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Chapter 1

In a hidden lab that belonged to Dr. Zola, the Masters of Evil were plotting on how to destroy the Avengers. Each member of the Masters of Evil has a personal vendetta against a member of the Avengers. And so far all the male members have been doing was arguing and downplaying ideas.

"I don't care about what you do with the rest of the Avengers," the Abomination grunted. "I want to destroy the Hulk."

"No," a man in a purple tunic and cover mask said softly. "As I have told you before Abomination, it is best to destroy all our enemies at once, but it will require patience."

"Patience, yeah right," a man made of ionic energy scoffed. "You didn't really wait out our attack on the Avengers last time Zemo."

"I will admit I was... Rash. Then again weren't we all Simon." Zemo placed a hand on his sword.

"Don't go picking fights you can't win old man," said the man in a large metal suit with a Russian accent.

"I already proved myself in defending myself, perhaps you all need a reminder," Baron Zemo growled as he unsheathed his sword with frightening speed. The Crimson Dynamo powered up his suit weaponry, Wonder Man took up a fighting stance and hovered in the air, while the Abomination cracked his knuckles. They were about to rush at each other, when a voice filled malice and ice stopped them.

"Come now boys, you really shouldn't fight," a woman with waist length blonde hair and pale green eyes said as she stepped into the room. "After all if we destroy ourselves, who would be left to annihilate our enemies." Behind her was her loyal servant the Executioner. Both were of Asgardian decent and the Enchantress was skilled in the magical arts.

"What have you found witch," Zemo said suspiciously.

"Don't you trust me Zemo," the Enchantress asked seductively. Not expecting an answer she continued. "I have come to realize that most of you mortals are not as hopeless in the magical arts as I was led to believe. There appears to be many hidden magical communities on this realm that what I originally thought possible. And I believe I have found one of the most powerful warlocks on this realm."

She held up her hand and a sickly green mist appeared. A second later an image of a young man appeared in the mist. The man looked to be in his early twenties with messy raven black hair and the brightest green eyes they ever seen. The odd thing about him was that he had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

"A kid," the Abomination snorted. "How is a kid going to help us destroy the Avengers?"

"This no ordinary kid," the Enchantress drawled. "This is a magically trained warlock, the most powerful out of his people. It has seemed that he has gained abilities that hinder his outward appearance because if I'm correct he should be about thirty Midgard cycles old."

None of the other members of the Masters of Evil believed the Asgardian witch's claim. They didn't have a problem with the existence of magic since they've seen the Enchantress perform many spells. But a child that could be more powerful than the Asgardian was laughable. But Zemo was power hungry and ruthless, he would do anything to have control of the world and his own personal army.

"Where do we find this warlock," he asked reluctantly.

The Enchantress gave an evil smile. "He will not be hard to find, especially since he presents himself to this realm as Lord Heinrich Joseph Potter-Black."