Part two: Old Foe, We Meet Again

Chapter three: The Return of Oraculo's Psyche Slaves

As Micky walked alongside Mike, their feet making prints in the sand, he began to sense they were being followed. Knowing it was Peter following them with suspicions, Micky decided to take a few moments to lose him for a bit and to distract Mike. Micky smiled at Mike and clung to his arm.

"Mike?" He whispered

Mike glanced over his shoulder to check where Peter was. "Hmm?"

Micky smirked and guided Mike towards the street. Ducking in the nearest alleyway, he pushed Mike up against the wall and began kissing him. Rubbing against Mike's crotch, he then grabbed at his cock and gave it a squeeze through his pants. Mike's eyes widened at first as he tried to resist Micky's actions. He closed his eyes and kissed him back, melting into him. After a few moments, Mike forced himself, as difficult as it was, back into reality and pushed Micky back.

"Mick, wait! What are you doing?"

Micky smirked "Showing you." He whispered before rubbing against him "Stop fighting it, Mike. I know you want me." He kissed him again

Mike gripped him tightly by the arms and threw him against the wall. "I'm not playing around, Micky." He loosened his grip. "You did not bring me out here to do this. Otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned this 'cool thing' to everyone."

Micky glared, staring into his eyes. He clenched his fists. "Fine. I'll really show you."

Pulling out of Mike's grasp, he turned and smirked slightly as they started walking again. Mike followed Micky, looking around suspiciously every few seconds. He lightly placed a hand on Micky's back. "Micky I'm sorry I did that to you. You just got me fired up and I couldn't control myself. Maybe later when Trixie goes home, we can finish what you started."

"Oh I have a feeling we're gonna be together a lot sooner than that." Micky smiled sweetly at him. They turned a corner. "It's just down here."

"Uh-huh." Mike glanced behind them, hoping Peter was still around. As they neared the warehouse, his suspicious become worse.

A grin slowly formed on Oraculo's lips as he left his office. He approached Rudy in the hallway and placed a hand on his shoulder to gain his attention.

"Rudy, get ready. I have the feeling they are close."

Rudy peeked out the door and spied Micky and Mike walking towards the warehouse. "Master, he brought one of the boys! He brought the one from Texas!"

"Very nice." Oraculo grinned "Now go out there and get him, Rudy."

Just outside, Micky led Mike up to the door. "It's right through here, Mike." He placed a hand on the door to push it open.

Mike looked around in confusion "Micky, why'd you bring me here?"

As soon as they entered, Rudy was there to grab Mike. Rudy held him by the arms and grinned eagerly as Micky sat in a nearby chair with a smug smirk.

"You're all Oraculo's now!" Rudy exclaimed

"Master will be here soon." Micky looked at Rudy "Where is Master Oraculo?"

"Master Oraculo? Micky what's going on? What's the joke?" Mike squirmed, trying to get away from Rudy without resorting to his power. "Let go of me now, or else!"

Oraculo entered the room and grinned evilly at Mike. "Yes, Mike Nesmith! It's been too long. Rudy, take him to the other room and tie him down."

Rudy nodded and dragged Mike into the other room. He tossed Mike onto the table and strapped him down.

"Now stay there. You'll be a mind slave soon."

"Mind slave?! No way are you making me a mind slave!" Mike shouted as he tried to break the restraints "MICKY! I'm gonna get you for this!"

He scowled towards Rudy, watching as he prepared the machine. He also saw Micky staring blankly towards him. Rudy and Micky then joined Oraculo in the next room just before the machine started. Mike broke the metal restraints and hopped off the table as the room started filling with the fog. Before he could reach the door, the fog filled his lungs, causing him to cough. He dropped to his knees, coughing violently. It didn't take long as he struggled to breathe, before he slumped over, completely helpless and staring blankly at the floor.

Peeking out the window, Oraculo smirked, clapping his hands together. "Wonderful work, Rudy!"

Rudy smiled, proud of himself. He shut the machine off and waited for the fog to clear from the room. Once the room was clear enough, he entered the room and lifted Mike up to his feet.

"Stand up, slave!" He demanded as Mike fell limp again

"Rudy, you dummy!" Oraculo said, entering the room. "Only I can command the mind slaves!" He walked over to Mike "Now stand, Nesmith."

Mike stood robotically and stared blankly at Oraculo. Looking at Rudy, Oraculo snickered.

"Now, Rudy, the real fun is about to begin."

As Oraculo laughed, cuing Rudy to do the same, they did not realize that Peter had been watching the entire time. Peter, in bird form, watched in horror from the nearest window. He squawked, flapping his wings, before flying away towards home.

Peter flew straight into the house and transformed back into a human. He panted and rushed over to Davy in a panic.

"Davy! Davy!" he shouted "Davy we have a problem!"

Davy turned to Peter, worried "What's the matter? Did something happen to Mike and Micky?"

Peter nodded frantically "Yeah! Yeah! Oraculo! That Oraculo guy! He has them! They're his mind slaves now. What do we do? What do we do? Davy we gotta help them!"

Davys eyes widened "Oraculo? Mind slaves? Peter are you sure?"

Peter nodded "I saw them, Davy. That's why Micky was acting so weird. He's being controlled by Oraculo!"

"Oh no! What are we gonna do?"

"We gotta save 'em, Davy!" Peter started crying "We gotta!"

