Salty tears slide from blue eyes into blonde hair as Claude pulls back to look at Alois's wonder-stuck face. "Claude…" he whispers, unable to say much more.

"Shh." Claude says. "I understand." and he kisses the younger yet again, their tongues touching gently. A moment passes and the kiss deepens into some sort of desperate passion. Alois finds himself burying fingers into Claude's ebony black hair as Claude's own fingers remove the jacket Alois wears.

Alois moves his face away, breaking the kiss so that he can breathe. "Claude… am I dreaming?" he asks. "because, if I am, promise me you won't let me wake up. I don't ever want to stop feeling the way I feel when I'm with you."

"You're not dreaming, your Highness." Claude insists. "You're not dreaming. I'm here. I'm with you, exactly where I plan to be for the rest of forever and I will never leave you. Not ever."

"Oh, Claude." and their mouths meet again, each hungrily devouring the taste of the other.

Clothing is slowly shed from each pale body as the two kiss passionately, their bodies pressed close together. Claude runs his hands down Alois's baby soft skin, mapping out familiar territory until fingers find the younger's entrance. Claude pulls away for a moment, only to get some lubrication.

Alois is touched.

He'd never expected Claude to be so thoughtful. . .

The demon wasted no time in preparing the human. He is surprisingly gentle as he does this, making sure he doesn't hurt the younger. Then, at last, he is slowly pushing into his young lover.

"Claude." Alois gasps, his fingers digging into the tops of the elder's arms. "Move."

A small smile plays in the corner of Claude's mouth. "Yes, your highness." he whispers brushing his lips against Alois's.

He pulls out then shoves himself back in, resulting in Alois crying out in pleasure as his prostate it slammed in to. Claude then moves faster and harder; just how his master likes it. Alois lets his approval show as he moans and whimpers in ecstasy. Those moans and whimpers quickly become screams and shrieks as he nears completion.

"A-Alois." Claude breathes in the boy's ear as his hand begins to pump Alois's neglected member.

The younger comes heavily, screaming Claude's name and the elder soon follows.

A moment passes.

Claude pulls out and lies next to Alois.

He pulls the younger into him, holding his master in a firm embrace.

"Claude?" Alois says shyly.

"Yes, your highness?"

"I … no. You are my highness, Claude." he whispers. "I love you too."

Claude chuckles softly, his fingers playing with Alois's blonde hair. "I know." he says with amusement. Then, "do you trust me?"

Alois doesn't even hesitate. "Yes." he replies.

Claude sits up and lies Alois back onto his back. "Whatever you do, don't open your eyes." he whispers and Alois shuts his eyes.

Claude then does something no one expected of him.

He does something that not even he had planned.

He does something out of the desire to keep his master forever.

Something out of love.

He makes Alois a Demon.