Author's Notes: Written for the "Welcome Home" Harry Potter Ficathon at kolms on LiveJournal, with the prompt:

anyone/anyone, dark!fic I have snipped your wingspan, / my precious captive swan. / here, all clipped of kickstand / your spirit won't last long. Don't hold out for rescue, / none can hear your call. / till I have wrest and wrecked you / behind these fortress walls.

Warning: Implied rape if you look a certain way.


Luna was sitting cross-legged in the corner of the dungeon. There was a pile of rags on the other side that Lucius could only assume was the wandmaker, but he was not concerned by him. He had eyes only for the little blonde creature who was staring up into a corner of the ceiling as though reading a poem printed there.

"Lovegood," Lucius sneered, and Luna turned to him with a look of utter and infuriating serenity on her face.

"Hello," she said calmly.

The way in which she said it, as though she was greeting him at some social event, infuriated Lucius, for reasons he couldn't explain. He grabbed her by her throat, shoving her roughly against the wall. Her head knocked against it and he thought that he saw her smile falter for just a second, and he leaned in to snarl in her ear.

"Don't hold out for rescue," he told her. His fingers were squeezing so tightly on her throat that she must not have been able to breathe at all, but she did not struggle, nor give any sign that she was disturbed. "No one will hear you call…"

"You're wrong, Lucius Malfoy," she told him, so simply, so sweetly. "Harry Potter is going to come for me eventually."

"Eventually." He drew back and spat in her face, and though she blinked and winced a little, it didn't seem to upset her as it should have. "Eventually. Maybe. But by then it will be too late for you… I'll already have- done whatever I want with you… the Dark Lord will have done whatever he wants with you," he corrected himself, and for the first time, fear flickered behind Luna's wide, grey eyes. "So just think on that… and try to keep your spirits up."