"Don't cry, Peter. Calm down. Now we've got to come up with a way to defeat Oraculo and get Mike and Micky back to normal. We did it before, we can do it again."

"No, last time this happened, we all got trapped and Rudy slapped us and it made the spell break." Peter said, "I don't know how we'll fix it this time. The potion was some sort of gas this time."

"Yes, that's true." Davy said with a nod, "we've got to find some other way to break the spell. But we can't waste time talking about this." Davy stated walking to the door. "Peter, show me where you saw them."

Peter whimpered, looking at Davy "Come on." He grabbed him by the arm, leading him out to the street.

Looking at both Mike and Micky, who stood beside each other, staring blankly, Rudy stood by Oraculo. Rudy gave him an eager grin and patted hard on his shoulder.

"What do we do with them?"

"We will make them help us carry out my plan of evolving the world what else?" Oraculo turned to Mike and Micky. "Nesmith, Dolenz, listen to me. Both of you go out and get your two friends, the short one and the dummy. Fight them if you have to. Bring them to me. But act naturally. Go, slaves!"

"Yes, master." Micky nodded and started walking away

"Right, normal." Mike nodded as well and followed Micky.

Davy and Peter walked down the road, in their hurry towards the warehouse. Biting his lip nervously, Davy looked towards Peter, letting him lead. Much to their surprise, they both stopped suddenly as they saw Mike and Micky coming towards them. Micky smiled brightly as he excitedly went over to them.

"Hey! You guys wanna see the cool thing I showed Mike?"

Mike grinned "You'll love it. It really is amazing."

Davy stiffened a little and moved closer to Peter. "Peter, Oraculo got both of them!" He whispered "What do we do?"

Peter gulped "Well… we can trick them… I… I don't know how…"

"Come on you guys." Micky said, innocently, taking Mike's hand "It's really cool…"

Davy looked at Micky with a slightly raised eyebrow "Describe it to us first." He crossed his arms over his chest

"We'd really rather show ya." Mike said

"It's amazing. That's all you need to know." Micky smiled shyly "Come on you guys… It's real groovy…"

Peter shook his head "No."

"If it's so groovy like you say," Davy said "then you'll have no problem telling us what it is. What color is it? How big is it? Is it edible? Is it some kind of strange performance art?"

"It's a performance art." Micky smiled "It's amazing. It involves a new incense. It's real good. Come see!" He looked at Mike "Mike… you saw it and you hate those kind of acts."

"Yes. But this one was different." Mike said "A real mind blower."

"What exactly is involved in this performance art?" Davy asked "Are there dancers? Painters? Actors?"

"Yes. All of that. And this groovy incense stuff like Micky said. You'll love it!"

Mike and Micky both changed their demeanors as they heard Oraculo's voice in their heads.

Don't be afraid to use force in needed.

Micky grabbed Davy by the arm and yanked him forward. His smile had turned from bright and cheerful to almost an evil, menacing smirk.

"Come and see for yourself, Davy. Stop being so… cold." He snickered

Davy tried to pull out of Micky's grasp. "Let go, Micky! We decided we don't want to see this groovy performance art! We've got things to do! Maybe some other time!"

"Stop squirming!" Micky growled, gripping Davy tighter "Mike! Get Peter!"

"Hey! No!" Pete started to back away from Mike.

Mike moved fast and gripped Peter by the arms. He squeezed a little but did not use his power. "What are ya, Peter? Chicken?" He chuckled, pulling Peter along with him.

"No!" Peter shouted, trying to get away. "I'm not scared! Mike you're not yourself right now! Let me go!"

Mike picked Peter up and slung him over his shoulder. "Stop actin' like a baby, Peter."

Peter frowned and turned into a mouse. He scurried down Mike's side before falling to the sidewalk. After running a little bit, he turned into a bird and flew away. Mike ran off, trying to follow Peter. His eyes were focused on the sky in hopes of tracking the fast moving bird.

While Mike was distracted by Peter, Davy still tried to get away from Micky.

"I never wanted to do this to you, Micky. Hope you'll forgive me for it later."

He quickly punched Micky in the face with his free hand and broke away from him. Micky snarled, holding his face in pain.

"Fuck you!" He shot some fireballs at Davy "Get back here!"

Davy turned and fired ice daggers at Micky, and froze some of the fire. "I did it for your own good!" He began to glide away on sheets of ice while shooting more ice daggers at Micky.

Giving up on Peter, Mike hurried back over to the other two. He rushed over to Davy, trying to knock him off his ice. Micky snarled again, dodging Davy's ice daggers. He shot some fireballs at him, knocking him to the ground. Taking to his feet, Davy rushed off as fast as he could.

"Get him, Mike!"

Mike dashed after Davy, fiercely grabbing at him. Thinking he was getting away, Davy turned his back to them, gliding fast on his ice again. Catching up to him, Mike grabbed him, throwing him to the ground. Davy hit his head on the cement as he landed, knocking himself out. Micky ran over to him and stopped to catch his breath.

"Phew…" He panted, "Let's get him back."

Mike scooped Davy up and slung him over his shoulder. Davy lay limply draped, looking like an oversized rag doll.

"Let's go." Mike grinned

Micky nodded with a smirk "Oraculo will be pleased."

He and Mike smiled at each other. After a small laugh amongst both men, they headed towards Oraculo's warehouse lair.