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Pairings: Fem!Sam/Mechs (From Bay!Verse to other universes)

Warnings: Genderbending (Sam only), language, violence, later sexual content (Nothing too racy at first), a little Mikaela-bashing in the beginning, no Sarah or Annabelle


Ron Witwicky loved his baby girl. She was his little sunshine, his angel, his cool water on a hot summer's day.

Judy Witwicky loved her daughter as well, but she had problems connecting with her, unlike Ron.

You see, Samantha Jaycee Witwicky was a tomboy, through and through. At four years old, you would expect a little girl to be playing with Barbie dolls, wearing pretty dresses and ribbons, and trying to be like their mother by wearing their makeup.

Sam never did these things once.

Hell, whenever they brought her out for the first time, Judy saw a blue blanket and thought she had a boy! Turns out that whenever a nurse tried to wrap her in a pink blanket, she'd cry at the top of her lungs.

No, her little Samantha (Who demanded to be called Sam or Sammy) loved playing with toy cars, drawing robots, and helping her Uncle Jack around his mechanic shop (who had a daughter, Sam's cousin Mikaela.)

But Judy loved her little girl all the same.

Speaking of her little Sammy. . .

"Mama, is it time yet? Can I go?" a blur came down the stairs and Judy suddenly had an armful of her daughter. Judy chuckled and ruffled her daughter's dark brown hair.

Another thing that Judy loved about her daughter was how beautiful she was. Even at her young age, people all around loved the girl's dark chocolate hair and big blue-green eyes that glowed with every emotion.

"We can go in about five minutes," Judy responded patiently. "Your daddy just needs to shave his stubble."

"Aww," Sam pouted. "I want to go now. And I like Daddy's stubble! It's prickly."

"Another reason why I shouldn't shave!" her husband's voice called from the upstairs bathroom.

"I will not go out with a barbarian man!" Judy responded.

Sam rolled her eyes as her parents started going back-and-forth on the fundamentals of hygiene and personal comfort. Even at the age of four, Sam knew that her parents loved each other deeply, even if they liked to argue.

"Do you want me to help you tie your shoes?" Her mother asked.

"Nuh uh, Mama. I got it," Sam said.

Sam was proud to say that she was the only kid in pre-school that could tie her own shoes. She usually didn't need help from adults, preffering to either stick to herself or asking her Uncle Jack or Daddy for help.

She was the town's prodigy, as some of the adults called her. She already knew the whole alphabet, how to count to a thousand, and she could add-and-subtract with ease. This didn't earn her too many friends, seeing how other kids her age were jealous on how much attention she got from the adults.

There were times where Judy just wanted to cry because her little girl was growing up too fast for someone her age. But she knew in her heart that she wouldn't change anything about her baby. She was proud to say she was blessed with such a special girl.

Ron came down the stairs and immediately scooped the little girl into his arms, illiciting giggles from her. "Alright, let's go!"


He had been stuck here so long. So very, very, very long. His joints ached and he feared that he would offline soon from lack of energon. How long had it been exactly? A vorn? A vorn-and-a-half, maybe? Either way, Skywarp was aching to taste the skies again, longed to be with the other two members of his trine.

He was stuck in this ancient fleshy form that dared to travel in the sky. If those damned Autobots didn't throw him in that- what did the fleshies call it- quicksand, yes that's it. If those Autobots hadn't thrown him in that quicksand and if it hadn't gotten into his joints and gears, then he'd be back with his trine by now, or at least searching for the Allspark before the Autobots could get it.

But alas, he was stuck in this 'Classic Aerial Showcase' that traveled throughout the place called America. Stupid fleshies.

He was currently in a place called 'Tranquility' (he scoffed at the name) for a week and as the time wore on, staying still day in and day out, Skywarp sometimes wished that he did offline.

Hundreds of fleshies walked around him, some complaining about the hot summer heat, while others mumbled about finding shade. Some of the sparklings tried touching the exhibits (including him) only to be scolded by their creators or the security.

If Skywarp could sigh, he would be doing it every five seconds.

"Mama! Mama!" A femme sparkling ran up to where he was at, clutching her femme creator's hand with a small fleshy hand. "Look Mama! It's a F-86 Sabre!"

Skywarp was ready to mentally correct the sparkling, but was surprised when he realized that she was right. No one except for the exhibit owners had ever correctly guessed his vehicle mode, much less a sparkling.

He heard the femme sparkling begin to rattle off facts (correct ones at that!) about his vehicle form, some that even he didn't know. She eventually left with her femme creator and Skywarp was sad to see a semi-smart fleshy leave. There went his entertainment.

You could imagine his surprise when she showed up the next day with two different fleshies.

"Isn't he beautiful, Uncle Jack?" she asked dreamily.

Skywarp, who wasn't as vain as his trine-mate, Starscream but still liked compliments, mentally puffed up at the sparkling's admiration.

"I thought that vehicles were all she's," the other sparkling, also a femme, asked in a snarky tone. Skywarp bristled at the sparkling's audicity. He was not a femme!

"Just because it's a vehicle doesn't mean it's a she, 'Kaela," the paler sparkling said.

"Girls, girls," the mech made a calming gesture. "Come on, now, let's just enjoy the showcase."

