Hello again! XionTheBlackRose here! I have the first chapter of the third book to the Fading Saga! Please enjoy Whispers In The Dark and review and be happy! Sora's P.O.V. for the start! Sorry for not putting it up earlier! I was at a house with no internet for a whole week! Updates will become normal again soon.

I rode through the Between Space as fast as I could, my once brunette spikes, now jet black, flopping about. I didn't bother putting my armor on, didn't have time. They're all chasing me. I have to get away. My once ocean blue eyes, now gold, sway back and forth as I watch my corse, making sure my ride doesn't slow, if it does they'll catch up, and I can't have that.

I have to make my way to Vanitas's new castle, if I don't make it in time, I'll be swallowed, he's the only one who can help me. Just give in already, there's no use in fighting it. Shut up! I winced at the voice in my head, the same voice that used to plague my best friend before I stole it from him, and rode on in silence, speeding up as I went along.

I glanced behind me and swore as I noticed they were getting closer. "Gotta lose 'em." I hissed, stepping up the gas, making me zoom at a dangerous speed through the Between Space. I was losing them quickly, which is just what I had wanted. But I was now hurtling uncontrollably through space, crashing through, heading for a world I couldn't quite identify.

Luckily for me, it was the place I needed to go. I quickly put my armor on as I came crashing down and hit the ground hard, my rider going back to the Keyblade. I got up and looked around, there was nothing here, just a cloudy tan sky, and dust and dirt. Then a portal opened up and Vanitas came out, wearing his usual attire, except without the helmet. "Sora." he growled, "What do you want?"

"Vanitas, I need your help!" I gasped. "What?" he growled, "You idiot! You're leading them right to me! Moron, I'll kill you if they find me!" He walked up to me and grabbed me by the collar of my armor and pulled me up and dragged me across the dirt and threw me into the portal and he comes in behind me, it closing behind him.

We came out inside a castle. Immedietly though Vanitas pushes me down and snarles, "You moron! Why would you come here? They will follow you, idiot! I'm going to kill you dead!" I sat up and rubbed my head. "Vanitas, I need your help!" I pleaded. He growled and punched the wall beside him. "Talk then." he growls, clenching his fists. Ugh, I didn't expect him to be this mad!

"The Darkness is swallowing me, you're the only one who can save me!" I pleaded. "Why in the worlds would I help you?" he snarles, leaning against the wall, glaring at me like I'm the plague. "Because you're the only one who can!" I said, pleading with my eyes now. "Just because I can, doesn't mean I will, Kid." he growls.

"Vanitas, please!" I begged. I brought myself to a standing position and became very dizzy with the movement. It's getting worse.. "Vanitas, please, I need your help! No one else can keep it at bay! I can't keep it out any longer, I need you!" I practically screamed. He growls and steps away from the wall and walked up to me and grabbed a fist full of my hair and pushed my head back so he was looking at my face.

"Why?" he asks in a growl, "Why do you need my help? Why not just give in to the Darkness, Sora? Why not just join the winning side?" "B-because..because I plan to defeat Xehanort and restore the Light, and to bring the girl I love back, and everyone else that has suffered!" I said, "But to be able to do that, I can't let the Darkness inside me win, I can't keep it back though, I need you to help me.."

"What do I get in return if I help you?" he sneers. "My heart." I wheezed, suddenly unable to breathe. "Hmm. The Darkness is sure taking its toll on you." muses Vanitas, "But I don't want your heart." "Th-then what...do you want?" I asked. He laughs, still having a hold of my hair and smirks. "You're willing to give me anything?" he sneers.

"Anything, just please help me!" I gasped. The Darkness is making it hard to breathe, and even harder to stay in control of my body. "Fine. I want Veni Boy's heart." he laughs. "V-Ventus's heart?" I gasped. "Yes, and if you say no, you can just fall to the Darkness!" he warns. "F-fine." I glared. It's hard enough trying to stay away from them while I'm fighting this, but now he expects Ven to hand over his heart to him?

"Good." says Vanitas, releasing his hold on my head. He then sneers and shoves his hand right into my chest, grasping my heart. I gasp and cry out at the sudden pain and he growls, "Shut up!" "Wh-what are you..." I ask. "I'm making a barrier around your heart so the Darkness can't get to it, the Darkness inside will be forced out, still in your body, but at least you'll be able to keep in control." he says plainly.

