, including me. No one seems to know what in the world is going on."

"Strange things are diffidently happening," said Dave, giving the girls a smile. Well done, he seemed to say and the girls smiled back.

"Well," Peggy clapped her hands, "Shall we be going? I'm sure Isabelle doesn't like to be kept waiting when it comes to dinner for several people."

"No indeed," Keith smiled fondly, "When she's not doing the housework, Isabelle takes great pride in her cooking."

When they arrived, Isabelle was waiting for just inside the front door.

"Hello!" she smiled brightly at Amy and Raye, "You must be Serena's friends."

"Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Thomson," Amy smiled and held out a hand.

"Same here," said Raye.

"Pleased to meet you as well," shaking their hands. Raye flinched slightly on how cold they were, "I'm sorry, I'd just washed my hands when you came. I didn't even have a chance to tidy up a bit."

"Nonsense," Dave put a charming smile and step forward, "I think you look lovely. I'm Dave, Raye's grandfather."

"Why, thank you," Isabelle blushed a little, "you must be the Bishop of Washington National Cathedral."

"That I am," Dave bowed, "Bishop Heinberg is my professional name, but you may call me Dave anytime."

"And you can call me Isabelle," she curtsied and glanced at Serena, "As can you two."

"Thank you," they said.

"Hello, Isabelle," Peggy entered the door.

"Peggy!" Isabelle embraced her in a hug, "We hardly got to speak last time we met."

"Now we got time to," Peggy smiled, "Thank you for inviting us to dinner. I'm determined to find out if Keith was bragging about your cooking."

Isabelle laughed, "It's my pleasure. And speaking of which, dinner will served shortly. Go ahead and freshen yourselves up."

"Where Sammy?" said Serena, looking around.

"Up in his room, sick I'm afraid," Isabelle grimaced, "He's had a really bad stomach ache all day."

"He's probably faking it," Serena rolled her eyes.

"Normally I would agree with you," Isabelle, "except he threw up twice today, once in the living room and later in the bathroom. I think that burrito he and his friends had last night after the football game didn't agree with him."

"If you like I can check up on him before we leave," Peggy suggested, "I'm a doctor after all."

"Thank you," Isabelle smiled, "I would appreciate that. In meantime, go ahead and wash your hands while I get dinner ready."

Everyone left the hallway except Dave and Peggy. When she was sure everyone was alone, Peggy looked over at Dave, who appeared to be lost in thought.


Dave looked and wiped away a tear that was forming in his eyes.

"You were right," he said, "She's just like her."

In the bathroom, the girls were taking turns washing their hands and chatting.

"Your mother is very pretty," Raye said, "And she's very kind."

"Yeah," Serena smiled, "Amy said the same thing when she met her. I never realized until now how lucky I am to have a mother like her."

"Hopefully you'll take her example when you have children of your own," said Luna as she jumped onto bathroom counter, making them jump.

"Luna!" Amy lowered her voice, "Don't scare us like that, please."

"Apologies. I only wanted to show my gratitude once more before you went to dinner. And it appears you've gotten some attention in the outside world."

"Yeah," Raye cringed, "But I'm not sure the kind of attention I want to have."

"Speaking of which," said Serena, "Why didn't you warn us about the security cameras? Or the witnesses there? Somebody might have recognized us!"

"But you weren't," Luna put in, "Since no one saw through your illusions, not even the cameras, you were perfectly safe. So there's nothing to complain about. Besides, due to the seriousness of the situation, there was no need to be cautious, as I told you when we were there."

"Well," Serena sighed, "Let's not do something like that again in the future. I'm happy for the illusions, but I don't think we should so careless about them."

"If you insist," Luna nodded, "I understand your feelings."

"Dinner's ready!" Isabelle called across the house.

"Go and have your dinner," said Luna, "and when you're finished. Come straight up to Serena's room. It's time that I told you about... what exactly you are involved with and what the meaning of it is."

All of them stared at her, surprised.

"Sure," Serena said eagerly, "We'll be right up."

After they left, Luna sighed very deeply, "Why am I so... afraid?"

