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"I'll bet you ten bucks that Greg can get Beatrice to flash him." Willem said and Finn gave him a toothy grin as Ulf giggled.

"You're on."

Vivian rolled her eyes but smiled anyway. It had been three weeks since the pack had officially moved to Vermont and things were running smoothly. Everyone was pretty taken with the inn and the idea of so much privacy. The nearest stores and strip mall was about fifteen miles away and everything before that was wilderness. Gabriel hadn't picked up any more scents of hunters and thought maybe hunting season was done for now. The inn had been running for a week and already they had a steady flow of costumers. Apparently, this happened to be tourist season and hikers loved the secluded and homey feeling of the inn. Everyone had a job at the inn, even Vivian.

Though Vivian didn't necessarily call what she did a job when all it included was making sure the Five didn't get into trouble. Gabriel thought that she might take things slow in duties so that she didn't get overwhelmed with finishing school and being Queen Bitch. Vivian had insisted that she could be more productive but Gabriel wouldn't have it. She didn't push it because what was the point of arguing when she knew it wouldn't change his mind? Gabriel was very stubborn but there were some things that swayed him. She wasn't always one of them.

She sighed and pushed off the brick wall she was leaning against. As she bent down to pick up her backpack she heard someone wolf whistle. She turned to see who it was, ready to tell them to piss off, and when she saw it was Gabriel she raised an eyebrow. He smiled at her and beckoned her with a finger. She glanced at the guys but they were busy placing bets on Gregory. She rolled her eyes and sashayed over to Gabriel. He stood, tall and intimidating, leaning against his bike with his muscled arms crossed. What a fine creature. Her thoughts purred and she wanted to lick him from navel to chin.

"How was school?" Gabriel said as a way of greeting after a quick kiss. She shrugged and stared at his lips with fascination. His perfect lips slowly arched into a smile and she licked her lips. He bent down like he was going to whisper in her ear but he stopped at her neck. His breath on her neck made the tiny hairs stand on end. He inhaled her scent and pulled back slowly, the grin still on his face.

"If this is how I make you just being near you then I can't wait until your heat comes." She blushed slightly but didn't look away. You don't have to wait. As if reading her mind he suggested what she was dying for him to say.

"Let's get out of here."

"What about those idiots over there." She gestured back with her head because she didn't dare break eye contact.

"I think they'll survive without your watchful eye." She didn't think twice. She slung her backpack onto the back of the motorcycle and hopped on behind him.

"Hold on." He warned as he tore down the road. Vivian clung to Gabriel and smiled as the wind whipped her hair. She watched as it danced in the wind, entangling with the never-ending air that connected her to the universe.

Vivian woke up in a tangle of limbs. She looked up at Gabriel's face from where she lay on his chest. His face was peaceful in sleep and she traced his face with her eyes. Of their own accord, her fingers began to run back and forth across the smooth skin of his muscled forearm. She smiled slightly when she heard his breathing hitch and saw his arm hairs stand up. Goddess, I love this man. She thought as a warm feeling came over her and startled her into awareness.

Ever so slowly she untangled herself from Gabriel; she would have been content to lie on the forest floor with him forever, but she had to collect her thoughts and possibly wash up before he woke up. She was still getting used to the idea that she had finally lost her virginity and she didn't want to look so lost in front of Gabriel even if he was her soon-to-be-mate.

She winced and silently groaned as she bent to pick up her discarded clothing before slowly making her way through the woods going slightly west where she knew a small, secluded river stood hidden behind dark foliage. Vivian took extra care to tread lightly over the autumn leaves that covered the forest floor as she did her best not to limp.

She tried not to regret having made love with Gabriel but nonetheless disappointment, regret, guilt, and horrible shame began to make their way through her and into her heart. Her brow creased as she frowned but quickly smoothed out when she finally heard the sound of the river's rushing water. She looked behind her and saw Gabriel still sprawled out on the floor with his breathing deep. She pushed back the foliage with her free hand and scuttled around it quickly until she was on the other side where Gabriel wouldn't see her.

The river was bigger than she thought it would be as she looked both ways to make sure she was alone; from what she could see she was sure the river ran for a little more than half a mile before going around a bend. For such a big river she was happy to see the flow wasn't extremely fast, making it easier for her to get cleaned up without fear of rushing away. She laid her clothes on the floor before ever so slowly dipping her toes into the icy cold river before deciding to suck it up and wade into the middle. By the time she made it to the middle she was calf deep in the water but she knelt down to better wash herself. As she began rinsing the dirt and blood off her body, silent tears slipped down her ruddy cheeks.