After a few moments he brings his hand back out of my chest and the symbol of the Heartless appears then disappears. "what was that?" I asked. "Take off the armor and I'll show you." he says. I deactivate the armor and he pulls the collar of my shirt down and I there where my heart is on my chest is a small Heartless symbol.

"What is that?" I asked. "The sign of the barrier, idiot." he growls, "It's there to keep the Darkness from entering your heart. You better thank me! I'm the only thing keeping you still at least a little bit in the Light. I could have just let you fall to the Darkness." "Thank you? I asked, suddenly angry, "You want me to give you Ven's heart!" "You can't back out of the deal, Sora, you do and I'll take out the barrier and let the Darkness have you." he growls.

I groaned and he glared at me. "Hm. You look identical to me. I don't like that. Change it." he orders. I stare at him, dumbfounded, "How do I do that, genius?" He growls and grabs my hair again and slams my head into the concrete wall behind me. I yell and he growls, "Don't sass me, Sora, you're in no condition to."

I groaned, the pain in my head worsening from him hitting my head against the wall. I sighed when he let go and I closed my eyes. I opened them a second later. "Well that's a little bit better." he says. "What?" I asked. "Your eyes are blue again, idiot." he groans. I smile despite where I'm at. If I can make my eyes go back to blue, maybe I can get my hair to go back to brown!

I closed my eyes once again, willing my hair to return to its natural color and even pictured myself with brown hair for emphasis. I opened my eyes a minute later and looked at Vanitas expectingly. "What?" he growls, "Why are you staring at me?" "Is my hair brown?" I asked simply. "No." he snarles. I groaned and started walking out of the room. "Where are you going?" he asks. "Outta here, where's the front door?" I said, facing him once more.

I jump on my rider, armor covering my whole body this time, and flew quickly into the sky. They weren't here, so I knew they must have left, having not found me, since Vanitas's castle is technically under ground and the only way to get to it is through his portal, so I'm home free now. Or at least, I hope I am.

I fly back into the Between Space, not sure where I'm trying to go, just away from them. I can't let them find me, they'll take me back, and I can't go back, I have to find Xehanort and take him out. As I fly I can't seem to keep my mind quiet. Images of Kairi keep flowing through over and over. As if losing her that day wasn't enough, I'm constantly reminded of her now.

I grit my teeth as the memory of her leaving flows into my mind again. I shake my head to rid the tears and speed up, not sure where I'm supposed to go, just going anywhere. I don't care if it's been a month since then, I love her and will do anything to bring her back. Kingdom Hearts is locked, Xehanort can not complete it, but that hasn't stopped him from trying.

The pictures change, now I'm seeing Xion, and Namine? Ugh, my head hurts now. I place a hand on the side of my head and speed the rider some more, hoping the headache will just stop. But of course it doesn't. The faster I go, the stronger it gets it seems. Now I'm going way too fast and I'm hurtling down into another world!

"No!" I gasped, "Go up, go up, go up!" But it wouldn't go up, in fact, it kept hurtling down! I was closing in fast to the world and I can't see through my helmet anymore so I just threw the thing off! I screamed once I realized how close to the word I was, and my rider came out from under me and disappeared somewhere. Damn it why now?

I covered my face with my arms, and to make things worse, my armor deactivated itself! I kept my face covered with my arms and I crashed right into an ocean. Please don't let me be where I think I am. I surfaced the water and took a look around. "Wha? This isn't Destiny Islands..." I said in confusion. I looked around, it sure does resemble it. But where am I?

"Hey!" someone yelled. I turned toward the voice to find someone, a girl, standing on a doc of some sorts with brown hair in a pony tail on the side of her head, tan skin it seems, wearing a green tank top and blue jeans with green flip flops on. I swam slowly towards the girl, not sure of what else I can do and she smiled once I was right beside her.

"You okay?" she asks, leaning down to help me out of the water. I took her hand and she pulled me up and now I'm sitting right beside her. "I'm fine. Who are you?" I asked, looking at her as she sits beside me. "That's good, glad you're not hurt. I'm Tira." she says with a smile. "I'm Sora." I said, smiling back.

"By the way, Tira, where am I?" I asked, looking serious now. "Wayward Town." she says simply, looking back at me, still smiling. Why does that sound so familiar? "Wayward Town?" I asked, "You sure?" "Sure as ever, Sora." she laughs, "So where are you from? Obviously not here, so where?" "Uh.." I say, remembering we're not supposed to interfere in other world's affairs. Ah, to hell with it! "I'm from a place called Destiny Islands." I answer.