Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Recalled

Background: Due to Hermione's genius Sirius Black has been recalled back from the Veil's unearthly grasp. After being gone for 5 years and now having a new lease on life what will he do. One thought continually goes through his mind it centers around the snarky git known as Serverus Snape and the reasons as to why he has been so horridly cruel to a man who by all accounts given up so much so they could win the war against Voldemort. Obviously, both Severus and Sirius are alive in this fanfic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. I will make no money from the posting of this story.

~~~~~~******Chapter 1******~~~~~~

The stormy grey eyes of one Sirius Black scanned the sitting room where all the old members of The Order were congregating, his searching orbs landing on the tall, broad form of Severus Snape.

Sirius studied the man in hopes of figuring out why he had this unnatural urge to speak to the man, to make things right between them even though he knew the likelihood of that happening would be a snowballs chance in fiendfyre.

You see ever since Sirius was brought back from beyond the Veil there was one thought continually assaulted him whenever he let his mind wander; that thought revolved around Snape, as he called him now.

After his second chance was given Sirius decided, with little thought, to be a better man; to think about his actions before he rushes in and think about his words before they burst forth from his mouth in a sometimes hurtful torrent of words.

No one had been on the receiving end of Sirius' thoughtless actions & words more than Severus Snape but Sirius just couldn't understand why that was so. Sirius was a generally amicable man, a bit hotheaded at times, but he liked to think he gave everyone their fair shake.

Sirius snorted internally while that little voice in his head spouted; 'Yes now you give everyone a fair shake now but before the Veil you were a judgemental arse who believed all Slytherins & pure-bloods were evil, conniving gits who were always planning something & up to no good.'

The Black male couldn't dispute that even though it struck a nerve. Sirius had acted just as bigotted as the pure-bloods he hated did and that thought alone made his stomach roll a bit painfully.

Sirius shook his head slightly to marshal his thoughts back to the issue at hand: Severus Snape and what to do to make it up to him for the cruel treatment he had received at Sirius' own hand.

As if the man knew that Sirius was thinking about him Snape turned his head, those dark eyes sinking into Sirius' grey orbs almost searchingly before they hardened and showed only disdain.

Sirius internally deflated seeing that scornful well deserved look from Snape. He had come to a tentative conclusion about these thoughts and feelings; it was guilt that was eating at him to make amends with the snarky man but going about it was about as complicated as hugging a nesting dragon; completely formidable & damn impossible.

Snape held grudges, his treatment of Harry while he was in school due to his hatred of James Potter was an excellent example of that. Snape did not subscribe to the "let's let bygones be bygones & start over" way of life.

No, the best Sirius could probably hope for was that Snape forgave him and they assumed a cordial if frosty relationship. But for some reason Sirius wasn't a fan of that all to real conclusion.

No, the grey eyed male wanted to get to know the Potions Master, maybe start over from the beginning, see what the man was about. Sirius knew Snape was intelligent so the man would probably offer good conversation, albeit with snarky commentary.

But once you got passed the barbed sarcasm Snape was actually quite funny in his dark, broody way. With this thought Sirius firmed his plan in his head; step one: Earn Snape's forgiveness. Step two, which may never happen but Sirius was an optimistic kind of gent, get to know the snappy man for who he is, not as a Slytherin or as an Ex-Death Eater but as himself.

And finally step three, create a good solid friendship with said man for years to come. Plan running through his head Sirius stood and made his way over to Snape who was speaking with Minerva & Kingsley. The fleeting thought running through his was 'Please Merlin don't let me screw this up!'

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