Dinner was a very pleasurable and enjoyable experience for them. Isabelle had cooked up an delicious meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and various vegetables all smothered with mouth watering gravy. The girls were actually given sparkling apple cider while the adults indulged themselves in a bottle of French red wine.

They spent a good portion of an hour telling embarrassing stories about each, what motivated the adults to their careers, and what the children were planning to do once they were out of school and off to college.

It was at that moment that Serena realized she really wasn't sure what she wanted to do in her life. Ever since Luna came into her life, she'd wondered what kind of role she would play in the future as the one named Sailor Moon. She glanced over at her friends and wondered if they thinking of the same thing.

When they were finally finished with their meals, excused themselves, and placed their plates in the sink, they rushed up the stairs to Serena's room while the adults continued their conversation and drinking their wine in the living room. They found Luna lying quietly on the bed with all four paws tucked in, patiently waiting for them. It almost felt like a flashback for Serena as she closed the door.

"Are we safe?" she asked as her friends settled themselves into comfortable positions.

"Perfectly," Luna answered, "Your guardians will occupied for quite a while and your little brother is sleeping like one dead in his room."

"Good," Serena sat down on her chair.

"Now," Luna shifted so she was facing all of them, "Before I begin, I must ask you not to interrupt me until I'm finished. What I'm about to tell you will sound a lot like a fantasy or a mythical story, but every word of it is true. It is the time I lived in and the order that you're involved in played a significant role of that time. It is important for you to know this because it will reflect greatly on your future. Do you understand?"

"Yes," they all nodded.

"Very good," Luna took a breath and began her story.

Thousands of years ago, long before the Romans ruled the world, long before the Egyptians or the Sumerians even existed, their was an age unknown to man in this world. An age that expanded to the very ends of our galaxy. An age when great starships traveled across thousands of solar systems. An age when inspiring tales of heroes, of wars, and of adventure made the constellations of the stars. An age when peace and prosperity brought overwhelming happiness to hundred of billions of being across the galaxy. An age when good prevailed and justice was always served.

Among this age was the legendary Sailor Scouts Universe, a special force of magical female soldiers in which young ladies from many planets willingly volunteered to fight against evil and defend freedom and peace.

It began when a fleet of traveling starships left a far away galaxy to find a new home after their own was lost for all eternity. Coming here to this galaxy, they searched and explored until they found a planet that would become their new home. This planet they would call Lunaria. The Lunarians, as they were called, shared a striking resemblance to the ancient Greek civilization of this world, except they possessed space traveling technology that was beyond anything anyone had ever seen. Unfortunately, most of the ships they had traveled in would shortly be dismantled as material for building their new home. And it was here that the very first Sailor Scouts would be born.

The girl that would become the very first Sailor Moon was named Selene. She, along with her twin sister ,Medea, would begin a legacy that would lead to a new age in the galaxy. Selene was kind, gentle ,and compassionate as well as beautiful. Medea, however, even as she possessed her own beauty, was cruel and evil.She desired power above all else.

As the Lunarians began to create a city made from the material of their ships Selene, young as she was but incredibly intelligent, help establish a government that would be highly be praised by the Founding Fathers of America. With her kind heart, Selene wished to give freedom and opportunity to all and dreamed of extending these very ideals beyond the world. Medea desired the opposite. Her black heart desired complete control and oppression over all.

A day of destiny began when Medea suddenly raised an army and attacked the city of Orion , as the Lunarians had decided to call it. The followers of Selene were caught completely off guard and were massacred.

Selene herself was heartbroken. She had known about her sister's dark desires but never believed Medea would do something. As Medea searched the blazing city in order to kill her, Selene and the remaining citizens escaped into the mountains. Accompanying her was her betrothed, Melanthios, who would form an underground to take back Orion.

One night, Selene had a mysterious dream. She dreamed of an island far away that held atemple. Inside was man who was strong and powerful despite his elderly age. He told her that his name was Avon and that there was chance to save her city if she and eight other girls who were devoted to her cause would come to the island he resided.

Realizing that this was a dream she could not ignore, she gathered the eight other girls who had the same dream and told Melanthios that he must keep the rebellion alive until they returned. Using Selene's magical crystal to guide them, they set out to search for the mysterious island. The eight other girls who accompanied Selene were Amalthea, Parthenia, Eris, Leda, Circe, Andromeda, Melpomene,and Thalia.

