Part one: And so it Begins

Chapter one: And Baby Makes… Trouble

Mike sat nervously in the waiting room, looking at the floor. Time seemed to drag on forever since Trixie went back into the examining room with the doctor. The wait was becoming unbearable as he sat there, thinking about every single outcome of this doctor's visit. He glanced at the clock and frowned, rolling his eyes a little when he saw that only a minute had gone by since the last time he checked. He exhaled deeply and tapped his finger on the edge of the chair, hoping to mentally push the appointment forward. Looking up, he saw Trixie approach him. Slowly taking to his feet, he greeted her.

"How'd it go?"

She smiled at him, with an anxious undertone "Great! Michael it's just what we thought!"

He smiled slightly "You are? You're pregnant?"

Trixie nodded excitedly and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He hugged her close for a moment, kissing her gently on the cheek. When he let go, looking into her eyes, his slight smile had grown.

"You go on ahead to the car. I have to make a phone call."

"Don't take too long. I love you, Michael."

She turned away with a bright smile and walked out of the waiting room. He watched as she left and then he headed to the nearest payphone. Taking a deep breath, he lifted the receiver and dialed the number to the beach house.

"Come on, Mick. You better answer…"

Micky sat on the couch with a pad of paper in his lap. He quietly listened to Peter strumming his bass, while casually doodling on the paper. His doodling, although he was quickly running out of paper, was a way for him to keep relaxed while trying not to turn his thoughts to Mike and Trixie. Knowing they were at the doctor's office, awaiting certain news, was driving him nuts. When the phone rang, he looked up at it, trying not to jump out of his skin. He sat the pad of paper beside him on the couch, and reached for the phone on the table in front of him.

"Hello, this is Micky speaking." He tucked the receiver between his ear and shoulder as he reached for the bowl of fruit next to the phone. Grabbing an apple, he took a bite from it and awaited a reply.

"Mick, I'm about to leave the doctor's office with Trixie." Mike said, "We have some big news that may or may not affect the group… especially our secret that Trixie doesn't know about."

Micky's eyes widened and he blinked. "Okay, sure, Mike what's going on?" He asked "Is Trixie okay? Did you find out why she's been getting so sick?" He looked at his apple, gripping it hard in his hand until it burst into flames. The flames went out after a second, leaving the apple lightly toasted.

Mike sighed slightly and loosened his grip on the receiver so not to let his power destroy the phone. "Everything's fine. It's just… she's pregnant. And it has me a little worried."

Hearing this caused Micky to spit out his apple in surprise, dropping the rest onto the floor. "Mike are you kidding me!" He asked "You know what that means, right? Ooh man, Mike…" He leaned forward a little to place his hand in his hands while still cradling the phone. "Are you on your way home?"

"Yes, Micky. I gotta go, Trixie's waiting for me. Gather Davy and Peter and have them wait for me to come home. We have to have a meeting about this." Mike paused, scratching his head as he watched for Trixie. "Except, first, we'll have to figure out how to keep Trixie away so she doesn't interfere with our meeting. She's really excited about this baby and I don't want to hurt her."

"Well, Mike, now we really gotta think." Micky sighed "She's pregnant and it's with you. I don't know. You know the consequences to this. I'll see you soon."

Micky hung up the phone and looked over at Peter. At this point, it was clear that Peter was too heavily involved in his own world, playing his bass, to notice any of the phone conversation that had just taken place. Peter, mid-pluck on one of the strings, looked over at Micky to notice the concern written on his face.

"What's up, Mick?" Peter asked

"Well, Peter, we've got a problem. Mike got Trixie pregnant." Micky finished with a sigh

Peter's eyes widened as he sat his bass down "Ooh… that's… bad."

Micky nodded "Well… it doesn't have to be bad but… well…" He sighed "We're about to have our hands full, big Pete."

Before another word could be spoken, the door swung open and Davy strolled in, fresh off a date. He crossed the room to check his reflection in the wall mirror before walking over to the table in front of Micky. Reaching into the fruit bowl, he frowned and picked up an apple with a scorch mark.

"Micky what're you doing burning all the good apples again? Thought you had control on your fire power." Looking up at the other two, Davy saw the serious expressions on their faces. "What's going on?"

Micky shook his head with a frown, looking at the apple. "I burned it myself. I like them a bit toasty." He rolled his eyes "Anyway, Davy we've got a problem. Mike got Trixie pregnant."

