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Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was a silent night in Jump City as a green and black long eared owl silently soared away from the Titans Tower. In contrast to the peaceful flight which he was now doing the mind of Beast Boy was going through an explosion of thoughts. 'She was in your teeth' as if the mere thought of what that statement had implied wasn't harsh enough the fact that it came from Starfire, who usually was the one to see the good in almost any situation, showed just how badly the teams confidence in him had been shaken. Not that he could blame them of course since after all he had lost control as a large and powerful monster, one capable of far worse damage than anything Raven's momentary loss of control over her emotions and then consequently her powers had ever done. Raven. That was what made him feel even worse about the whole ordeal. She'd been there for him as he had for her and he just lost control. Sure it had turned out he wasn't the one that had actually hurt her, quite the opposite in fact he had actually saved her from whatever it was Adonis in his own beast form was going to do. Yet the damage of these accusations had been done, and even though his friends had apologized the guilt and hurt remained. Of course he had been over joyed when Raven not only still talked to him but also shared a moment with him.

Flash Back

"So...he was the one who hurt you, right? Not me?" Beast Boy asked nervously not sure he wanted the answer to the question

"He broke into the Tower to attack you and would up attacking me too." Raven assured him

"I can't believe I ate meat. I acted like a jerk. I'm sorry" He said with a look of shame

"You weren't yourself" she had replied and wondered to herself why she was actually trying to comfort him. 'You know why' said Happy and she could almost see another emotion nodding in agreement. Choosing to ignore her emotions Raven decided she would meditate on this late.

"Cyborg says the chemicals at the lab messed with my DNA-unleashed something...primal." He said rather nervously

"And he gave you an antidote. You're better now." She replied trying to think of something else to say that might comfort him about the matter

"Yeah. But that thing-that beast-it came from inside me. And it's still there. I can feel it." The look of shame on his face as he said this was evident

"Good" She then quickly continued seeing a surprised look on his face "If it wasn't for that beast, I might not be here right now. Having that thing inside doesn't make you an animal. Knowing when to let it out is what makes you a man" She finished, and then of course he had to ruin their moment by making a joke about being Beast Dude or Beast Man rather than Beast Boy.

End Flashback

'Idiot' Beast Boy thought to himself 'Why couldn't you act cool for once. That would have been a great chance to tell her how you really feel.' The owl shook his head as he thought back on all the other opportunities he had that he lead slip by. 'Of course if I had actually told her and she felt the same… well that would have made this a lot harder to do' he then proceeded to answer himself. If an owl's beak could smile his would've as he saw the Jump City international Airport come into view.

After walking into the airport without incident Beast Boy looked around for a pet carrier, then seeing one he quickly morphed into a spider and clung on to a dog carrier nearby as it was placed onto the conveyor belt and then carried from the conveyor belt to a pressurized cabin where Beast Boy's plan could begin phase two. He silently laughed to himself as he thought 'So much for being part of the team, they won't even notice I'm gone until this plane has hopefully landed.' He wasn't entirely sure what he would do once he wound up wherever this plane was heading but, then again that was the part of the plan that could not be prearranged since he honestly he no idea where he was going to end up. 'At least I know for sure that I won't lose control and hurt them this way' he thought. He then fell asleep atop the carrier hoping, that Silkie didn't eat the letter he left explaining his actions with fool proof logic (at least to him it was fool proof) before any of the others found it.

Argent frowned as she let the crimson crowbar she had summoned dissipate; this was the fifth plane today she had searched and yet there was still no sign of the chemical shipments that this newly discovered organization called the Wildebeest Society had been shipping in from America. Just as to what the society was shipping was still a mystery; however it was assumed by the local police force that it was bad. 'Not an unreasonable presumption considering that they're behind all these recent abductions' Argent thought. That thought was immediately followed by one on her own history, and what could be happening to the abducted children. With a sigh she pushed those thoughts from her mind; they were rather pointless to go over again, and used her powers to extend a large arm and brought the shipping manifest she had acquired from a recent fight with the Wildebeest Society. 'This thing says their expecting something in from America so I guess I'll just come back tomorrow and check again.' After an uneventful flight home she set an alarm and as she slowly drifted to sleep she went over her plan to stop the Society. 'Just gotta find their shipment and place a tracker on it so I can find their base, then I'll go in and stop them from whatever it is their doing.' The last thought before she finally let sleep overcome her was that tomorrow no matter what she wasn't going to leave the airport unless she found something out of the ordinary.

