Author's note: Sorry it has taken me so long to update. But this chapter should make up for it :O) This is also the last chapter in 1968.

"I am about to die of pure boredom!" Greg announced as he, Peter, and Bobby sat on a bench waiting for the girls and their dad to come out of a clothing store. Their dad had said they should come since they were going to have to "get used" of living with a bunch of women but they flat out refused since they didn't want to be risked being seen by a girl who went to their school and a rumor being started about them.

"Same here" Peter said.

"Ditto" Bobby added.

"I can't believe that dad made us come here! Half of this mall is for women!" Peter said.

"Well how often do you see a man come to a mall unless he's escorted by a woman dummy?" Greg said.

Then at that moment the girls, Carol and their dad walked out of the store with more bags.

"Well fellows on to the next store!" Their dad said.

"Well ho, ho, ho" Greg said sarcastically.

"Now that'll be enough Greg" his dad said.

Greg rolled his eyes as they kept walking.

"I want to go to that store next!" Marcia said eagerly.

"Dad do we have to?" Greg asked moaning.

"Yeah we've been to about fifty million clothing stores already" Peter complained.

"You men will just never understand us women!" Marcia said.

"Yeah" Jan and Cindy both chorused as they walked into the store.

"We'll wait out here dad" Greg said.

"Okay son" Their dad said.

Then the boys sat down on yet another bench.

"Hey maybe we should go somewhere instead of just sitting here" Greg said.

"Yeah we should, if they get to go to all the stores they want to we should to" Peter said.

"We should" Bobby said.

"Okay lets go then" Greg said.

Then the boys began walking down the mall and looking around at the stores.

Then they finally found a bookstore and decided to go in there.

After a while of browsing books they saw their dad come in.

"Well there you fellows are, we are ready to leave lets go" he said.

Then they left.

When they got home Carol and the girls decided to stay until after dinner so the girls went upstairs and tried on their new clothing while the boys went into their rooms.

Laura was trying on a new dress when Marcia spoke up.

"So Laura, what was your life in New York like?" she asked her.

Laura shrugged "Well I couldn't go places by myself because my mom thought it was too dangerous. I guess I can see why though. The streets are always busy like they are here" she said.

Marcia nodded.

"So do you have any siblings?" Jan asked.

She shook her head "No, it was just me"

"Why did you move in here?" Cindy asked.

"Cindy!" Marcia and Jan both scolded

She sighed "No, its fine, its a long story, my parents fought a lot and are planning on a divorce"

"Oh that's to bad" Marcia said.

"Yeah they just have a hard time agreeing on things"

Then suddenly there was a knock on the front door.

Mike went to answer it and was shocked to see who it was.

It was Laura's father.

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