After several days of traveling through the land, they found an unmanned sailing ship sitting upon a beach. The ship was not wrecked nor old nor dangerous, yet the crystal had guided them to it. When they were safely aboard, the ship began moving by itself as if guided by an unnatural force and they soon found themselves approaching the island of their dreams, hidden by a cloud of fog.

There, they would finally meet Avon, the Lord and Creator of the Universe, and it was here that he and other mortal beings from other parts of the worldthat the very first Sailor Scouts would be born.

For thirty days the nine girls would train hour after hour learning how to use weapons and magic. It was not long before they had mastered their skills. When they were ready to return to Orion and save their people, each one was given a different and unique weapon. They were also given uniforms of the same design but of different colors.

Each of the Original Nine Sailor Scouts, as they were now called, would represent one of the nine planets in the solar system. Amalthea would represent as SailorMercury, Parthenia as Sailor Venus, Eris as Sailor Mars, Leda as Sailor Jupiter, Circe as Sailor Saturn, Andromeda as Sailor Uranus, Melphomene as Sailor Neptune, and Thalia as Sailor Pluto.

Selene, however, would not be named after a planet, but after the moon that orbited the planet that they had now Lunaria. It is believed that the Lunarians considered this new world sacred and that the moon and the other planets were its guardians. Thus Selene became the first of many to be the one named Sailor Moon, the leader of the Original Nine.

On the day they prepared to leave,their trainers going with them so they could passed on their skills to others, Avon stayed behind, but not before he gave them these words.

"I have been given you great power that requires great responsibility. Use it to defend, to protect, and to vanquish. Never use those powers for your own gain. You have given your oath to me and have sworn not to break it. You came to this galaxy to find a new home. Now you shall fulfill your destiny. I have chosen you to be my angels of peace, justice and prosperity. Pass on what you have learned here and the uniforms you wear onto your daughters and to the daughters on those daughters and so on. Your path will not end here in this world, but will extend beyond this and into the stars, where others worlds will join and uphold your cause. You yourselves, however, will not go beyond this system. That fate will be left to your daughters, for they will have an even greater destiny to follow. Now, go with my blessing, for you will never see me again."

As the Original Nine and their trainers sailed on back to their home, the island was covered in fog. When it had cleared, Avon and the island was gone, never to be seen again.

They returned to Orion to discover that Melanthios had been leading the rebellion against Medea successfully, but was now facing unavoidable disaster as Medea's army became more insistent on crushing them. The arrival of the Sailor Scouts was a huge relief and a gift from Avon, as some say. What followed next would go down in history as "The first of many greatest campaigns of the Sailor Scouts". In a short time, Selene and her friend stook back the city of Orion through a series of battles. Soon, Medea was cornered, unable to escape.Denying defeat, she and Selene fought each other for the fate of the world. It was a battle that was said to have "Shaken the very ends of the world".

Eventually, Selene won the battle and defeated Medea. But rather than kill her own twin sister, Selene banished her to a inhabitable planet far away from our solar system using a magic spell.The great victory celebration that followed came with new inspiration. As Avon had spoken, Selene and her friends destiny would lead to the return to space. Using what material that was left, The Original Nine and their beloveds left Lunaria and created a new home on the the very moon itself. There, they would wait while raising their children and preparing their daughters to be the next Original Nine,for their own destiny awaited them.

Twenty years passed. In that time, the Lunarians built a city of white and gold on the Moon. In the coming decades, Apollonia, named after Selene's mother, would become a large and shining city that would rival that of Washington DC, for several of its buildings resembled that of this city. And it will be here that I, Luna, and Artemis, a fellow Elysian in the form of a white cat bearing the same mark as I, would be born and arrive at Apollonia. In that very city, our still ongoing quest began.

Artemis and I would come under the service of Selene's daughter, Helena, who bore her mother's emerald green eyes but bore the dark hair of her father, and the rest of Original Nine's daughters. They were to be the 2nd Original Nine, just as their mothers were the 1st Original Nine.

