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Author: HatefulRodeo

Story: Recalled

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Almost Five Years Later...

Sirius could barely believe that almost five years had passed since Severus and he were married. So much had changed for them; two children had been born, both boys, new careers and responsibilities. However, some things remained the same.

Sirius and Severus were still very much in love and still resided at Number Twelve; the house had changed as well to accommodate their growing family and its ever changing needs.

Sirius was still fulfilling his responsibilities as the Lord of the House of Black and looked after the interests of Severus' House of Prince. Severus still taught Potions at Hogwarts but only to sixth and seventh years as he was promoted to the post of Headmaster after Minerva retired.

Severus and Sirius had set about bringing a child into their lives after six months of wedded bliss. Severus found a suitable conception potion and brewed it to his standard; which of course meant it was perfect. A month later Sirius was pregnant with their first child, which turned out to be a boy.

Their first born was the spitting image of Severus; pale alabaster skin, pitch black hair and ebony eyes. Severus and Sirius had chosen the name Castor Severus and the boy just recently celebrated his third birthday. Sirius was still astounded at how big his son had become.

Castor had definitely inherited Severus' height as well as his mannerism. Even this young Sirius could see Severus shining through in Castor's movements and while by no means was Castor snarky he did have his own wicked sense of humor. Sirius loved him with his whole heart and he knew Severus felt the same.

It still tickled Sirius how much Castor was fascinated by potions, by Merlin the boy was only three and he could not wait to start brewing, but if anyone had any doubts that he was Severus' son this trait would most assuredly dispel them.

Watching Castor attempt to assist Severus in the lab was priceless; Castor couldn't do much but when Severus made his simple healing potions Castor was allowed to pour in the less volatile ingredients.

The amount of patience Severus had for their children was another pleasant surprise to Sirius and even to some extent Severus. Severus himself would admit he was not a patient or understanding man but when it came to Sirius and their children the man seemed to have vast oceans of understanding and patience.

Sirius firmly believed Severus was a closet softy and it was only shown to his family. His ebony eyed husband couldn't ruin that carefully crafted dungeon bat image. Sirius liked it better this way; he liked that no one aside from their little family saw the loving, caring side of Severus Snape.

Sirius' first pregnancy was not a walk in the park, heavens no it was nine months of discomfort! Godric knows the hell he went through carrying Castor to term! Sirius had established new found respect for mothers after Castor was conceived and born. Sirius was amazed at how big his belly had become; he looked like he'd swallowed a beach ball.

The swelling ankles, bloating and back pain were quite annoying and unflattering but the upside was Sirius received massages whenever he wanted them. Severus really was a doting spouse to Sirius when he was swollen with child.

While Sirius thought he looked like a small beached whale Severus thought he looked positively radiant and couldn't keep his hands to himself. Sirius thoroughly enjoyed that aspect of his pregnancy. Even if towards the end they had to make love on their sides or with Sirius on his hands and knees propped up with pillows to protect his baby bump.

Sirius smiled when he heard the squeals of his second son waking up from his midday nap. After Castor was born Sirius requested to wait at least two years before having another child. That didn't exactly happen though and one year and a couple months year later Pollux Sirius was added into Severus and Sirius' family.

Now Pollux was a Black through and through; the little boy received Sirius' wavy thick black hair, fine bone structure, peaches and cream complexion and dark grey stormy eyes. This pleased Sirius to no end! While Castor took after Severus' personality and looks Pollux took after Sirius with his outgoing and bubbly personality but it was also tempered by a kind disposition.

Sirius and Severus were very proud of their children and spent as much time with them as work would allow. Kreacher was a lifesaver when it came to watching and keeping the boys entertained. Sirius couldn't remember Kreacher being so happy in his life; the boys seemed to de-age the elf and bring a breathe of new life into the ancient house elf.

Sirius believed the boys had breathed new life into a lot of things; they'd awaken something in both Severus and him that they didn't know existed. Where they used to live for first themselves and then each other they now existed for their children and would do anything in their power to make sure they were healthy, happy and safe.

What every parent should do but Severus and Sirius had never had that in their young lives. So obviously it was a learning game for them in the beginning but they were both intelligent men and figured it out quickly. Not to mention Molly was always a floo call away to answer any questions or just to pop by the see how they were doing.

Sirius made his way into Pollux's bedroom and lifted the little rug rat out of his crib chuckling at his son's excited babbling about this and that. Pollux was already speaking so well it was amazing; both of their boys were intelligent and loved to learn about anything and everything. This trait led to many hours of baby proofing everything.

Sirius changed and got his youngest dressed and brought him out to the backyard so Pollux could wear himself out with his older brother since it was pleasant day. Walking over to a bench Sirius smiled when Kreacher began to fawn over Pollux who had plopped down next to the elf and Castor.

The grey eyed male sat down on the stone bench, sighing as he rubbed his swollen stomach and counted the months until he wasn't a walking house; only three more to go and they would have their first daughter.

Both men were quite excited and a bit confused as to what to do with a girl but they would figure it out. Plus, they always had a slew of women to guide them through it. Besides all that Sirius was looking forward to having a little girl in their male dominated family.

Her name had already been chosen Carina Druella, it flowed well together; Carina because most Black children are usually named after constellations and Druella because she was Sirius' favorite Aunt growing up.

