Graduation. All the students from Hollywood Arts final year are outside, sitting in rows, listening to speeches and applauding and cheering for whoever graduated. Jade feels uncomfortable in her gown - it's way too hot outside - and her hand is becoming numb because Tori is squeezing it with all her might trying not to cry.

Jade looks over and she sees her parents and Mr. and Mrs. Vega. They're all so emotional but Jade doesn't quite get all the fuss about it.

She mindlessly watches people take their diploma. She hears the crowd cheer but isn't really aware of it. All she can think of is how tight this gown is.

Jade really doesn't get all the fuss people make about graduation until she hears them call outa certain name. The hairs on her neck stand up as a shiver dances down her spine. Her heart freezes in her chest and she feels like she can't breathe. Tori Vega.

She just barely registers Tori's hand slipping out of her own as her girlfriend stands up under a thundering applause. Someone in the back whistles and Tori smiles cutely, shoving her hair behind her ear as she takes the small paper roll that is handed to her. Jade doesn't dare to take her eyes off the girl. She doesn't even dare to blink.

To say Jade is proud would be an understatement. She would deny it until she's dead and gone but she is actually touched. Tori has graduated. Four long, hard years of struggle and she's done it. Just nailed it. Jade remember she made her first days, correction, months a living hell - she still feels guilty - but she's actually made it. Her girl had made it.

Before she knows what's going on her own name is called. Jade blinks excessively, trying to rid her head from the sudden fog that obscures it.

She walks on stages and has her diploma into her hands in and in a few seconds it's already over and then Tori tackle-hugs her but she can't quite comprehend.

Suddenly four, no five, faces doom up in front of Jade and Tori. It takes the latter about half a second to let out a high-pitched squeal and she throws herself into the arms of her best friend. The others watch with smiles so wide that you'd wonder if their jaw muscles are hurting or not.

"Oh my god, you guys!"

Jade doesn't even try to keep up with the conversation after that. Her mind had gone blank and she had no idea why. She tries to think and think but nothing comes to mind. Jade feels like she's standing on top of a cliff and looking down but not quite seeing into the abyss.

"We'll keep in touch right?" Tori asks her best friend, her voice so small it might break along the way. Jade zones back in. Tori smiles, "Right?"

"Of course, muchacha," he pulls her in for a hug and squeezes her so tightly that she can't breathe anymore, but the wide, tearstained smile stays on her face. Suddenly it hits Jade and her heart drops down in her chest when she really looks at who's in front of them.

It feels weird saying goodbye. Even temporary. The friends Jade had made at Hollywood Arts during these years - Robbie, Cat, Andre, Rex and even Beck - were so difficult to forget. They had been like a family for all this time. A big, slightly dysfunctional family, but a family none the less. They had stuck together like glue.

And now they all went their separate ways. It feels unnerving to Jade. It feels unnerving to have your safe and stable base whacked out from under your feet, and the first new steps you are going to have to take are going to be like walking on embers. Like going bungee-jumping without any security lines. It was insanely ridiculous to think about and even though Jade told herself not to cry tonight she feels a lump settle in her throat - she loathes herself for this - and she swallows hard as her friends come to say bye.

But even so, Jade is sure she and Tori would be fine. To them this is but a challenge they have yet to conquer, only without instruction manual. Damn it.

Jade smiles as she hugs her friends for what would be the last time in quite a while. She makes sure she holds them as close as possible, to imprint their person and character and everything so that she would not forget. Jade blinks away her tears as they drive off one by one and then Tori's hand envelopes her own. She bites her tongue hard and blinks away the hot tears that start to form in her eyes. Damn it all.

Looking over, Jade sees Tori and her heart fills with renewed warmth. She squeezes her girlfriend's hand. Together they'd start their own new family.

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