Helena's journey would begin when a lone starship came to Lunaria, heavily damaged after surviving a major naval battle. It was a frigate called Heaven's Horizon, a scout frigate. At this and age, almost every civilization across the galaxy used solar sailing ships. Yes, that is difficult to believe, but it is true. While this world is still developing ways to use solar sails, in my time, this method of traveling through space was perfected. One could travel to one side of the galaxy to the other in a matter of two weeks according to this world's perception of time. The techonolgy used for solar sailing was beyond anything this world has yet to accomplish. Warp drive was around but was seldomly used since it was only used for emergency situations and because most wanted to enjoy traveling through the stars.

The Heaven's Horizon, surprised to find any form of civilization out here limped towards the Moon Kingdom, as Lunaria would commonly become known in the future, requesting permission to dock and to repair their ship. Selene, now the 1st Queen of Lunaria, granted their permission. The captain of the frigate was a dashing and young man by the name Samson Eldred, given his first at the age of only twenty-one.

As his ship was being repaired Samson began telling us the tale of where he came from and how he stumbled across Lunaria. He came from a far away planet called the Kingdom of Natsington, one of several galactic powers in the known regions of space.

Not so long ago, Natsington declared war on another galactic power, this one called Kingdom of Cuboneon. For decades, the Natsingstons and the Cuboneons have shared fierce and and childish rivalries for their pointless conquests for power. However, they were not the only ones who desired this. Many other galactic powers, all of them absolute monarchies, have been fighting one war after another for that very reason. None of the kingdoms seemed to realize that throwing away countless lives.

Then came an unexpected turn of events.

A major space battle ensued where the Heaven's Horizon took part in. During the battle, a great number of unknown starships suddenly came out of hyperspace and began attacking their ships left and right. What was more, these ships were crewed by the dead, all of whom had perished in the kingdoms previous battles. While the now caught off guard ships desperately tried to defend themselves and escape, a transmission came from the attackers flagship.

A woman, a sorceress who went by the name of Queen Metallia, demanded that they surrender and submit to her rule, laughing as she confessed that it was she who had tricked the galactic powers through various methods to fight each other so they would weaken and she could over as the absolute ruler of the galaxy. The Heaven's Horizon was barely able to escape after this. After coming out of hyperspace in uncharted space, they wondered aimlessly while trying to repair their ship until they came upon Lunaria.

At this moment, Queen Selene asked if Captain Samson had recorded the message and if he could play it for her. Recognizing that Queen Selene and Lunarians were willing to help him while repairing his ship, he immediately agreed. When she heard the words of the mysterious sorceress, Queen Selene suddenly paled as she recognized the voice. The voice belonged to no other than that of her twin sister, Medea.

It was clear that Selene's suspicions and worst fears had come true. Medea had escaped exile and was on a quest for both power and revenge. She also knew that if Medea succeeded in her quest for ultimate power in the galaxy, she would return to Lunaria and destroy it for revenge. Medea, now having declared herself as Queen Metallia, had to be stopped.

However, Selene and her fellow Sailor Scouts of the 1st Original Nine had already retired in order to raise their families and to help build their kingdom. The task of vanquishing Queen Metallia would fall to their daughters, the 2nd Original Nine Sailor Scouts.

The Heaven's Horizon was quickly repaired within three days of its arrival. Since it was short on crew, a good number of Lunarian sailors volunteered to help crew the ship. Queen Selene requested that Captain Samson take the Sailor Scouts with them. Knowing that the galactic powers were disarranged, they would have to move quickly to stop Queen Metallia and her army of the dead.

With this, the 2nd Original Nine left Apollonia on the Heaven's Horizon and sailed toward their destiny. This would also be the very first time Artemis and I were accompany the Sailor Scouts.

A few days after our departure, we came to the home world of Natsington. It was actually perfect timing for the King there had called a meeting with the leaders of the galactic powers. When the Original Nine were given permission to enter the King's court, they were shocked by what they found. The kings were all arguing like little children with toys, accusing each other for forming an alliance with Queen Metallia and destroying their ships.

