Since this is the first time I'm doing a parody story, it's a possibility that the characters in this story are a bit out of character, but hopefully, I'll get better at parodying stories.

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Xavier Institute


It was a bright and sunny day at Westchester and located in the middle of Westchester is a prestigious school that is run by none other than Professor Charles Xavier. But, this is no ordinary school as you are about to see, for this is a school that is strictly for mutants. Yeah, we know what you are thinking…how is it possible that mutants can actually exist? Well, this is a superhero universe after all, so it doesn't really matter if people, who have supernatural powers really exist, now do it? So allow us to present you to the world of the X-Men!

In the Xavier Institute, not only are there strictly mutants in this school, but you got the legendary, the most kick-butt mutants fighters ever known to human kind…THE X-MEN…teaching kids!

Professor Charles Xavier, who is the headmaster of this institute, runs the school as humanely as possible, teaching young mutants how to control their powers while teaching them about the importance of peace between mutants and human kind. Charles Xavier usually roams through the halls of the Institute, inspecting to see if everything is in order and seeing if any of the students tried to jump out of the window to fly out of classes. Of course, Professor Charles Xavier is not the only staff member at this wondrous school for mutants. There happens to be a group of X-Men who are known as the "first generation" X-Men, which consists of five mutants.

"Hello Professor!" This is Scott Summers, codename CYCLOPS and he is the leader of the X-Men and is able to shoot lasers out of his eyes. Also, known to some as the big serious guy who doesn't seem to smile, which always seem so stuck up and…okay I'm getting ahead of myself here. Anyways…

"Greetings Scott. It is nice to see you up and about," Said Professor Xavier.

"Hey Professor!" This is Robert "Bobby" Drake, codename ICEMAN who is apart of the original X-Men and your average party-hardy guy!

"Hello Bobby! So, how is everything going on in the institute?" asked Professor Xavier.

"Well Professor, the students are behaving well, Hank, Jean Grey and Warren is all doing well in teaching their courses and no one has tried to blow up the science lab on the first day of school," reported Scott.

"Seriously? Not even half of the science lab? I'm impressed," said Bobby.

"Yeah, unless they are thinking about blowing up the science lab at night. Hank will definitely have a fit if that happens," said Scott.

"Well, I am glad that everything is in order. There are many new students coming in from all around the world, so it would be a pleasure if you two would greet them at their arrival," said Professor Xavier.

"Aw man! How am I supposed to set up my beach party with the babes when I had to deal with the students all day?" thought Bobby to himself.

"You can have your beach party once the students are out of range, Robert," said Professor Xavier and he went away down the hallway.

"Did he just read my innermost thoughts about beach parties and babes and threw it in my face?" asked Bobby.

"Yep. Telepaths are freaky that way," said Scott.

"I heard that," said a friendly voice that made Scott's heart rise.

Meet Jean Grey, codename…JEAN GREY or MARVEL GIRL or whatever she's going by nowadays. She's a telepath who's as powerful as Professor Xavier and she is the love of Scott's life, the center of his universe, the one she gets in bed…already, this narrator's shutting up now.

The narrator shuts up now.

"Oh hi, Jeannie! Don't mind Scott here, he says a lot of crazy stuff," says Bobby smirking.

"Hey! That's not fair Bobby!" protested Scott.

"I know. Besides, there are other things that telepaths can do that are not "freaky," said Jean Grey.

"Like what?" asked Scott and Bobby.

"Oh, potentially make the world a better place by convincing people that violence is never the way and mind controlling the enemies by making them dance to the tune of "Baby, One More Time," said Jean Grey.

"That last statement about our enemies dancing to Britney Spears' first hit song is one image that might be seared in my brain for eons to come," said Bobby sticking out his tongue in disgust.

Suddenly, the bell rings, signaling the students and the teachers to go their classes.

"Oh! I got to get to my ethics class before the students start destroying the classroom! See you two later!" said Jean Grey.

"See ya Jean!" said Scott and Bobby.

And the three heroes of the mutant population take on their biggest challenge yet…school!