Allen exited the bathroom and went back to the cafeteria, it was more of an unconscious decision since his mind was occupied with other thoughts. He wandered in and saw that everyone had already gotten their meals, and that Jerry was free to talk to. Well, I did promise that I'd tell him, and I do need help.

Allen approached where Jerry was sitting, and the cook must have noticed the look on the white haired boy's face since he asked him to sit down and talk. He sat there for a moment, gathering his thoughts, then looked into Jerry's eyes looking distressed.

"Did something else happen, Allen?" Jerry asked curiously.

He nodded, "Two more people confessed after I told you..."

"If you tell me who these people are, I won't tell a soul. It might help me help you."

Allen thought that over for a few moments, then nodded. He trusted Jerry to not tell, and he desperately needed the help. "It was Lenalee, then Miranda, then Lavi, and finally...Kanda," he muttered.

"Ooh! That's quite an assortment of people. And you have no preferences?"

Allen thought for a bit, "I don't know."

"Do you think about one of them more than the others?" Jerry supplied.

"W-well...Yes...I think of Kanda more," Allen answered.

"Hmmm...Well, do you know why the four of them love you? You might want to ask them," Jerry said.

Allen nodded and smiled, then got up from the seat. "Thank you, if I need more help, or if something else happens, I'll tell you." He walked off to find Lenalee to ask her first. Jerry smiled at the whitette as he left, thinking about the person that he would probably end up with.

The cursed boy wandered the hallways- lost -until he spotted Lenalee with her tea cart. She was pushing it towards him, and her face lit up when she saw him. She pushed the cart faster to meet him, and a smile was on her face when she stopped in front of him.

"Soooo...are you ready to answer yet?" She asked hopefully.

"I'm sorry, I'm not. Three people confessed after you, and it's all made me confused."

She looked shocked, then looked at him curiously, "Who?"

"Miranda, Lavi, and Kanda."

"Wow. So, why did you come looking for me?"

"I wanted to know why you like me. It'll help me decide."

"Okay, I like a lot of things about you. But mostly, I like how handsome you are...and how dedicated you are," Lenalee said, her face flushed red.

Allen smiled at her, "Thank you. I have to go ask the others now, okay?"

"Sure, bye Allen!" She trotted off happily with her cart.

He walked on, and was upset by how he forgot to ask Lenalee where he was. Eventually, he spotted Miranda coming out of a room. He waved her over and she blushed furiously as he approached.

"U-um...h-hello Allen. Do you have an answer for me?"

"Three other people have confessed to me today, so I want to know why you love me, to help me decide. It was Lenalee, Lavi, and Kanda."

"W-well...I like how you're so positive and helpful. It's really inspiring." She blushed crimson, then backed up into the wall and ran away in embarrassment.

Allen smiled as she left and continued to walk, and finally got his bearings. He realized that he was near the library, and found himself wandering there, to find Lavi. The library was huge, and mostly deserted. Only one or two people were there, and thankfully one was Lavi.

Allen walked over to where Lavi was reading and sat down across from him. Lavi looked up immediately and beamed. He set down the book and pushed it to the side. "I heard that others have confessed."

Allen nodded, "Lenalee, Miranda, and Kanda. What do you like about me?"

"To help you decide which one of us you like, right? I like that you're so cheerful and fun to be with. Everyone else is so boring." Lavi stood and blew a kiss to Allen before he left the cursed boy sitting there, stunned by how bold he was.

Allen sighed, they all liked so many different things. Now it was time to find Kanda, and he was probably in the training room. So, he stood and went in search of the training room. Thankfully, he remembered the way for once and found it rather quickly. Kanda was practicing with a shinai, since Komui had forbidden him to draw Mugen after the damages from last time.

"Oi, Moyashi. What's up with that troubled look?" Kanda said, looking curiously at the other.

Allen hadn't realized he had looked troubled, he thought he had put on his mask of cheerfulness. He scowled at the Japanese man, "Don't call me that!" He sighed, "What do you like about me anyway, BaKanda?"

