My Little Pony: Death is Tragic

Hello bronies. Although I am not a brony, I have decided to make a MLP: FIM fanfiction. In this story Twilight Sparkle is murdered, one question remains though, who killed her.


It was a normal night in Ponyville , everything was peace and quiet. Everpony, and dragon, slept with calm, knowing Ponyville was the safest and happiest place they have ever known. Well, that's what they all thought. It was Friday the 13th, but nopony cared, fore they knew nothing about this date and its reference to a horror film. Twilight Sparkle, student of Princess Celestia, sent to learn, was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Little did she know it would be her last night alive. Slowly the door to her house opened. She didn't notice though for she was lost in her dreams. In crept a figure, wearing black clothes and a ski mask like a burglar, although he was not to steal. He walked over to her bedside.

"You contaminated the sanity of my people, for that you must DIE!" Said the figure in a whisper. He then takes out a dagger and then lifts it up. The view goes to the outside of the house to see the window with the lights on like in a murder scene. The shadow of the dagger and the figure, then swoops down and blood splatters all over the window. The figure then runs out of the house. Now nowhere to be found, the only thing left of his presence was a decapitated Twilight Sparkle lying in her bed, dead.

So that's the prologue. I am only good at making real chapters long, but until the first chapter is released Review and tell your friends about this story, this is I Like Writing17, signing off.