Part two: Old Foe, We Meet Again

Chapter four: Search and Rescue

Flying into the house in a panic, Peter searched frantically for Trixie. He squawked and flew up towards Mike and Micky's bedroom. Once in the room, he saw Trixie sitting on Mike's bed. Not caring anymore whether she knew about their powers, he landed on the bed beside her and transformed back to his human form.

"Trixie!" He panted "Trixie we need you!"

For just a second, she looked at him in wide-eyed surprise. Her surprised expression relaxed once she remembered the conversation she had with Micky.

"Peter! What's happening? Is everything ok with Micky and Mike?"

Peter began crying "They're being controlled by Oraculo! We have to save them!"

"Where are they?" She gasped "Take me to them!"

"Okay, come on!"

Peter grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room. Rushing down the stairs, he directed her outside and to the street. As soon as they hit the road, Peter turned into a cheetah and motioned for her to get on him. Completely unfazed by his transformation, Trixie shook her head in decline.

"I'll follow you."

Peter, although in animal form, still gave an expressive frown. Unable to question her, he rushed ahead, leading her to where he last saw the other guys. Trixie started running fast, using her power to keep up with Peter's cheetah speed. When Peter looked back, he saw her in a blur. For a second he watched her in a mixture of shock and confusion before he picked up speed. Trixie began to move a little faster as well, running right alongside him. At this point, there was no time, nor any point in explaining their unique powers to one another.

Oraculo entered the room smugly and stood to watch as his new psyche slaves walked inside. As the door opened, he grinned over the sight of Davy draped over Mike's shoulder.

"You brought the little one. Great!" his grin turned into a one-sided smirk "Don't worry about Tork. Now with Jones here, I can have the three of you take him down."

Mike dropped Davy to the floor while still keeping a blank stare on Oraculo. Davy stirred with a small groan.

"Ow my head…" Davy mumbled, cracking his eyes open.

Micky looked down at Davy. "Should we tie him up, master? What should we do to Peter?"

Oraculo pointed at Davy. "Take him to the next room and tie him down. I'll do the rest." He looked up towards Mike and Micky. "Forget Tork for now. He's probably on his way here as we speak. We'll worry about him then."

Micky nodded before bending down to grab Davy by the legs. He dragged Davy into the next room and brought him over to the lab table. As he laid him on the table and began fastening the metal restraints, something in the back of his mind started to scream at him. Putting this out of his mind, he frowned before walking out of the room. As he was walking out, Davy stirred a little more on the table. Davy became more alert and quickly noticed his surroundings. When he spied Micky and Mike in the next room, and Rudy over in the corner readying the machine, panic began to set in. He squirmed, trying to get free of the restraints, but quickly learned there was no use.

"Micky! Mike!" He shouted in hopes of them hearing him. "What's going on?! What are you doing to me? HEEEEELLLLLP!"

Oraculo peeked into the next room at Davy. When Rudy finished preparing the machine, and entered the room everyone else was in, Oraculo directed the three of them over to the window.

"Good work slaves." Oraculo grabbed the remote for the machine. "Now, in a few moments you'll have a new slave brother." He laughed and pressed the button to activate the machine.

They all watched through the window as the machine turned on. The fog began to fill the room, causing Davy to start coughing and gasping for air. Not wanting to succumb to the fog, Davy held his breath and attempted to undo the restraints on his wrists. Noticing this, Rudy frowned and looked worried at Oraculo.

"Master! He's holding his breath! We gotta get him to breathe!"

"Don't worry, Rudy!" Oraculo exclaimed "He can't hold his breath forever!"

Davy continued to struggle, fighting against the metal brackets around his wrists. After a few moments of working, he managed to wriggle one wrist free. Suddenly, as he just started to attempt to pick the second wrist restraint open, he released all his air, unable to hold it in any longer. He gasped and coughed, trying to keep from breathing in the fog. Thinking quickly, he breathed out a thin, nearly invisible layer of ice to surround himself with and to block out the fog. This allowed him to be able to breathe without anyone noticing it. He knew that at this point he could work on unfastening the rest of the restraints without anyone else noticing it due to the thickness of the fog, but he would have to work fast.

Meanwhile, just outside the warehouse, Peter sniffed around and transformed back into a human.

"They're inside."

Trixie nodded "Come on, Peter!"

Without waiting for him, she pushed open the door, hoping Peter was close behind her. As they both entered, quietly as possible, Peter gulped and looked at her nervously.

"Are we…. enough to save them?"

"I don't know." Trixie said "I feel like we don't have much time though."

Not too far away, Mike and Micky heard the approach of the newcomers. Mike frowned a little and motioned toward Micky. Looking up, Micky narrowed his eyes.

"Come on." Micky said as he stood up

They left the room and headed towards the warehouse entrance where they were sure to find Peter and Trixie. Once they had been spied, Trixie let out a small gasp and ducked behind Peter. Looking up, Peter gulped. He glanced at Mike and Micky as they came nearer, seeing the new darkness surrounding the empty undertones of their eyes.