"You always wanna make people happy, so you fake being happy. You are so serious about your job. You're usually optimistic about saving people. When you really smile, not that fake one you use all the time, it lights up a room...My list can go on and on." Kanda stated quite frankly.

Allen blushed, Kanda was the one who understood him most of all. He couldn't say anything, he was to consumed in all of the things that Kanda had told him. He didn't notice that Kanda had moved closer, only inches from him now, since he was looking down.

Suddenly, Kanda tilted Allen's chin upward with his pointer finger and kissed him. It was a deep, slow kiss, one that showed obvious love. Allen was surprised at first, but his eyes closed soon, and his lips moved with the dark haired samurai. Their pulse's quickened and their lungs burned from lack of air, so they had to break the hypnotizing lip lock.

Allen gasped as they broke apart, and his face was red from embarrassment and lack of air. He looked up at Kanda, "Since when? Since when have you loved me?"

"I thought about it, and I think I started loving you after our first mission together," he said smoothly, his face was calm, but his eyes were focused on Allen lovingly.

Allen bit his lip and his eyebrows knit together. He didn't know what to say.

"Do you hate me?" Kanda said suddenly.

"No. I don't. You're too..."

"Yes?" Kanda asked curiously.

"You're too awe inspiring." Allen stated, then blushed lightly.

The raven haired man smirked, which dazzled the snowy haired one. He backed off and turned away, "That's nice to know. Have you made your pick yet?"

Allen bit his lip again and thought about the kiss, "I'm close to it. I just need a little more time. I think I'll know by dinner."

"You missed lunch, you know."

Allen's eyes widened as his stumoch growled. "I did? That explains why I'm so hungry..."

Kanda turned to look at Allen with a surprised look, then smirked and pointed to where a large bowl of dango sat. "I know that you already have that bag of it, but I got that flamboyant chef to make you some more, since you have a huge appetite."

Allen looked at the bag he held, then at Kanda. He knew it was a gift from Lavi, and knew that they were handmade by him by the taste of them. But, Kanda just asking for some made by someone else was so much more important to him. He threw the bag of dango and chocolate in the trash and ate the dango that Kanda got for him.

After eating, Allen waved goodbye to Kanda and walked back to his room. He made it there pretty quickly, and locked the door behind him. He flopped back on his bed and thought about everything that had happened that day. Everything that had been done and said.

He thought about how Lenalee had liked his looks and attitude toward work. He thought about how Miranda had liked his positivity. He thought about how Lavi liked how fun he was. FInally, he thought about how Kanda had liked so much about him, and how he understood him best, and how long that the samurai had liked him for it.

As the hours passed before dinner, his mind was consumed in his choice. Allen's mind was so contented in thinking about Kanda, and the things about him. He began to wonder if it was truly love that he felt toward the raven haired man. He didn't know, since he hadn't ever been in love before.

When it was 6:30, Allen descended to the cafeteria for dinner. Lenalee, Miranda, Lavi, and Kanda were already eating. Allen walked over to the food window, where Jerry had prepared a large amount of food for him.

"You look lost, Allen," He stated.

"How do I know if I'm in love?"

"Well, if you think about one person fondly more than anyone else, and if that person makes you feel all warm inside without trying, then most likely you love them. Have you made your choice?" Jerry asked excitedly.

Allen smiled, "I have, but I haven't told them yet." He carried his food to an empty table, then walked over to Kanda, who sat alone at another table. "Eat with me?"

Kanda looked up at him and smirked, "Sure, Moyashi." The raven haired man took his soba and walked with Allen to the empty table and sat next to him. Before beginning to eat at all, Allen turned to Kanda and kissed him.

The whole cafeteria stared at the two who they thought hated each other. The lip lock was shorter than before, but it was meaningful. When they ended it, Kanda smiled lightly and muttered, "Love you, Moyashi."

Allen smiled brightly before digging in, "Love you too, BaKanda."