Peter nodded "We gotta figure out what we're gonna do. Mike still doesn't want Trixie to know about our powers."

Davy's eyes widened "She's pregnant?" He paused, rummaging for a piece of fruit without a scorch mark. "Wow… Gonna be a bit awkward when she pops the kid out and he lifts his mum up in the air. Assuming the baby takes on Mike's power."

"Exactly!" Micky sighed "Well there's no proof it'll be like that but…" Micky sat down "I don't know how this will play out. We'll have to talk it over."

Peter nodded his head as he leaned against the table "What if we tell Trixie? I think she deserves to know. She's nice."

"Well Peter, it's not like that sort of conversation is an easy one to bring up." Davy said "Not like you could go, hey lovely weather we're having today. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The mates and I are secret crime fighters with powers. Would you like a spot of tea?"

"Well… still…" Peter sighed, "I think she should know what she's getting into." He put his hands on his hips as he pouted

Micky grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl. He looked at it before watching it set on fire in his hand. "Yeah well… it's like Davy said… it's a bit weird for us to just come out and tell her…" He raised his eyebrows, still focusing on the flaming orange as he tossed it into the air.

"When's Mike supposed to get home?" Davy asked, following the orange with his eyes

As Micky continued tossing the still flaming orange in the air, Davy focused on it, narrowing his eyes a little. He took a deep breath before letting his air out in a stream of ice. The ice surrounded the orange, defusing the flames and turning the fruit into a frozen sphere. Succumbing to gravity, it then dropped to the floor, breaking into several pieces. Micky frowned at Davy before moving to clean up the mess.

"He said he was on his way. So I'd assume he'll drop Trixie off and then be here." He finished with a nod.

It wasn't long after that before Mike pulled his car into the garage. When he entered the house, he saw the other three guys gathered in the living room. Approaching them, he nodded and went directly into what he had on his mind.

"Good you're all here. I take it Micky told you guys the news." He paused, looking towards what was left of the orange mess on the floor. "Davy you freezing stuff mid-air again?"

Davy shrugged his shoulders, appearing slightly sheepish. "Micky set it on fire, first."

"Yeah but I was playing with it!" Micky shot back. He backed off when Mike glanced at him. Leaning against the back of the couch, he sighed. "So, Mike, Peter thinks we should tell Trixie. I agree but to a certain extent, I don't. You know your kid'll have powers too, right?" he asks with a frown. As he said this, Peter stared at the ground, chewing his lip a little.

"There's no guarantee the baby will be born with powers." Mike said, walking over to the couch. "An' whether it was born with powers or not, Trixie'll eventually find out about us. I was just hopin' we'd be able to keep our secret a little longer." He began pacing a little in front of the couch before sitting down. "Now with the baby comin' our secret should come out. The problem is… how exactly do we tell her?"

"We should probably invite her for dinner or something…" Peter suggested "I think we should lay it on her as easy as we can. 'Cause we don't wanna scare her, right?"

Micky nodded his head. "I agree. We should invite her on an outing or something. But will she tell anyone? 'Cause if she tells someone then well… that won't be good now, will it?"

"A dinner is a good idea. But probably not in public." Mike answered with a nod. "Trixie is trustworthy. She wouldn't tell a soul about us."

Davy clapped his hands together "Great! Dinner it is. But probably nothing to fancy, especially since none of us are spectacular cooks. Unless you count Peter's cream of root beer soup."

Micky snickered over Davy's comment. "I think I can manage to cook for the night."

Peter pouted over Davy's comment. "Don't be so mean, Davy!" He gave him a playful shove "But yeah, Micky and Mike can both cook. So you guys should be in charge. Maybe we can hold a celebration cookout and tell her there!" He said, excitedly.

Mike stood, smiling at them "That's perfect! We could set up a grill on the beach. Micky'll cook up some burgers and dogs. We could even get in a game or two of volleyball. Make a whole afternoon out of it. Then when the moment is right we all tell her together."

"That's a great idea." Davy said, "And then, after we tell her, she can easily run screaming into the ocean." He paused, catching the looks they gave him. "Or maybe not. But if she does, at least we'd be able to save her before she drowns."

"I think that would be in Peter's category." Micky said, slapping Peter on the back playfully "Alright, so when should we do this thing?"

"Well we can't tomorrow, 'cause we got that gig." Mike said

"And the next day I got a date." Davy added

Mike looked at him "Didn't you have a date today?"

