Forest of Mystery

Chapter 1: The Day Seems Normal

I'm finally writing another story! I'm going to do a few things differently in this story. First, I'm trying to improve my writing, so it might seem different from before. Second, I didn't already write this story. I'm just thinking up what happens as I type, and trying not to make the entire story at once. Third, I'm actually attempting to make a story with no OCs as major characters.

Bomberman and Pommy do not belong to me!

The sun was shining brightly as white clouds drifted slowly through the sky. Today seemed like the perfect day, like the day where nothing wrong could happen. Bomberman soon came outside. His Charabom friend, Pommy, should have been with him right now, but he was not. Bomberman looked around when he noticed that Pommy wasn't there. "Pommy?" he said, looking into the house, "Aren't you coming outside? The weather is nice today and-"

"Yay!" Pommy cheered, nearly flying out of the house at the words "the weather is nice today". Pommy liked to spend some time outside, but he didn't like bad weather. He didn't get excited over anything more than seeing the outdoors in nice weather.

Pommy ran around a tree and leapt up in the air, landing in a bush. Bomberman went up to the bush and peeked into it. "You're excited, aren't you?" he laughed.

"Yeah!" Pommy jumped out of the bush.

"I noticed," Bomberman said cheerfully. Not that he hadn't already known what Pommy's reaction would have been when he said the weather was nice; he knew the Charabom could get overly excited over things, although he actually hadn't been thinking about that at that time.

"So, what do you want to do today?" Bomberman asked Pommy. The Charabom didn't answer. He instead ran around and then climbed up onto a tree branch. "I guess that answers that question," Bomberman said to himself. He sat down in the grass and looked up at the clouds. They continued to drift lazily through the bright blue sky. Everything was so quiet and peaceful that, for just a moment, it seemed like there was no trouble in the world. Bomberman wasn't even paying attention to Pommy, who was now somewhere playing. He was so busy taking in the wonderful scenery around him that he didn't notice anything else.

It was then that a sudden loud noise snapped him out of his daydreaming. "MYU MYU!" Pommy was screaming from somewhere in the distance. Startled, Bomberman jumped up and frantically looked around for his friend. Not seeing Pommy anywhere around, he instantly dashed towards where the sound was coming from. The sound got louder until Bomberman could tell it was right above him. He stopped and looked up to see Pommy in a tall tree.

"Pommy! What are you doing up there?" Bomberman shouted over Pommy's screams.

Pommy finally stopped screaming but hadn't calmed down. "I can't get down!" he cried.

"Can't you climb down?" Bomberman suggested.

Pommy shook his head. "That wouldn't be as easy as climbing up," he said.

"Well, can't you just jump down?" Bomberman asked.

"No way!" Pommy exclaimed, "That's too dangerous!"

"You'll never get down if you're scared to," Bomberman said calmly, "Just try to calm down, okay? Then maybe we can think better." Pommy gave Bomberman a look that said, "How can I calm down when I'm stuck in a tree?" but he tried. Finally he jumped, and Bomberman caught him. Bomberman sighed as he turned to go home. Pommy couldn't tell if that was a sigh of relief or of annoyance, but he was just glad to be safe.