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Helena became furious and immediately called for silence. She then went on to lecture them about their behavior and that there were greater to worry than their pride. The kings were so shocked that a young woman of only twenty could stand up to them so boldly they forgot to "Put her in her place", as one would would put it. Before then, women had no place in the world of men, but that would soon change. Not drastically, but enough to women earn a place in the galaxy.

When the kings finally recovered from their shock and began demanding who Helena was, where she came from, and why she was here. She answered without ever faltering, her voice filled with determination. And again, they were taken back for they had never met someone like her before. Then, as things began to grow into a major argument, fate stepped in.

A small army of monsters sent by Queen Metallia penetrated Natsington's atmosphere and attacked the king's palace. It was a bold move for Metallia, for if she eliminated all the leaders of the galactic powers and forced the by then leaderless people of many worlds to submit to her rule or die. However, there was one thing she did not anticipate. The Original Nine Sailor Scouts.

The instant the monsters arrived, Helena and the others immediately transformed into their uniforms, in front of everyone no less, and quickly took care of them. Both the leaders and the people witnessed the epic battle that ensued. When it was over, they were hailed as heroes. The Kings were quick to recfinal fantasy prelude extendedognized that the only way to defeat Queen Metallia and to save their kingdoms were to put their trust in the Sailor Scouts.

From that day forward, the space kingdoms provided whatever assistance they could summon. For nearly three weeks, the Sailor Scouts and their new allies searched for Queen Metallia, destroying whatever monsters and servants she had.

Queen Metallia was quickly taken off guard and soon had to go into hiding. Eventual, the Sailor Scouts tracked her down to the very planet Queen Selene had banished her to years before, a fiery world filled with an endless line of volcanoes. As before, a major battle broke out on that world. Helena defeated Queen Metallia, her very own aunt once known and destroyed her.

The threat of the galaxy had been vanquished, but there was still much work to be done. When the kings offered to help the Sailor Scouts, Helena agreed on the condition that they, and their queens, would travel to Apollonia and meet with Queen Selene and King Melanthios, as her mother had requested.

As things began to settle down throughout the galaxy, the kings and queens represented twelve different worlds and empires arrived at Apollonia. At the same time, representatives from Lunaria also arrived at their worlds with communication devices so that people of all classes could witness this historical event. Once they had settled down in the built meeting room inside the building would represent the beginning of new age, Queen Selene proposed to them what she had in mind.

To preserve peace, prosperity, justice, and equality for all in the galaxy by forming a galactic alliance between all of them.

As you can imagine, the idea of such a proposal was absurd in the minds of the kings and the queens. But Queen Selene was adamant and proceeded to explain by telling them that their people were tired of being used in war for their own gain and their suffering. It was time for their governments to step back and let their people to live their own lives without a government official or telling them what to do.

To put it simply, Queen Selene wanted the governments to reform into constitutional monarchies instead of absolute monarchies, placing several laws that would greatly resemble the United States Constition. This was indeed the very first forms of democracy, yet it would prove to be the greatest thing ever thought of and accomplished in this time in the galaxy.

Reminded with the fact that their people had seen and heard everything that Queen Selene had spoken and to think about them besides their governments and nobles, the kings and queens were separated taken into different another meeting rooms, with a Lunarian official to help guide them into making a decision of whether to accept Queen Selene's proposal and form a galactic alliance or refuse.

It is said that the queens played a significant role in making the decision to join the alliance. They had seen the suffering of their people. It had been brought on by their husband, but that had only been part of it. The real ones who were responsible were their advisers, bureaucrats, and some of the aristocracy, like the nobles.

What was interesting was that most of the kings seemed to realize this as well. Because of their greed and inability to listen to reason, and having to always rely on someone else to make decisions, they had brought this upon themselves and their kingdoms because of their foolishness.

However, not all would think this way, and some would become enemies in the upcoming years but would quickly be dealt with.

The kings and queens then came back together and discussed about their decision. When they finally met with Queen Selene and King Melanthios, they agreed and accepted Queen Selene's proposal and signed the document she had written. On that day, the Kingdoms of Lunaria, Natsington, Cuboneon, Gaiafrano, Meteron, Pandrea, Rosenberg, Philia, Marleena, Bravador, Reland, Brewada, and Cardainia all formed the Alliance of the Star Kingdoms, the beginning of an age that would last for a thousand years. This age was my time, and would be called the Silver Millennium.

