Author's Note: Okay, So I've been thinking about re writing One Of A Kind for quite a while now. And, after reading over it a few days ago I decided that I hated it. It's not the plotline I hate. It's just my chapters seemed boring and all and well I changed Laura's name to Jamie for a while and it just seemed hard to follow and I have changed some things like why her parents made her live with The Brady's and all Constructive criticism is welcome but please no flames!..By the way sorry I toke the other down. Its just that I want to write this story in third person omniscient instead considering the fact that you can do more with it then you can do more with third person then you can with first person so..Here is my rewrite of One Of A Kind!


January 21st, 1968 New York City, New York

"THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH YOU YOU CARELESS JERK!" Mrs. Parkington yelled at her husband. She sighed; this is sadly the way their marriage has been going lately. They just seem to not be able to get along like they used to early on in their marriage.

"Look honey maybe we can sort things out" Mr. Parkington said calmly to his wife. He really did want to sort everything out for the sake of their daughter and themselves.

"Look, I am getting SO SICK OF YOU GOING OUT AND WASTING OUR MONEY! WE NEED TO SAVE OUR MONEY FOR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS RHICHARD!" She said her voice rising. Then she began walking out of their bedroom.

"Honey where are you going?" He asked

"To go call my brother I'm going to take Laura and leave her with them a few days and then come back and see if we can work things out and if we can't. Then I want a divorce" She said then she walked out of the room and into Laura's.

"Laura honey, you better start packing you know that "Trip" I told you about? We'll we're leaving for it tomorrow, I've decided to leave you at your uncle Mike's for a few days and then come back here and see if I can sort things out with your father" Mrs. Parkington said

Laura didn't know what to think. She was just tired of her parents fighting all the time. She just hoped that they would be able to sort things out and they'd be happy again. Which, from what she could tell her parents haven't been in quite awhile.


Laura continued packing her suitcase as her mother was talking on the phone with her uncle Mike. Once she finished she headed downstairs to tell her mother but she noticed that her mother was still on the phone.

Then a few minutes later she hung up and came into the room.

"Hey mom I finished packing" Laura said

"Great we'll head out early tomorrow morning" Mrs. Parkington said


The next morning Laura and her mother headed out early and got on the first flight to Los Angeles.

They then got the flight tickets and waited until their flight was boarding. Then, once it was they got on.

"Mom, does dad know Where we're going?" Laura asked. Worried that they were just taking out on a lark and their father was angry at how they had left all of a sudden.

" Oh believe me honey he knows" Mrs. Parkington said

And then not long after that, we landed at the Los Angeles airport.

Author's Note: I know its short but this is just chapter one! And it's my first time trying out Third Person omniscient to! I hope you enjoyed it and it was better than the first version to!