Having read numerous forum posts expressing beliefs that TV Akiowill simply stay trapped inside Ohtori doing nothing after Anthy left him, that no matter what powers he might or might not have without his sister beside him, he'd be too short-sighted to ever see the importance of anything outside of Ohtori Japan's physical boundaries . . . and the idea for a companion-piece to my "Remix" series starts materializing in my mind:

Non-Revolutionary Shut In Akio, or, how to interpret the TV show such that Akio is LessThanOrEqualTo MAkio(movie Akio)

Anthy (ala Gloria Swanson): The projector ain't that big - it's my BROTHER that got smaller! (Thinks: Who knew that looking at an emotionally abusive sibling from like 50 ft away and without glasses could be such an empowering experience?)

Coming Soon