In would quickly a golden age of our galaxy, people of many worlds and of all classes had more opportunities and freedom, something they never had before. They now had the freedom to go anywhere they want in the galaxy and pursue whatever career they wanted. And in the upcoming years, more planets would join the alliance.

Among this, Helena and the Original Nine would help form the Sailor Scouts Universe, creating dozens of branches within the Alliance. Girls as young as fourteen could volunteer and become a Sailor Scout, protectors of peace, justice, and the laws of the Alliance throughout the galaxy. Each Star Kingdom had their own version of the Sailor Scout uniform, but all shared the same design.

Helena would also marry Captain Samson, and would one day become Queen of Lunaria, with Samson as King, a former navy captain who had come from a common but respected family.

For a thousand years, the Sailor Scouts and the Star Kingdoms would explore uncharted space and discovered new worlds, fight countless many wars and conflicts, uncover many secrets and magic, and help pioneer the way to true prosperity for all.

However, like all things, this age would come to a tragic end.

When Helena defeated Queen Metallia, she had destroyed Metallia's body, but not her spirit. For a thousand years, Queen Metallia's spirit would wonder around aimlessly on the world she had been left on. Since no explorers had to the volcanic world she resided on, her escape only came by chance.

An alchemist from Natsington, a woman who went by the name of Bernetta Ryley and was greatly disliked by her fellow alchemists because of her ambitions and greed, came to the planet with a small group of researchers. She came across the spirit of Queen Metallia and immediately seized her chance to gain ultimate power and took the spirit with by hiding in within a crystal.

When the research team returned to Natington, Bernetta disappeared. During this time, civil unrest was growing around the galaxy. People began demanding more for everything because they believed they were entitled to it. They did not want to have to work for a living, join the military or anything related to it, or receive an education. All they cared about was getting free money, pleasure, and being entertained. None of them cared of what was going on in the galaxy.

Then an unthinkable thing happened.

Apollonia was suddenly attacked. Bernetta Ryley, now having called herself Queen Beryl, had gathered an army or rebels, criminals, and rogues, and attacked the capital of Lunaria and the leading power of the Alliance. I remember that day as if it was yesterday, and have never been able to forget it.

We were celebrating the anniversary of the Thousandth year of the Alliance. When the attack came, we were caught completely off guard. What followed next was a massacre, no different than the sacking of Troy. The army couldn't react fast enough to protect the people and most of our ships in the navy were elsewhere. Not that it would matter.

Queen Beryl unleashed the power of Queen Metallia and the city of Apollonia was reduced to mere rubble, killing everyone including her own army. Me, Artemis, and the only living human survivor, Queen Celine, the last queen of Lunaria, survived. Queen had witnessed the death of her daughter, Princess Celine, and the destruction of her home. Artemis and I felt no different.

How ironic it was. The same person who lead to the formation of the Alliance of the Star Kingdoms and the Silver Millennium would also be the one to end it.

Yet, Queen Celine still knew that she had a duty to perform. She used her powers to seal away Queen Beryl and Queen Metallia. However, the effort would cost her her life. Before she died, she told Artemis and I that the seal she had placed would eventually be broken by Queen Metallia, but would take thousands of years to do so. When the seal was broken, Queen Metallia would be weak from the effort. And in that time, Artemis and I must find and train the chosen ones who would the rebirth of the Sailor Scouts.

Why is that? Because when the Star Kingdom of Lunaria was detroyed, the Sailor Scouts Universe was blamed for it and ordered to be eliminated, for the uneducated people in the galaxy now believed them to be a threat than a protector. One by one, the Sailor Scouts were hunted down and killed, some by public execution, other likes animals. A few, I believe, did escape, but were forced into exile, never to be heard of again.

After Queen Celine gave us her final words, Artemis and were were enveloped into a deep sleep, placed inside magical spheres, and sent to Lunaria that would one day become known as Earth, leaving behind the home and the age we had known for so long and had loved so much. The Alliance of Star Kingdoms had been destroyed and the Silver Millennium had ended.