She loved Gabriel, sincerely and whole-heartedly but… she hadn't been ready. She felt their love making was far too rushed and impulsive. Not at all how she imagined her first time. Vivian wasn't one to be overly girly but she still was indeed female. So, it was only natural that she had fantasized her first time being something romantic and special, it was truly the main reason she had held out until now. She had never thought a guy worthy enough of her, even though she had thought Aiden would've been. When Gabriel had helped her change from being 'stuck' as half human half-wolf, she thought he understood her. Understood her needs and wants. She had even accepted the engagement ring when he proposed that's how sure she was. No, of course she wasn't naive enough to think they would wait until they got married to have sex but no she did not anticipate his overwhelming lust and domineering roughness.

When they left her school she had been anticipating a heavy make out session with possibly a few hints of foreplay if things got intense but she had not expected to lose her virginity. Not today. She couldn't blame Gabriel for all of it because she was indeed a willing participant filled with raging hormones but she did blame him for not being in control, or at least more gentle.

So, she felt disappointment not only in herself but in Gabriel too for not living up to her expectations. Regret, for having sex with the man she loved and finding it terribly unsatisfactory. Guilt, at feeling the way she did when she knew it wasn't Gabriel who had been in control but his wolf. And shame, for not recalling sooner rather than later the warning Gabriel had given her not even a week ago. She had forgotten all about the warning he told her one night when they went out hunting.

It had been just the two of them that went out that night for a run through the woods when Gabriel had followed an unfamiliar scent to the edge of a cliff. The cliff was a good way up from the rocky ocean floor that lay below. Gabriel had immediately shifted back into human form and Vivian had followed suite.

"What do you smell?" Gabriel asked Vivian. It was meant to be a question but in his agitated state it came out more a barked command. Nonetheless, Vivian obliged and sniffed the area. She scrunched up her nose in disgust as she found three strong smells that hadn't faded yet.

"An excessive amount of fear, blood, and sulfur."

"What else?" Gabriel demanded and this time it was indeed a command. Vivian thought for a moment. "Someone was definitely killed because this place reeks of death." At Gabriel's look she was sure she had overlooked something. She sniffed once more and it hit her. She gasped and looked around startled as a deer. "Silver. Pure silver." Gabriel stopped his pacing and looked straight into the dark forest. "Exactly." He had snarled in anger before taking Vivian's face into his big hands. His anger and agitation immediately switched to concern and love as he looked into Vivian's eyes. His eyes were a glimmering blue instead of a bright yellow which made Vivian relax some.

"Vivian we need to get out of the forest. This scent is still far too strong which means it's happened recently. My wolf is in high alert right now and the alpha will not be controlled. I can feel it clawing to be free. I want you to know right now that whatever happens next I love you. I might not be myself for awhile so please do not run. You are my mate and the wolf acknowledges that but I cannot promise it will be kind. In it's protective state anything is possible. We have to go now but I don't want you coming into the woods alone, ever." Vivian's heart had clenched with unadulterated fear. She had grabbed his hands and squeezed hard enough to show her confusion and anxiety.

"What's going on?" Vivian had whispered feeling very bare without her fur on in the face of trouble. "Gabriel – "Shh." He had looked at her with an undecipherable expression before giving her a kiss that made her heart warm and wrenched it in half at the same time. She didn't know why but it felt terribly familiar to a goodbye. She had held in her tears as they ran through the forest as wolves and back into their territory and even when he had left her in her room alone that night to go talk to Bucky about the hunters. She had pushed the feelings down so far she had forgotten even the event itself. Until now, when she had made love to a man who wasn't hers. Oh, Moon Goddess please save me.

She dunked her head under the cool water and scrubbed her scalp with her claws. When she came back up she examined herself and made sure not a trace of the night's rendezvous remained on her. She scrubbed her face once more before giving a small sigh as she turned to trudge her way back to the riverbank. Before she could decide whether she should run back with Gabriel or not her decision was made for her.

Gabriel stood stark naked near the riverbank clutching her clothes and looking at her with so much guilt written across his face she almost cried with relief. Her Gabriel had returned but she hoped it wasn't too late.

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