"Can I stay here, Uncle Jack?" the pale sparkling asked. "I like this plane a lot."

The mech looked very hesitant while the insolent sparkling looked more than happy to ditch the other sparkling. "Do you promise not to move from this spot?"

"I promise."

"Alright, Sammy. Me and Mikaela will be back in ten minutes."

Then it was just Skywarp and the pale sparkling.

"Sorry about her," the sparkling apologized. Big blue-green eyes stared up at him with an apologetic smile. "She's not very educated when it comes to aircrafts."

Skywarp then listened as the sparkling just talked, and he was surprised that he actually found himself interested with what she was saying.

"Hey, kid!" a security officer came up all of a sudden. Skywarp mentally winced, hoping the little sparkling didn't get in too much trouble. "You were here yesterday, yeah?"

"Yes, sir," the sparkling said politely.

"I saw you yesterday and I heard what you said. How did you know that this was an F-86 Sabre?"

Skywarp was interested in her answer himself.

"My grandpa Allen flew one of these in the Korean War," the sparkling said. "He tells me stories about it whenever I see him."

"Would you like to touch it?" the guard asked.

The sparkling's eyes went extremely wide. "Can I?"

"Go ahead, just be gentle. Don't want the thing to fall to pieces."

Skywarp saw the sparkling duck under the ropes, practically tasting the excitement rolling off her. A small hand reached up hesitantly, before a palm rested gently on his side.

All of a sudden, Skywarp felt like he could move. The dried mud and sand that the humans hadn't been able to reach seemed to vanish and when he did a quick systems check, everything said he was clear to go. It even said he had full energon supplies!

"The metals warm," he barely heard the sparkling say.

"I'm not surprised. It is eighty-seven degrees out."

"But it's like being wrapped in a blanket warm," the sparkling murmured softly. "Sentient."

"Sammy! Come on, it's time to go!" the sparkling's guardian came by, the sparkling by his side whining about the heat.

"Okay!" she called. She ducked back under the ropes, but not before thanking the guard for letting her touch him.

Later, when everyone was gone, Skywarp warped for the first time in years.

'Samantha Jaycee Witwicky,' he thought as he flew in the sky. 'I think I'll pay you a little visit.'


Sam was crying, a rarity to anyone who knew her.

It was playtime outside, but instead of playing with the other children, she was sitting on a rock at the edge of the forest that surrounded the playground. The other kids, Mikaela included, had stolen her favorite toy car, a 1977 black-and-yellow Camaro and tossed it into the nearby pond.

They had all gotten in trouble (herself included) and the young worker had confiscated her toy without even asking what happened. Sam didn't like the new worker. She acted before she thought, unlike the nicer older ladies, which Sam frowned on greatly. Plus she got this funny look when her Daddy came to pick her up.

So here she was, tears running down her face because of the idiocity of her temporary caretaker. Imagine her surprise when a voice suddenly talked to her.

"Why are your optics leaking, Samantha?"

She spun around at the deep tone, and she felt her jaw drop at the giant robot in front of her. Then what he said registered in her head.

"Hey! Don't call me Samantha!" she growled. "It's Sam!"

Skywarp raised an optic ridge at the sparklings rant. "You still didn't answer my question, sparkling."

"It's called crying," Sam sniffed. "Look it up."

"Crying; adjective. Demanding attention or remedy; critical; severe: a crying evil. Reprehensible; odious; notorious: a crying shame."

Sam blinked a few times. "Uh. . . " Wow.

Skywarp smirked in amusement. "Why were you crying, Sam?"

"Because I'm surrounded by idiots," she answered. "Forgive me if I'm being rude, but what are you, how do you know my name, and what do you want with me?"

"I know the feeling," Skywarp mused. "You aren't being rude. I am a sentient being from the planet Cybertron, but my designation is Skywarp. I looked it up. And I wanted to thank you for giving me back the ability to move."

"Uh huh," a wary glance was on her face. "You must have the wrong Samantha because I've never met a sentient being from the planet Cybetron before."

"I was the plane that you liked so much from the showcase."

"The F-86 Sabre? No way!"

"Yes," he hummed in amusement. "I was the F-86, and as I said before, thank you for giving me the ability to move again."

"No problem," she didn't bother to ask how she did it. Something told her that even he didn't know. "Got any other sentient beings from the planet Cy- do you have something shorter that I can call you by?"


"Right. Do you have any other Decepticon friends that I can help out with?"

"None that I know of, but if I find any, I'll come back and see you."

"Oh." Sam was disappointed that he wouldn't visit her for any other reason. "Okay."

Skywarp saw her disheartened expression. Sam heard an odd sound, a cross between a shimmer and the sound of a guitar cord being tuned, and suddenly there was a tall teenaged boy in front of her.

He was what her Mama would call 'hot' or what her Daddy would call 'trouble'.

Wavy black hair came framed his tanned face, bright violet eyes smirking at her in amusement. A black leather jacket covered the purple T-shirt with an odd insignia on it, and dark blue jeans clad long legs. The only thing odd (besides the eyes) about him was his barefeet.

"Expect to see me this evening when your parents go out to dinner," the holoform said. "I will be your 'babysitter'."

With that said, the holoform disappeared and Skywarp warped out of sight.

And when Sam went inside, her car was in her cubby hole.


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