But I do know, as well as Queen Celine did, that once the Sailor Scouts would return, a new age will come in the galaxy that will be worthy of the Silver Millennium.

If there was ever a time I had lived in, let me say that I had lived in it. If there was ever such group of heroes and heroines, let me say that I stood with them. If there is one memory that I cherish the most, let it be one of the Memories of the Silver Millennium.

May these memories be told...

Luna had had her eyes closed when she had been telling her tale as if she was remembering every golden moment of her time, the Silver Millennium. Now she opened them to come back into the present. Serena, Amy, and Raye were all staring at her open mouthed, amazed beyond belief at the tale they had just been told. Luna couldn't help grinning. Never before had she told anyone the tale of the Silver Millennium.

"Wow," Serena finally broke the silence, "That's... amazing."

"Had it come from anyone else," Raye shook her head, "I would have thought they were telling a stupid fairy tale. But coming from you, it actually makes me believe that it actually did happen."

"Thank you," Luna smiled, "I'm glad to hear that you believe me. It makes it much easier."

"You said that Earth was once called Lunaria when the Lunarians came here?" said Amy.


"And that their capital city..." Amy stood and walked over to Serena's bedroom window, opening the curtains where they could seen the moon at half moon.

"Apollonia was built on that very moon?" she pointed, eyes wide.

"Yes," Luna nodded, grinning, "the one and only moon of this world."

"But," Amy shook her head, "That's impossible! There's no ruins on the moon."

"That is because because in the thousands of years that had passed since the day it was destroyed, the debris from hundreds of meteor showers would eventually bury the ruins. We always had them when we were there."

"But how on earth were you able to breath on there? The moon has no atmosphere."

"She actually has a point there," said Serena.

"Ah," Luna grinned, "When the Lunarians first arrived, they brought with them a set of legendary artifacts called "The Sphere of Life". It was a silver orb that size of a grapefruit. It wasn't exactly magical, but it could produce life from one who knows how to use it. It was an extraordinary piece of technology that was eons ahead of its time. According to the Lunarians history books, they were given the Spheres to create life on their original home world in a far away galaxy before they came to this one."

"Spheres that can create life?" Amy jaw dropped, "That was actually a piece of technology and not magical object?"

"Yes. There were tons of artifacts scattered throughout the galaxy. While many were discovered, I'm certain there are many more out there. Some were helpful while others were dangerous. Moving on, when the 1st Original left Lunaria and settled on the Moon, they brought the Spheres with them. There were five, but only three were used. One was used to create air and an atmospheric shield, the second was used to create water, and the third was used to provide power for the city. The other two spheres were kept as spares in case one stopped working for some reason or were stolen. However, that never happened because the spheres never stopped working and the security for them was so tight that it could be the security of ballistic missile bases to shame. Now though, the spheres was all destroyed when the destruction came."

Amy looked at the Moon again, then closed the curtains. Quietly they watched as she strode back to her chair and sat down before she looked at Luna again.

"It must have been beautiful," she said, "I would have liked to have seen it."

"You would have loved it," Luna smiled, "It really was a city of white and gold. In fact," she gestured outside, "It looked very much like Washington D.C., just more technologically advanced."

"It's so sad though that it ended so tragically," said Amy, "I'm so sorry that you lost everything dear to you."

"I'm sorry, too," Raye shifted over and petted Luna, "You must still hurting from that horrible event even now."

Tears appeared in Luna's eyes, but she quickly fought them back, "Thank you. And you are right. It's not easy for me to tell the bad thing that happened in my time, but I've learned long ago that you cannot change the past and must move on. I have done that. And now I am here to see to it that it doesn't happen again."

"What ever happened to the remaining Lunarians who were here on Earth?" asked Serena.

"That is a good question," Luna answered, "Seeing that there was nothing left of Apollonia, the remaining Lunarian must have decided to move and destroy whatever technology they had left. From there, I believe they became the Ancient Greeks and eventually the Romans. Their governments were similar, but not perfect. They greatly included the use of slaves, something that was abolished immediately after the formation of the Alliance."

"Speaking of which," said Amy, "What happened to the rest of the Star Kingdoms?"

