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Chapter One (Zelda)

My life as a castle maid

I am one of the most common 'type' of maid, basically I clean floors, any floor: Ballroom floors, Throne room floors, kitchen floors, corridor floors, hallway floors, Bedroom floors, washroom floors, sometimes patios, and even servant's quarters floors! So if you need a floor cleaned, I'm your girl! I garden a little, too. At least that's what I prefer to do, Some people ask why I prefer gardening? It's because I hate(with a passion) being stuck in the same old, stuffy room for more than 2-3 hours, I start to get fidgety and bored, ESPECIALLY bored! Well all that aside, let me tell you about my life, well my summarized life: when I was no more then 5 my father died, my mother died soon after(I think she couldn't take the loneliness), I spent a year on the streets, but i don't remember much of that, I was found rooting around in the trash by the castle guard, and as we all know the king is a nice man, and does all he can for the poor, the orphaned, even the un-educated! So he placed me in the hands of Impa, Impa is the castle 'spy', she trained me to be a castle maid(and a little martial arts) which only took about a week or 2, after that it was easy! All I had to do was follow the rules, which I've always been at!

So here I am, on my 15th birthday, srubbing the floor of the southernmost corridor in the castle, it is right by the kitchen, and(obviously) the south wall. I listen to the familiar sound of my scrub brush thing scratching against the marble floor. I smell the familiar smell of bread baking, and meat cooking, and my stomach growls. I clutch it for a second before returning to scrubbing, when i looked up I had seen the familiar marble pillars, and walls, saw a few door and another hall splitting off in the far corner. I saw a couple of tables with many drawers, and vases filled with pretty flowers.

A few people walk past, 2 or 3 servant girls chattering to each other, a cook, and at one point a 'waiter' going into the kitchen and coming back out with a tray of food, probably taking it to the dining room for lunch. They have it all, the royal family I mean, for instance they have the word family to hold onto when they need it. They have lives, boring lives granted but lives, it's better then being a maid, or a servant, or a cook, or a gardener even, but that's Ok I prefer to stick with what I know anyways...

After about an hour I'm FINALLY done. I return the rags to the supply closet(though it's more like a supply room) and after that I take my bucket and toss the bad water out, and return the bucket to the supply 'room'. When I'm done it's around 5:00 o'clock so I go to the castle garden and just walk for a while, when I'm done with that it's around 7:00 o'clock so I return to the girls' servant's quarters. There are already some girls talking excitedly, probably about the Princes' birthday celebration(lucky, people actually acknowledge his birthday, heck they throw a Castle-Town wide celebration!), but they immediately stop when I enter. They know me as the quiet, keep-to-herself kinda girl, so basically I'm an anti-social brainiac who absolutely LOVES music(I forgot to mention that earlier), daydreams', and gardening... Yeah I need a life...

I walk to my bunk, and hide behind a little curtain me and my bunk-mate Lina put up for when we get changed. We respect each other's privacy. I climb to the top bunk and pull out the little sketch book and charcoal pencil-thing that I keep under my pillow. Ok so know I'm an anti-social, brainiac, who loves music, Daydreaming, gardening, AND sketching... well at least I'm not a too-social girl where all I ever talk about is the cute boy's I see and the freshest new styles...so all that says about me is that I'm not the princess type. I also hate being 'the damsel in distress' kind of girl, which makes me even less of a princessy kind of gal! Oh well I'm already tired and I try to keep my eyes open, but I'm really tired and 5 minutes later I'm fast asleep with a sketch book hanging loosely in my grasp, its half on the bed and half off...

I am running. From what I have no idea. All I know is the fear that courses through every inch of my body! I turn my head to look behind me and I see a man, a tall, dark, not-handsome man! He's smiling, a maniacal smile of pure evil, that's scary. Normally I would have stopped running, frozen in fear, but I couldn't!

it's like my limbs have their own minds yet move in perfect synchrony. I look back to where I'm running, I'm heading straight for a cliff, and I can't stop. It's like I'm moving in fear, I finally stop, inches away from my demise.

I turn and see the man is almost here. I am really conflicted I am surrounded by blue sky if I look down I'm looking at my death if I look up, I'm still looking at my death. I could face the man, or face the pointy rocks at the bottom of this cliff.

I turn around and decide to face the man, NOW I'm frozen in fear he's much taller then he seemed. He is wearing full armor studded with jewels that has a huge blue in the middle, He also wears a coronet type of crown, and hanging from it by chains is a golden sun. His eyes are the same color as that sun.

Suddenly I'm taken by surprise and terror when a voice echoes around my mind, an image of a burning house flashing around at the same time, the voice saying.

"You can run, You can hide but I will find, I WILL FIND YOU!" and he stabs me with a sword I had not realized he was holding-

"HUH?" I wake up with a start sitting straight up.

"It was just a dream..." I whisper to myself, but i can't get that odd feeling that I know the man from my dream.

"No it was a nightmare," I correct myself, I have this nasty habit of talking to myself. I'm now looking out the window seeing a bird fly by, it was just after dawn, so I decide to get up and go see Telma, the head cook!

I dress(her normal clothes are from skyward sword but with a small apron and no boots or any other kind of shoes, but that will change xD) and leave all the other girls sleeping. Most of them have contented looks on their faces while other look emotionless, probably having a dreamless sleep. I pass 3 girls I know, Lina, Maria, and Ilia... I consider all of them my friends, but Ilia doesn't seem to like me. I don't know how I got on her bad side. Saria is the nicest by FAR, and Lina is my closest friend, though we never talk anymore.

I shut the door silently, and pad my over to the kitchen, the girls' servants quarters is on the eastern side of Hyrule castle, the boys' is on the west side. I pass fewer then normal people most seem half asleep while the other seem like they woke up 3 hour ago, which is probably an exaggeration... I finally find my way to the kitchen and enter, shocked to see every kitchen staff bustling around with fresh food. I dodge my way around most people as I made my way to Telma who was scarily, hollering the snot out of some poor boy.

"I NEED MORE SUGAR, AND WHERE ARE THOSE EGGS! HELLO PEOPLE I'M BAKING A CAKE!" I snicker as the boy practically sprints away to find the sugar while some other kitchen hand literally hands her some eggs.

"Oh Zelda, sweetie, where'd you pop up from?" she says in her slight accent noticing me for the first time.

"I'm hungry, and what's with all the-" I say while staring at some bacon and pancakes a server takes out to the dining room.

"-Food? Telma finishes my sentence for me as I look back to her.

"Yeah..." She gives me half a small loaf of bread and I slather butter on it before he smacks my hand away.

"I need that for my cake and, Honey didn't you know, todays the day, the prince comes of age!" She says dumping something into her large bowl quickly mixing.

"Oh, right," I say sheepishly, I always forget thee things, after all those girls last night were chattering like chipmunks about it.

"Anyways, shouldn't you be in the gardens, or somethi-"

"Oh your right!" I say and snatch the rest of the bread before Telma can scold me.

I'm at this moment pulling out the 5th thorn from my left hand, I already did my right hand. Well sometimes gardening isn't all it's worked up to be, well worked up by me, it's still morning, late morning mind you and I was given a schedule of floors to clean so after I pull out the rest of the thorns.

I make my way to the Ballroom, there's supposed to be plenty of nice ladies tonight at the big gala ball thingy the king and queen are hosting for the prince, and we wouldn't want young ladies having to dance on dirty floors! so that's my afternoon gone... oh well, that's the life of a common castle maid...