Ch1 Romeo

I heard gun shots coming up behind me I am running for my life I hear the hurried footsteps behind me. Dragon is running next to me. "Fuck it wasn't supposed to go like that" he said breathless

"I know" I said running a little faster I don't want to leave dragon behind. The bullets are flying past our heads. I heard Dragon grunt and grab his arm I could see the dark red liquid started to ooze out of the wound. He was starting to look a shade paler. I pulled him between two buildings. I sat him down on the cold pavement the rain had left it a little wet but that wasn't my main concern or his at the moment. I ripped the sleeve of his white dress shirt to get a better look at it. The wound was pretty bad and the bullet is in there pretty deep and I am not a doctor.

"Romeo let's just get out of here and get back to the shop I am sure Doc can fix me" I looked at him his face is getting paler by the minute and he is losing a lot of blood. I used the part of his shirt I ripped earlier and made it a bandage and tired it around his arm making it a little tight but not too tight.

"Dragon we don't have much further to go. Can you make it or do I need to help you"

"I think I can make it remind me when we get there to ask you a question"

"Sure man I will just stay awake and keep talking okay"


I helped him up and got him to the street I looked and made sure the coast was clear. We started running down the street I didn't want him to run but he did any way. I started to slow down and so didn't he we hit our line for land and we were safe and just as we hit that line Dragon passes out. I hear a loud crack!

"Shit man" I said

I pulled out my phone and called Doc. "Hey I need help here Dragon is down"

"Okay man I am on my way" he hung up and a few minutes later a black Mercedes pulls up to us and rolls down the window it was Doc.

"What the hell happened?"

"It went bad they had what we wanted and we had the cash but they pulled guns out on us"

"They hit Dragon?"

"Yeah they caught him in the arm" I said shakily I looked down at my hands and they are covered with blood and I feel really hyper for some reason

"You okay?" he asked worried

"Yeah I am fine just a little shaken up and sore."

"Okay let's get him in the car and get him to the shop so I can get that bullet out of him and you can take a shower."

I helped him lift up Dragon careful not to hit his head or anything or hit his arm. His face is really pale.

We got him lying in the back seat and I sit up front with Doc.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah" I mumbled

"You're really quite"

"Well I just ran for city blocks I am sorry I am not really chatty!" I yelled

Which shocked Doc I don't normally raise my voice at anyone at all I am normally nice to everyone

"I am sorry I shouldn't have yelled Doc"

"I understand I would be yelling too" We kept driving down the street and we were silent. Every few minutes I looked back at Dragon I wonder what he was going to ask.

We got back to the shop and I helped him carry in Dragon. I saw Ana his girlfriend she had a look of terror on her face the looked at me and started crying. We got him up stairs in one of the bedrooms. I hear Ana running up the stairs.

"Romeo what happened?" She asked through the tears

"Ana he got shot and passed out from lack of blood and he hit the ground. But you can't see him. Not yet Doc is going to get the bullet out of his arm okay and he is going to need his rest. I am sure when he gets him patched up he will let you see him" I said gently I looked at Ana she is a small build she is 5 foot even she has long blond hair and green eyes. She has creamy white skin that is perfect. She has a heart shaped face and blood red lips. She is smart as a whip and funny caring I can see why Dragon loves her.

"Are you okay?" she asked me

"I am fine I need to go take a shower though"

"I pulled out fresh towels for you"

"Thanks Ana" She gave me a hug and I hugged her back careful not to get his blood on her too. I don't think she wants Dragon's blood on her right now. Doc stepped out the room that Dragon is in and Ana looked at him with hopeful eyes "Can I see him please"

"Yes Ana you can he is out cold but you can see him, Romeo why aren't you getting cleaned up"

"Sorry I was talking to him" Ana said quietly

"Ana don't worry about it" I said turning to go to the shower

I walked down the hall to the bath room. When opened the door and turned on the light I saw the clean white tile and the walk in shower that was there. I peeled off my tank top that was soaked in blood. I had an issue getting my pants off because they were covered in blood too. I looked in the mirror that was behind the door. I saw my olive tone skin that was covered in scares. On my right arm I saw my tattoo for the gang a crown with L. K underneath it for the Latin kings. My core is tight and well worked. I stepped in the shower and turned it on the hot waster hit where I needed to my back hurts like hell I feel like I have been kicked in the gut. I looked down at the water and it was red with blood but after a while I saw it go to pink then to clear. The steam was giving me a hug and out of nowhere I started to cry I feel like I let down my best friend and I think I could have gotten him killed . I sat down in the shower just to let the water hit my head and that way I can breathe some more. There was a knock on the door. "Roe, It me Ana I am leaving you some clean cloths thank you for getting him back okay" she walked away. I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my waist and went and got my cloths right now I just want to go to sleep. I got the cloths that she left me a cotton undershirt and a pair of clean jeans. These must be Dragon's cloths. I went back in to the bathroom and got dressed. I got dressed in the cloths I feel clean. I was carrying my dirty cloths and Ana saw me and took my clothes and started walking for the Washer and dryer.

"Ana what are you doing?"

"I am doing your clothes" she said as she was adding the soap and softener

"Well you don't have to"

"Go to sleep Roe"

"Fine I will go to bed" she walked me to one of the other rooms and made sure I was okay

"Roe sleep tight okay thank you for bringing him home"

"No problem Ana I couldn't leave him there"

"Go to sleep now okay" she said as she closed the door. I rolled over and went to sleep