Beep, Beep, Be…

Argent groggily shut of the alarm and silently cursed having to get up at five in the morning just to go check plane cargo holds again. 'Maybe the planes can wait; I mean the society's shipment might not even be coming into day.' Almost immediately after she had those thoughts however she pushed them aside 'Who knows what they're doing to those kids they've kidnapped already, so just get it together Antonia Monetti and get going or else you'll miss the first landing.' Having decided to listen to reason and not go back to sleep Argent quickly went through her morning procedure; a quick breakfast, a quicker shower, and lastly a few minutes to get ready. Her morning routine done Argent quickly started her flight to the airport, in her hurry she didn't quite notice a black Mercedes with tinted windows parked across the street, or that inside the car a man quickly got on a cell phone when he saw her pass.

Samuel Smith was a patient man or so he had thought. 'Come on, come on, what in the world could she be doing that's taking so long?' He had been waiting across the street for hours waiting to see if Argent would go back to the airport. Seeing her quickly fly by he smiled as he got on his phone and said "Elliot this is Smith she's taken the bait, mover your men into position."


'Is that snoring? Well I guess that there might be a really big dog in one of these crates' Argent thought with a frown, she had already spent at least an hour looking though plane cargos and had yet to find anything suspicious. However when she heard a thud followed by a very human sounding yelp she decide to investigate summoning a crimson axe she approached the origin of the noise.

Beast Boy frowned when he awoke having morphed back to his human form in his sleep as he rolled off the dog carrier 'Where am I' he thought the plane had been traveling for nearly twelve hours. His mind quickly started to come up with new plans on what to do to get by. These thoughts were however interrupted by the sight of a blue skinned girl with black and red hair, and red eyes, approaching carrying a red axe. 'Huh well that doesn't give me any clues as to where I'm she doesn't look normal, well I guess I'm not one to talk I mean I'm green with pointy ears for Pete's sake.' Beat Boy's thoughts were however interrupted as he the crimson axe descent; quickly he morphed into a snake and slithered out of the way.

"Wait I don't want to fight you" Beat Boy hissed as he coiled himself around Argent's leg assuming that she wouldn't swing an axe at her own leg 'O god why can't her dress be longer... Wait did I just talk?'

Argent, recovering from the initial shock of the green boy that had stood in front of her turning to a snake and then talking as a snake, kicked her leg trying to get said snake off her leg. "Well then why don't you just tell me where your society friends are hiding" she replied.

"What? What I don't even know what you're talking about?" Beast Boy said sounding extremely confused as he uncoiled himself and morphed into a human holding his hands up in surrender as Argent now had changed the axe for a spear which she had pointed at him.

"Don't play dumb with me you stow aboard an airliner to New Zealand the same day the Wildebeest Society is expecting a secret shipment, how dumb do you think I am?" Argent replied holding the spear towards Beast Boy as he packed up.

"I don't play dumb" Beast Boy replied then realizing what he said once he heard he chuckle he added quickly "Wait that came out wrong, anyways I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, I used to be a Teen Titan, I've never even heard of the Wildebeest Society."

Argent frowned maybe he was telling the truth he seemed like an honest enough person especially after his last comment, which he had said with a somewhat charming innocence despite the fact that he was insulting himself. "Alright I believe you. Sorry just these crooks called the Wildebeest society have been causing trouble around here." After allowing her spear to dissipate she then extended her arm and added "I'm Antonia but people call me Argent, my friends call me Toni"

Beast Boy's relief was very evident as the spear disappeared, and he took her hand and shook it. Then somewhat nervously he replied "Beast Boy, though ugh I guess you could call me Gar."

Argent smiled as his blush turned his normally green face brown "Gar? What does that stand for? Come on you can tell me, I promise I won't laugh. "

Sighing Beast Boy replied "Garfield." Seeing Argent smile he quickly muttered "Come on you said you wouldn't laugh."

"Sorry, I'm not laughing. Garfield's a nice name." Argent said with a smile as she placed put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You wanna talk about what happened between you and the other Titans?"

Beast Boy instantly cheered up and smiled when she put her arm on his shoulder but, then appeared to sadden again at the mention of him leaving the Titans. He was going to ask her how she knew that something had happened however before he could they were interrupted by several men wearing business suit approached leveling several firearms at the two teens.

"There she is! And looks she brought back, guess we won't be bored boys now get them" The man apparently in charge said before his counter parts opened fire.

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