"Yeah, went great."

"An' you have another date coming up this week?" Mike asked, waving a hand a little "Same girl?"

Davy snorted "Please."

Peter frowned at him "I think you should cancel it, Davy. This is important."

Micky nodded "Yeah, if you don't then I'll have to torch you. And I know we don't want that." He smirked at Davy "This is much more important, Davy. She needs to know ASAP."

Davy nodded "You're right. I know." He returned the smirk to Micky "Besides, if you set me on fire I can put myself out with my ice."

"Don't get me wrong, "Mike said "But doesn't fire usually melt ice?"

"Well yeah but… ok I'll break the date now." Davy said, walking over to the phone.

Micky gave him a smug smirk and chuckled "That's right, Davy. You do that." He looked at the others "Then in a couple days we'll have it. Mike you call her, okay? Let her know."

"I'm on it." Mike walked over to the phone. "Move over there, tiny. I gotta make an important call."

He lightly pushed Davy out of the way of the phone, but misjudged his power. Due to his strength, the light push knocked Davy across the room. Micky snorted, trying to keep from laughing before he helped Davy stand. With a frown, Davy then started dusting off his clothes and straightened out his posture.

After Mike made his call to Trixie, they regrouped near the couch and began talking some more. After a while it became apparent that hours had passed, leading into the night. At this point, Micky looked at Davy and snickered, motioning toward the phone.

"Go on, Davy." He said with a slight grin "Go cancel that date."

"Right." Davy rolled his eyes a little, heading over to the phone.

Micky sat up and stretched a little before taking to his feet. "I think I'm gonna head up." He finished with a yawn.

Mike glanced towards Micky, watching him walk up the stairs "Night, Mick."

After Micky disappeared into the bedroom, Peter turned to Mike, scooting a little closer to him on the couch. "Are you nervous?"

"About telling Trixie about us? Well no. I'm more concerned of what might happen if other people found out about us after we tell Trixie."

Peter nodded "I think it'll be okay, Michael. I mean… she might be a bit nervous at first, but… she loves you a lot, so I think you'll be okay." He reached over and brought Mike into a hug. "Are you gonna go to bed soon?"

"Yeah in a little bit. If I could sleep tonight is another question." He looked at Peter and frowned "Telling Trixie about our powers is one thing… that's a big deal in itself. But I'm also going to be a father. That is huge."

"I understand, Mike. I do." Peter said, "I think you'll be a good father." He gave a small nod of his head. "I mean…. you kinda already father us, right?" he nudged him with his elbow, trying to get him to smile

Mike grinned a little. "I suppose you're right, Peter. Although, the three of you are already fully-grown men. I don't have the experience with babies."

Hearing the conversation, Davy pulled the phone receiver away from his ear and looked at them. He used the receiver to point towards Peter as he spoke. "But you've fixed plenty of Peter's boo-boos."

Peter pouted at Davy, tossing a throw pillow at him. "Stop it or I'll turn into a cat and scratch your face to shreds! Then we'll see who's fixing whose boo-boos!"

"Well if you turn into a cat, I'd just toss you into the ocean."

"The ocean, Davy?" Mike asked with a slightly confused frown

"Cats hate water." Davy said with a shrug. He turned back to the phone, remembering about his other conversation.

"Well I can just turn into a fish." Peter snickered behind Davy's back.

Davy quickly turned back to face him, firing sharp ice shards at him. Ducking the ice, Peter giggled and turned into a mouse. He then dashed across the floor and crawled up one of Davy's legs. Stumbling back a little, nearly tangling himself in the phone cord, Davy attempted to shake Peter off him.

"I hate when he does that."

"Yeah." Mike chuckled, watching the whole time. "You'd think your aim would get better by now. I mean, he picks mouse every time." Mike laughed a little more as he stood and headed towards the stairs. He shook his head, still amused and climbed up the stairs, stopping to lean over the railing. "Night, boys. Have fun but don't hurt yourselves."

Davy grumbled a goodnight before shaking Peter off his leg. After Peter the floor, part way across the room. Peter changed back to his normal form.

"See ya, Mike! Sleep well!"

Mike turned and headed into the room. As soon as the door closed, Peter started laughing over the scowling expression that Davy gave him. Davy shot a small shard of ice in Peter's direction before heading into the downstairs bedroom with a snicker.