"I'm afraid the same thing could be said about them. Other than that, I do not know. They probably forgot about space travel and their past."

"That's so sad," Amy's face fell.

"You said there was a fellow Elysian with you named Artemis," said Serena, "How come he isn't here with you?"

Luna paused, "Now that you mentioned it, I haven't given him much thought since I met you Serena. I was so focused of getting you prepared to be a Sailor Scout I completely forgotten."

"Do you now where he is?"

"No. When we finally awoken, we first tried to find each of you together but weren't successful so we decided to split up cover more ground on Earth. I haven't seen or heard of him since."

"You're not worried about him?" Raye frowned.

Luna chuckled, "If there's one thing I know about its the fact that he may be a clumsy fool at times, he knows how to get himself out of trouble. You don't need to worry. Artemis can take care of himself, but we will keep an eye out for him."

"Yeah," Serena nodded, "you said he white cat and bore the moon crescent mark as you do?"


A moment of silence passed.

"So from what you have told us," said Raye, sitting forward, "we are the rebirth of an ancient order that protected the galaxy from evil."


"And the enemy we're facing is Queen Metallia, correct?"

"Not exactly. Remember what I said earlier? Once Queen Metallia was able to break the seal Queen Celine had placed on her, it would deprive much of her energy and leave her weak."

"Energy?!" Amy's eyes widened, "Then the energy that Jadeite is after..."

"Exactly," Luna nodded grimly, "Jadeite's ruler, Queen Beryl, is not as powerful as Queen Metallia and must rely on her in order to gain absolute power. The only way for her to revive Metallia is to give her energy taken from humans and other lifeforms. However, the disadvantage they have is that the common human who does not use or has no knowledge of magic have very weak energy levels unless they find a way to increase it, even unknowingly. There are stronger sources of energy, but it's become clear that they haven't found any and have to rely of human energy. As we have seen, Jadeite's method is to steal as much energy as he can from groups of people, preferably large ones. We have foiled his plans several times now, including today. Sooner or later, he will have to stop trying to collect energy and come after you directly."

"I hope he does," Serena said determinedly, "I want to stop him once and for all."

"As do we all," said Luna, "But be careful, all of you. Jadeite will be very dangerous when you face him finally, especially if his life is on the line. We must also remember that Queen Beryl will have even stronger servants that can replace him at any time."

"What should do for the time being?" asked Raye.

"Train as much as possible and increase you energy levels. That was one rule that Sailor Scouts all had when they were on or off the field. You have to be ready to face your stronger enemies. This task has been given to by Avon. If you cannot defeat Queen Metallia, no one else will be able to."

"We will," said Raye.

"We promise," said Amy.

"Is there anything else you wish us to do?" Serena asked, "For the Sailor Scouts that is?"

Luna smiled, "Yes, there is. I would very much like to see the Sailor Scouts Universe return to outer space, because that's where they have along belonged. There were, after all, some of the first explorers."

"I would to go into outer space," said Amy.

"Indeed," Serena agreed, "I would love to see the worlds they discovered."

"I'm certain you would," said Luna, "And..."

Serena saw the hesitation in Luna's eyes.

"What is it?" she said softly.

"It's nothing," Luna shook her head.

"Yes, it is. Come on, tell us."


"Please? I want to do what I can to help you."

Luna looked at Serena, surprised. Then she smiled

"Your kindness really makes you special, Serena," she said and took a breath, "Very well. There is one request I have."

"What's that?" Serena waited.

"I don't know if this will be possible, however..." Luna took a breath, "I want to go home to Elysia when I realize that my time has come. And I'm sure Artemis will ask for the same thing. Can you promise that you will see to it that we return to Elysia?"

"Yes," Serena said without hesitation, "I want to see you happy, Luna. I don't want to see you suffer anymore. I promise that I will find a way to send you there, even if it takes my entire life."

Luna blinked. Clearly she hadn't expected to agree so quickly. But the truth showed in her eyes.

"Thank you, Serena. I don't how, but I believe you will keep that promise."

"I'm a Sailor Scout," Serena grinned, "Like you said, Sailor Scouts always keep their promises."

All of them laugh. And then...

"Hahahahahaha!" came Jadeite's laugh.