It's been proven, time and time again, that taking her Senshi, her lover, her daughter, away does nothing to prevent Sailor Moon's inevitable victory. Oh, it weakens her, temporarily, to watch as one by one her loved ones are taken from her. She has even, on occasion, given up.

It never lasts. She always rallies, always finds the strength needed to keep going, the heart to reach out even to the worst of her enemies.

She always wins. And her prize for winning? The return of the ones she loves.

The Power watches her because of this. Curious, wondering. What would it take? What would it really, truly take, to break this girl?

Because in the end, she always stands alone. And that should break her, but it doesn't, and what is it that keeps her going?

There are no guarantees, even to one touched by Fate as she is. Each time she stands to fight it is with the knowledge that this time she may not get them back. That, in the end, she may find herself still alone.

Would it break her if she did? Would that do it? To win the fight but not receive her prize?

The Power puzzles over it. And finds itself considering keeping them from her just long enough to see, to find out...

But it cannot bring itself to try it. Not truly. Because as curious as it is, the Power doesn't really want to see this beautiful, shining light broken. And so it always interferes. Just a little push here, a touch of divinity there.

Just the smallest bit of Luck... to add to her already great heart.

All just to see her smile in the end.