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Chapter 9

All was quiet throughout Avengers Mansion since each occupant was fast asleep in his or her own room, except one. Harry wandered through the hallways of manor as he went over the memory he played in his pensive. Soon his thoughts went to what happened after the fight in the jungle.

When Harry awoke after passing out from the injuries he sustained from Voldemort, he was properly introduced to King T'Chaka, chief of the Panther tribe. The king told harry all the injures he sustained and the cleansing ritual the shamans begrudgingly had to perform on him to eradicate the dark magic in him. T'Chaka told he knew what he was but he wished to know what the man who was called 'flight from death' wanted from him. At first Harry was hesitant about revealing what happened, but with a little reassurance from T'Chaka, Harry explained the events of his fourth year at Hogwarts. The Black Panther knew he there was more to the young wizard's story and encouraged him to tell him everything.

Harry ended up telling the king about his childhood even though he didn't know why. He was not sure why he told the man everything that happened to him as a kid, but T'Chaka gave off a feeling of reassurance that Harry couldn't resist. When the teen concluded his tale, Harry could tell that the King was furious with his family even though the man hid his emotions under a calm exterior.

The next day, Harry met King T'Chaka's son, T'Challa, who was only eighteen at the time. During those visits, the prince of Wakanda told the young wizard all about the Wakandan culture and delicacies found throughout the city they resided in. T'Challa understood that the young teen hated being bedridden and has instead has taught Harry everything he missed in the muggle world. After Harry was strong enough to leave his bed, he put into combat training to help him gain the muscles he was supposed to have. Harry being his daft-self questioned T'Chaka why he was doing all this for him. T'Chaka answered him trufully and said that the King started to see the young teen as a son.

Harry never felt so honored and told T'Chaka so. Of course another problem soon arose, and it was mainly his magical training. The shaman did not trust Harry and out right refused to teach him the mythical arts he knew. The young wizard suggested that he could find a couple of people he knew from the magical world to teach him. T'Chaka was hesitant at first but allowed him to find his teachers.

So Harry and T'Challa left Wakanda and traveled to England to find the young teen's godfathers. After a few days of searching, the two found the wizards they were looking for but they also found Sirius' cousin, Nymphadora Tonks, with them. After three hours of debate, the three wizards agreed to travel with the teens back to Wakanda. Another day of preparations were done before Harry's training to become a powerful wizard took place. Harry snapped out of his thoughts when he felt someone else was in the hallway with him.

"You know you could of spoken to me yesterday instead of waiting until I was alone." Harry spoke to the person behind him.

"Ye must be very powerful to have sensed me wizard." Harry turned to see the tall Asgardian behind him with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. The wizard could see the God's trusty hammer at his side.

"What do want," Harry asked bluntly.

Thor just shrugged his shoulders. "Nothing much Mage," the thunder god narrowed his eyes, "or should I say Dominus Mortis."

Harry expression didn't change, however behind the facade he was panicking. Thinking quickly he snapped his fingers and a privacy ward appeared around the two immortals. Taking a deep breath, Harry got his nerves under control. "How did you figure it out?" Harry was not going to deny the thunder God's claim; he knew that it would only end badly for him.

Thor raised both eyebrows in surprise. "Ye will not deny my claim?" Harry shook his head causing Thor's eyes to soften. "Ye are not what I expected, most wizards I have encountered are boisterous and quite arrogant."

Harry smiled bash fully at Thor's claim. "Well I'm not most wizards." The wizard's smile however turned into a frown. "But that doesn't answer my question."

"True," Thor acknowledged, "I wondered why the gemstone imbedded in your cloak clasp was familiar and realized that tis was indeed the resurrection stone, I was suspicious. When I saw the wand hidden in thy's holster and concluded that it was the Elder Wand, I remembered tales in my youth about the one the mortals called Master of Death. Even though I have not seen the Cloak of Invisibility yet, I knew thee would not let such an item out of thy's sight."

Harry nodded his head and decided to humor the thunder-wielding prince. The dark haired man reached into a pocket inside of his cloak and pulled out the Potter family heirloom. Harry threw a part of the cloak over one of his shoulders and watched as it disappeared from sight. Thor raised both eyebrows again and his eyes became wide.