"Snap out of it!" Peter shouted "You guys, you're being mind controlled!" He trembled slightly but still tried to put up a brave front. "Mike, Trixie is here! She's having your baby… remember?"

Micky winced slightly when Peter mentioned Trixie and the baby. He hissed in pain and grabbed the sides of his head. "Shut up!"

Trixie moved out from behind Peter and looked at the other two guys, glaring at them. "What have you done with Davy? You know, your friend Davy?"

Mike stepped over and grabbed her by the arm. "Never mind what happened to Davy! We all work for the master now!" He gripped her tighter while starring into her eyes. Suddenly, he recognized something familiar in her eyes, causing him to loosen his grip and his features softened.

Peter's lip trembled as he looked at Mike. "Mike… Micky…" He whispered "Come back. We're your friends."

Micky snarled and grabbed Peter by the neck. "Shut up!" He heated his hand, forcing burns to Peter's neck.

Trixie looked at Mike sadly "Mike…" She turned and saw Micky and Peter. "Micky! Stop!" She shoved Micky away from him.

In a state of confusion, Mike looked from Trixie to the other two guys. He rushed over to Micky first, but stopped and turned instead to Peter. Seeing the burn marks on his neck, he growled fiercely before grabbing Peter by the waist. He threw Peter against the wall as hard as he could without causing any real damage to him or the wall.

"Stay out of this!" He shouted

Trixie cried out and dashed over to Mike. "Mike stop!" She whimpered slightly "Please stop…" She looked down, sorrowfully before reaching up to the sides of his head. Looking him in the eyes, she gave him a kiss, in hopes of this breaking the mind spell.

Meanwhile, hearing the commotion from the next room, Rudy ran to the door and peeked out. After seeing what was happening, he hurried back to where Oraculo was.

"Master!" He exclaimed "Peter and a girl are in there!"

Hearing Rudy, Davy frowned and ran out of the room. He ran over to where the others were, immediately putting up a front to appear as though he too had been turned into a mind slave. Focusing on Mike and Trixie, he knew he would have to be quick to demonstrate something to fool everyone further. He glared at his friends and began firing ice daggers towards Mike and Trixie to break them apart. Mike quickly moved away from her and pushed her behind him to block the daggers. The ice hit his chest and broke into pieces before falling to the floor. Trixie gasped in surprise, watching this take place.

"Mike…" She whispered "You're… you?" She squeezed his arm gently

Micky stepped next to Davy and glared at Mike. "Traitor." He hissed "You'll pay for this."

Mike glanced at Davy, sensing something off about him. He took notice to the lack of darkness within his eyes that Micky possessed. Realizing Mike noticed this, Davy gave him a slight, reassuring nod. Davy then turned and began directing his ice daggers at Micky. Reacting immediately to this, Micky melted the ice. He smirked before shooting fireballs at Davy in retaliation. Before Micky could get away, however, Davy ducked the fire and froze him into a huge block of ice. Satisfied in believing Micky was not going to move right away, Davy then stood before him in a fighting stance. Mike quickly followed suit by entering a mirrored stance on the other side of Micky.

"Trix, Peter, stand back just in case." Mike said with a slight growl

For just a moment, Micky remained frozen with wide eyes. Before anyone else could react, Micky gained his bearings and melted the ice block. He wasted no time in releasing a streak of fire from his hands. In order to avoid getting hit by the fire, everybody else ducked, flattening themselves to the floor.

Mike lifted his head, gazing with anger towards Micky. "MICKY! Micky stop!" He finished with a growl

Micky glared at him. "I don't listen to you. I only listen to master Oraculo! How dare you betray him!" He snarled. "Fight me!"

Mike bolted to his feet and rushed over to Micky. He tackled him as hard as he could, bringing him to the ground.

"He is NOT your master! Snap out of it!"

Micky glared up at him. After a second or two, his face softened and the darkness in his eyes faded away. "Mike? What are you doing?" He asked, blinking a little.

Sighing in relief, Mike crawled off him. "Thank God."

"Where are we?" Micky asked "Man does my head hurt…" He muttered with a cringe

Mike stood and reached down, offering a hand to him. "Glad you're ok."

Taking Mike's hand, Micky stood, stumbling a bit before he straightened his posture. "Thanks guys."

Davy walked over to Peter with a look of concern once he spied the burn marks on his neck. "Ooh… he got you good."

Peter nodded, looking at him sadly. "He won't remember… leave it alone."

"He's going to notice it y'know."

"I know, but still…" Peter sighed, looking into Davy's eyes

Mike looked at Micky before putting an arm around Trixie. "Love to stick around and chat, but we should get out of here before Oraculo gets here."

Peter turned his gaze away from Davy and looked at Mike with a nod. "Okay, Mike, lead the way."

Without another word, Mike, holding Trixie's hand, picked a direction and started walking. However, as everyone began to follow him, he knew that finding an escape was not going to be easy, especially with Oraculo and Rudy close by.