One strange couple

As it would seem

Sitting on smooth rocks

Amidst a flowing stream

Lustrous pink

Mingling green

For once at peace

Smiles unseen

Up, down, and around

His hands cross

Her hair to braid

Tied with moss

She smiles, all content

Her guard backs down

Small figure melds into elder

Which he returns with a fond frown

"Getting cosy, Koneko-chan?"

Slender hands sift through

"Too sleepy," she mumbles

A frown comes upon her too

"I don't like you, you know that."

Her mind thinks of her beloved

The man behind her glares

She was his special object, coveted

"Then why," he whispers

Tightly, he holds her close

Never mind she'll tear him to shreds

He doesn't want to lose his rose

Deepening slightly, her breathing

Flushed cheeks, tear stains

He wonders what she would look like

Burdens-Masaya- lifted, along with pains

Rubbing her back in smooth circles

He hums a low lullaby

Making sure she's in deep slumber

For it's his-their- last good-bye

Cupping his hands in water

He douses her, as if to christen

He wants her clean and pure

Free of sweet nothings, she does not listen

Bridal style they travel

To the deepest part

She drops like a fallen angel

No struggles, no pain, no heart

Through the clear water

Shiny as a new pearl

The cat is laid to rest

Hair twisted and curled