There were a few moments of silence and neither of the two powerful beings spoke. Harry used that time to pull the cloak off his shoulder and fold it neatly before putting it back in his cloak pocket.

"Does T'Challa know," Thor asked sincerely.

Harry sighed heavily before he responded. "Yes, I told him when I visited Wakanda a year after I found out. After I learned that I couldn't get rid of the Hallows, I accepted that the role as the Master of Death was my birthright and no one else."

"Why does ye believe such a notion," Thor asked confused.

"The Hallows have been in my family for hundreds of years," Harry explained sadly. "Each has it's own bloody history as they were taken from their original owners, until ten years ago when the true heir to the Hallows accidentally brought them all together." Harry heaved a heavy sigh and cancelled the silencing ward. "Now if you're done interrogating me, I am going to bed so goodnight." With that said Harry turned around and walked back to his room. For one strange moment, he sounded just like Hermione did when they went on their first adventure.

Thor watched the shorter figure walk off through narrowed eyes. One of his suspicions was confirmed but that did not mean that he would trust the younger man anymore than necessary. Heaving a sigh, the Thunder God decided to do some late night flying and exited the hallway.

"Remind me again, why we decided not to land inside of the property," Hawkeye asked Ant-man, Panther, and Phoenix Mage for the umpteenth time. It was the next day and Harry felt like strangling the archer. The quinjet landed 15 yards from the wards to Potter Manor and its occupants exited the plane. Ant-man and Panther were pushing two holding containers in front of them as the followed the younger man.

Since Harry had his cowl on, his guests couldn't see the annoyed look he had on. "I'm only going to say this one last time Barton. Potter Manor is protected by ancient wards that would fry the circuitry of the Quinjet the moment it passes through the barriers. And I'm pretty sure Stark wouldn't like it if I accidentally brought down one of his jets." Harry was at the front of the group and led them through the protection barriers and up to the front gates where he suddenly stopped.

"Why'd ya stop," Hawkeye asked annoyed. This was not how he wanted to spend the day; he would be relaxing by the pool than in this dreary weather. "The gate is right there, do you need help opening the thing up." The archer shoved passed the wizard while ignoring the magic user's shouts to stop, and placed a hand on the front gate.

There was a loud crack sound and Hawkeye disappeared without a trace.

"Hawkeye," Ant-Man shouted. He rounded on Harry who was shaking his head lightly. "What happened to him?"

Harry raised an eyebrow. "He should have stopped when I told him to. The wards would only recognize me since I'm tuned in with my magical signature. Don't worry Barton should be in a cell in the dungeons."

"Dungeons?" Harry ignored the scientist and walked back up to the gates. He pulled a dagger off out from his belt and made a cut on his hand. Ant-man moved to stop him, but Panther placed a hand on his shoulder. Harry placed his cut hand on the padlock and made a series of hissing and spitting sounds like a snake.

The gate groaned as it slowly swung open to reveal the lawn to Potter Manor. The two members of the Avengers could see that the Manor was a whole football field in length and made of alabaster stone with tall windows. On the right side of the building was a large lake and behind that was a forest. Stags and does pranced across the lawn and mostly ate the grass while a couple of the young bucks were competing each other.

Ant-man stared around the property in awe. This was how he imagined the world to be, peace and harmony with no trace of chaos anywhere. Harry caught the look on his guest face and smirked. The dark haired man walked across the lawn with his companions in tow and pushed open the large oak doors. The entrance hall too was made out of alabaster stone with portraits hanging from the walls, a staircase made of marble led up to other levels above, on right hand side was a doorway that led to a comfortable sitting room while the door on the right was closed. On the tiled floor was a mosaic of the Potter crest, a griffin standing on a mountain with it's head held high and wings proudly stretched out. Below the mythical creature was the family motto in latin: Quos diligimus moriemur nunc et in perpetuum custodire.

Harry pushed his cowl down with the other two following his example. The immortal teen, though Ant-man didn't need to know that, turned around and smirked at the scientist's astounded face along with T'Challa. He spread his arms out dramatically and said in a boisterous voice.

"Welcome to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter."


Magister mortis- Master of Death

Quos diligimus moriemur nunc et in perpetuum custodire- To keep those we love now and forever we will die

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