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May 2nd, 1998

Ron and Hermione were walking around the Great Hall checking for friends who needed help. Fred had just been taken to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in a coma. When a wall collapsed on him during the first half of the battle he was thought to be dead but upon closer inspection Madame Pomfrey had distinguished a faint pulse and shallow breaths that were missed by those who witnessed his injury. The Weasley family had collectively taken a sigh of relief filled with hope that they hadn't lost him yet. The rest had left for the hospital with Fred but Ron stayed to see if he could be of some use here when the family promised to send for him if something happened.

"Let's go check over the grounds and make sure nobody has been missed." Hermione said grabbing his hand and pulling him outside. She needed to get him alone now that everyone seemed taken care of.

Ron followed Hermione out the front door and they began a sweep of the grounds. When they exited the courtyards she walked to a bench to have a rest and talk.

"Are you ok 'Mione?" Ron asked looking at her. She seemed off a little.

"Not really Ron, I need to talk to you about something. I don't want to hurt you, you've been my best friend for seven years so this is hard. Separate from the friendship I've liked you for so long now I don't even really remember when it started!" She was rambling so she took a deep breath and turned to face him.

He nodded his head and reached to lightly hold her fingers with his own. Ron had a good idea where this was going and he was sorry too, because he was going to have to break her heart.

"Ron when we kissed in the Room of Requirement it was everything I have been waiting for, for so long but when it happened I didn't feel what I should have felt for a potential love interest. Honestly I felt a pull but not a good kind; it was telling me what I was doing was wrong. So I am sorry Ron but we can't be together romantically. Please don't be mad at me, you deserve to find the right kind of love; the kind I can't feel for you." She finished with silent tears falling down her cheeks.

"'Mione I am not mad at you. I was there for the kiss too you know, I know how it felt and I am glad you feel the same way. I was afraid I was going to have to break your heart soon because I didn't have those feelings for you." Ron smiled and looked thoroughly relieved and that did it they both started laughing.

Just as their laughter was dying down a twig cracked behind them and before an eye could be blinked they were both on their feet turned to face whatever danger awaited with wands drawn and ready!

"Stop! I'm not going to start trouble." Draco Malfoy said tiredly with his hands up in the air. "I am only trying to get back to the castle; I took a walk away from my parents because I needed to think about some things alone."

"Bloody Hell! You expect us to believe you Ferret! We saved your damn life tonight and what did you do to return the favor? You joined the other side that almost killed my brother and did kill Lupin, Tonks, and Colin! I will kill you myself you prick!" Ron yelled with a maniacal look upon his face.

Hermione knew her friends especially Ron Weasley and Harry Potter, so she knew that he was acting on his grief but she also knew when his temper stirred he often acted first and thought later. For this reason just as he was about to cast a curse she did something insane!

"Avada…." Ron said, but before he could finish aiming the curse at an unarmed Malfoy he was staring face to face at Hermione who had thrown herself in front of Draco Malfoy and lowered her own wand. She spread her arms on either side to defend him!

"Hermione get out of the way!" Ron demanded.

"No. He isn't threatening us or fighting with us you can't just kill him. You're not thinking rationally right now Ron. I can't let you do it." Hermione stood her ground and got that stubborn look on her face and Ron knew he couldn't touch Malfoy.

"Fine then, I am going to go check on my brother Granger. You know part of the family that loves you and fought on your side. So while you protect a Death Eater and throw a friend away I am going to be with the family you threw away!" Ron stomped off.

"I'm sorry Granger, I didn't mean for you to lose a friend." Malfoy said gently.

Hermione's shoulders dropped, "I didn't lose a friend ferret! I haven't lost anything I was protecting my friend much more than I was you. He would have regretted it later. That's the third and final time I'm saving your ass tonight so I suggest you start paying attention to people and your surroundings." With that said she turned and walked away until she disappeared in the darkness.


Hermione Granger woke to her alarm going off and groaned. She hadn't been feeling right for a few weeks. She felt tired and run down and more, she just had no name for what that more was. Vast as her vocabulary was she didn't have words to describe how she felt and it had cost her a job at the Ministry. Honestly she wasn't that torn up about losing her job she'd been burned out with it for over a year. Now she was free to figure out what she wanted to do and she was already secure financially so she didn't have a deadline there either. She had decided to take her time and find the right fit for her.

In the meantime however; she had agreed to come in and help George in the twins shop because due to a virus they were short-staffed during their busiest time of the year. Hogwarts letters had been delivered and school was due to start again in a week so the joke shop had nonstop business open to close.

Hermione dressed in soft faded blue jeans and a long sleeved pink tee and put on her sneakers and stumbled down the stairs yawning, in search of a caffeine shot in the form of coffee. When she entered the kitchen it was to find Molly sitting at the table with a cup herself.

"'Mione dear good morning! You have a letter that was dropped off about an hour ago." Molly greeted her while pointing to the parchment.

Hermione fixed a cup of coffee and grabbed a piece of toast then walked over and sat in one of the worn out chairs around the worn out table in the kitchen. She smiled at Molly before she grabbed up the letter and opened it.

Dear Hermione,

Hello sweetheart! Your dad and I wanted to ask if you could come home for a visit this weekend? We have some things to discuss with you as your 21st birthday is approaching soon. If you're not busy Saturday around noon we could have lunch together. Let me know if this works for you please!



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