Ch 2 Persephone

I looked out my window and saw the full moon over head. Tonight there is a lot of sadness in the air I can feel it. I walked out my French doors and on to my balcony and felt the cool breeze going through my long black hair. I hear gun shots in the distance I sent a silent prayer to Hecate for the protection of the person who was being shot at. I felt sorry for whoever is doing the shooting. I used to love this city, but after my parents died I don't I feel so alone here and no one gets me. I live with my brother who doesn't even want me here. He just shells out the cash that way I won't be at home and be in his way I mean I pretty much live alone I never really see him anymore. I walk back in to my room and look around the band posters that my mom bought me before the shooting. I look at them and cry every night I knew mom didn't really like my music but she waited in line for four hours just to get it sign buy the band I knew she didn't care for Hollywood Undead but she got them to sign it for me. I can see my mom standing there in her pink preppy tennis outfit and waiting in line behind all the Goths and Punk Rockers and I remember she came home smelling like pot. When she handed me the poster she laughed and said "Honey I see why you like them." Then walked off. I miss her so much mom and I never really saw eye to eye on a lot of stuff but she was still my mommy and I miss her. I looked in the mirror and saw my deep green eyes and think of my dad he had the same eyes. I am a lot like my dad I think it is funny that mom isn't big on Goths or Punk Rockers but she married one. My dad long black hair like me until he let me bleach it and die it fire red one day just so we could go to a football game. He had a strong jaw he looked like a rock god some days. He would come out of his room dressed in a black band tee and trip pants and he would change his lip ring or put in a new earring. The thing that would never change was the matching dragon necklace we had we saw them at the Canterbury Cloak and Dagger. Dad was like "We should get these let it be our secret. Mine will be a promise that I will always be there for you no matter what trouble you get into" and I said "Mine will be a promise too that I will tell you what ever is going on in my life and that I will always be your little girl and that I will never be too big for you to call me Princess P"

We got the necklaces and he was buried with his. The guy who takes care of the bodies wanted to take it off of him but I threw a fit and said if he took it off of my daddy I was going to kick his ass. It has been six months since they passed but it seems just like yesterday the three of us went out of dinner and I wanted to go for a walk in the park like we used to when I was little. Out of the blue this guy comes running up on us and dad stood in front of mom and I to protect us the guy drew a gun and shot him mom tried to say something to him and shot her too. I looked him in the eye and started crying. The guy looked like I had just crushed his plans for whatever he was going to do he looked at me and said sorry then took off running. Next thing I know I wake up in my brothers arms just in a confused state the next few weeks were with doctors and police man. Lately I have been wondering why he let me go. I walked to my dresser and pick up my mom's ring and put it on the heavy sliver ring with an onyx stone. I feel closer to mom now than she was alive and I feel like it is my fault. There was a knock on my door "Luna?" it was my brothers voice "What do you want John?" I said wiping my face trying to hide the tears.

"Sis are you okay can I come in?"

"Yeah bro I am"

"I am calling bull shit on that. May I come in please?"

"Yeah come on in" I said turning my back to the door. He came in and his footsteps sound like daddies. He reminds me so much of him.

"Lulu what is going on?"

"Nothing bro, just looking outside and sitting on my balcony. Feeling the cool breeze that is out and listing to the city noise"

"Ahhh so you heard the gun shoots too didn't you?"

I couldn't say anything so I just nodded I am trying so hard not to cry in front of my brother. He is a solder he decided to not to extend his duties after mom and dad were killed. He said it was his job now to protect his little sister now that is all he has. My brother hasn't been the same since he was over there he doesn't talk much about what happened over there and I don't ask him we just let that be in the past. Sometimes I hear him yelling out in his sleep. Once when I heard him yelling I ran to his room and went in and just hugged him till he was quite. He woke up and I was passed out next to him. We didn't talk about it when I woke up he had breakfast made and we sat on the couch and watched cartoons like we used too.


"What bro" I said crying I turned around and he was crying too it wasn't like my brother to cry. This is the man who was a stone at our parent's funeral while I on the other hand was a facet on legs. I hugged him so hard that I knocked the wind out of him. "I am sorry bro" I kept saying over and over

"Shhh sis you don't have anything to be sorry about you didn't do anything wrong"

"I want them back I miss them they shouldn't have died if I hadn't have wanted to go for a walk in the park they would be alive right now"

"Luna it isn't your fault just relax please little sis"

I nodded. Hey how about you and I watch a sad movie and we can eat all the junk food we want I am sure we can find moms frosting stash.

"Check in the wine cellar" I said

"What are doing in the wine cellar Luna?"

"Nothing bro"

"Don't lie to me"

"I went and finished off mom's favorite wine on her birthday"

"Luna no more drinking"

"Bro it was one bottle"

"Luna I don't care if it was a half of a bottle I don't want you drinking that stuff will kill you so your done promise me that you won't drink anymore"

"Fine I promise"

"I think we are just going to go to bed now I am beat and my head hurts why don' t you just go to sleep and relax we have a big day tomorrow"

"Night bro I love you"

"I love you too sis"

I let go of John and he let go of me "Sweet dreams little sister"

"Peaceful Dreams big brother" he looked at me shocked and shook his head like he knew that, it was impossible for him to have peaceful dreams anymore.

He went to turn around and leave my room "John"

"Yes sis?"

"If you want to talk about anything you know where to find me"

"I will keep that in mind Luna" he said walking out of my room. I was already in my dad's tee shirt for Pj's his shirts are like night gowns on me so I stole all of his shirts. I climbed into bed and laid there looking at the picture that we last took on my birthday daddy had huge grin on his face like he was so proud of me mom had a frown like always and I had a smile too I was so happy that I got my license to drive dad rode shot gun that night and mom rode in the back seat and they let me drive home then we went out of dinner. I miss them so much I closed my eyes as one more tear ran down my face.