Happy Not Valentine's Day!

This is soooo unbelievably random, but I thought it was a fun concept! This is six parts. I have most of them already written. Hope you enjoy it! :) It's pretty much exactly what the title says. Takes place around season 4.

For entertainment only! :P

Chapter 1 – Happy Not Valentine's Day

Betty walked into her office running late from all the stuff going on at her house. When she got at her desk she practically dropped in her chair from exhaustion. It was only 9:30am and she was already drained.

She noticed a small square white envelope on her desk that had Betty written across the center. She opened the envelop and laughed when she pulled out the card. It was a dog jumping through a heart shaped hoop which said 'I'd jump through hoops for you'."

She smiled and opened the card which read "Hi, have a nice day!" signed 'Daniel'. She shook her head giggling. She got up from her chair and headed for Daniel's office.

She was practically laughing when she walked into his office. Daniel smiled looking up at her assuming she got his card.

"Daniel! What is this?" she asked waving the card in front of him.

"You do know that today is NOT Valentine's day. I assume this is a Valentine's Day card" she said with a smile.

Daniel laughed. "I wanted to be different. I just figured why do I get to give that to you only on Valentine's Day?"

Betty giggled. "Well, this is very sweet. Thank you" Daniel smiled. "Besides, it's better to be original." he added.

"Right!" she giggled. Daniel smiled brighter. "So, Happy NOT Valentine's Day, Betty"

Betty laughed. "Happy not Valentine's Day, Daniel." She giggled again.

"So, uh...I was actually wondering, do you want to have dinner with me tonight? I have to work on some stuff in the office, but I thought you might like to keep me company?" he said hopefully. Betty smiled. "Sure, Daniel"

"Great. See you later."

"Okay. Bye Daniel" she said with a grin and walked out. Daniel smiled leaning back in his chair, his arms folded behind his head.

AN: So random! Lol :P Next chapter is 'A Special Rose'.