Warm strong arms wrapped around Sirius' sitting form and a loving kiss placed to his neck. Sirius leaned back into Severus' strong body, enjoying the feeling of having Severus so close to him. Sirius and Severus watched as their two boys ran around like maniacs being trailed by a watchfyl Kreacher.

This was Sirius and Severus' family and they loved it and wouldn't want it any other way. But once their little girl was born Sirius was done with having children; the only way another child was going to be born was if Severus became the bearer. Since Sirius found that about as likely as him sprouting breasts they would remain and be content with their three beautiful children.

Both men rose from their seats and joined the insanity that was their sons. Kicking around a Muggle soccer ball and playing hide and seek. All too soon it seemed that Kreacher was calling them in for dinner.

Later that night after dinner, baths and story time Sirius sighed in happy relief when he laid down on his side in bed for the night. He loved playing with the boys but at this stage in his pregnancy it took a lot out of him energy wise.

Thank Circe Severus was off for the summer and could keep at least one of their brats entertained for a while. Severus joined him in bed and began to massage his swollen and stiff legs. "Ahhh Sev, that feels amazing!"

Sirius was in complete and utter bliss as Severus rubbed his swollen ankles. The heavily pregnant was still pleasantly surprised that Severus was as mother hen like as he was while Sirius was pregnant. Yes, Severus was always attentive to Sirius' needs but when Sirius was pregnant Severus' attentiveness jumped to a whole other level.

However, Sirius wasn't about to complain about it as long as he kept getting his massages and made love to like there was no tomorrow. As if reading his mind Severus' hands began their ascent to massage other more sensitive and enjoyable areas. Slowly Severus shimmied up the bed to press his front to Sirius' back.

The smaller male was panting a bit as his balls and hardening length were caressed and rubbed by those talented fingers. A moan of pleasure escaped Sirius' plump lips when Severus' strong hand wrapped around his erection and pumped slowly.

Sirius thrust softly into the hand stroking him as he ground his bum back into the hard length that was now pressing into his lower back; "Hmmm Sev want to feel you, love." Sirius rocked his hips and ground his arse into Severus' arousal to punctuate his need.

"As you wish my beautiful bearer." Sirius could only smile when Severus said those sweet words. Every pregnancy Severus called him his beautiful bearer, granted Sirius thought the man blind but it still made him feel good that Severus still found him to be attractive.

A mewl escaped Sirius' mouth when his robe was pushed up to expose his bum and a long slick finger breached his entrance. His sneaky bugger of a husband must have wordlessly and wandlessly cast his lubrication charm!

Pushing that useless thougt away Sirius ground down to take more of that finger into his tight passage and moaned when a second lubed appendage joined the first and began to scissor and twist. Sirius was grinding down hard and becoming impatient.

Sirius reached back to slip his slender hand in Severus' sleep pants and seized his thick cock. He began to pump Severus' length in time with the thrusts of the fingers inside his arse. Severus growled and slipped the third finger into Sirius tight heat and began to thrust his fingers hard and deep into his bearer's slick passage.

A shout was pulled past Sirius' lips when his prostate was hit by those invading fingers; "Sev please I'm ready, need you in me!" A kiss to the back of his neck was Severus' reply and Sirius made a sound of discontent when those fingers left him only to moan loudly when Severus' rigid length replaced them in one hard thrust.

Severus paused long enough to resettle himself behind Sirius and without further ado began thrusting deep and hard into Sirius' willing body. Sirius always enjoyed their sex but when he was pregnant everything seemed to be heightened; the feelings, the touches and sounds all seemed to resonate higher with Sirius' senses.

Sirius was turning into a writhing mess under Severus' ministrations and was walking the razor's edge, so close to his orgasm that his vision was becoming spotted with black dots. Sirius whimpered when Severus wrapped that strong hand back around Sirius' leaking cock and began to pump his hand in time with his thrusts.

The double stimulation from the hand on his cock and Severus brutally striking his prostate was too much for Sirius to take. His slim hips were thrusting into that heavenly stroking hand as he ground back and down to take more of Severus' large cock into his body.

Sirius was rushing towards his release at breakneck speed and before he knew it his back arched into the strong body behind him as rope after rope of his release rained down on their sheets.

Breathing hard Sirius let his body become boneless as Severus thrust into him and after a few more hard strokes Severus body went stiff as his climax hit. A moment later Severus was filling him with his warm seed, causing to Sirius mewl at the feeling of Severus warmth filling him to the brim and leaking out of his abused entrance to run the crack of his arse.

They stayed like that for a while still connected and luxuriating in the afterglow of their sex. Only when Severus' soft length slipped from Sirius' body did they shift to get more comfortable; a cleansing and freshening charm was cast as Severus wrapped his arm around Sirius' swollen belly.

Sirius placed his hand over Severus' on his baby bump and sighed in sated contentment. Both men fell asleep quickly, Severus wrapped protectively around his husband's form. Almost five years later many things had changed for them but some things would always remain the same; their love, devotion and commitment to each other and now their children.

In the past both of their lives were overrun with hardship, pain and loneliness and neither man would have ever thought these things would be driven away by the very man they held in their arms as they slept deeply and peacefully.

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