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This is my take on Vegeta X Eighteen, I'm bad at romance so BARE WITH ME PLEASE. Takes place after Goku landed back on earth and meets Trunks. Trunks tell Goku about the Cyborgs from the future as well as who he is etc.

"WHAT? YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT VEGETA MARRIED BULMA?" Goku yelled at the top of his lungs being shocked by the news. Unfortunately Goku's one mistake revealed to everyone in the Z-team about Vegeta marrying Bulma…which ended up destroying what every opportunity Bulma had at getting Vegeta's heart.

"Damn it Goku, not so loud, do you want the "me" of this timeline to never be born?" Trunks replied angrily.

"Sorry, I just got too excited, I don't think anyone heard me. Hehe" Goku responded while scratching his head in embarrassment. 'This is the guy who can help me defeat the cyborgs?' Trunks thought skeptically.

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT OVER THERE?" Vegeta screamed in rage. Not only has Vegeta been surpassed by Kakkorot and this random kid, but they also had the nerve to gossip about him not to mention slandering his name with nonsense like love.

"Oops...nevermind." Goku said apologetically to Trunks.

"FORGET WHAT YOU JUST HEARD!" Goku yelled back to the Z-team, but it was already too late, the damage has been done.

"Ughh…this is bad. Look the best thing to do now, is to not release any more information about me that includes my name. The only thing to tell them about is the future threat of the cyborgs." Trunks said seriously.

"Okay Okay got it."

"Well I gotta go now…" Trunks gave the peace sign before flying off into the sky.

"Damn you Kakkorot, you better explain what's going on this instant!" Vegeta screamed in rage.

Goku explained everything that happened including the future threat of the android, and obviously avoided Vegeta's question about him and Bulma.

'How could I ever like this woman? She's just a measly human, she's no warrior worthy of a Saiyan prince. I must take my caution and avoid her at all cost!' Vegeta thought smugly. Vegeta kept to his words and whenever he saw Bulma during his stay at Capsule Corps in which he avoided her and ignored her. That of course got Bulma angry enough to the point she yelled at him for being ungrateful and threw him out of Capsule Corps.

"Well, if you can't even say thank you and keep acting like I never existed, then I think it's better for us if you weren't here in the first place!" Bulma yelled at Vegeta's back angrily as she threw his belongings to him, while he was walking away.

Vegeta easily caught his bag of clothes and kept his back to Bulma before leaving once and for all without even looking back once. Vegeta had no idea where he was going or where he planned to go. He just realized he needed a place to stay and train and prepare himself for the upcoming cyborgs. He flew towards the spaceship with the gravity room equipped and entered the door, after clicking a few buttons he flew off to space in preparations for harsh training before anyone even realized. 'Damn it all, I have to surpass Kakkarot, I have to achieve super saiyan…then Kakkarot will think twice before slandering my name in front of his little friends ever again.' Vegeta thought angrily. Bulma found out later her spaceship had been hijacked by Vegeta, obviously she was mad but it wasn't like she can do anything about it. She finally let it go after Yamcha offered to her to a nice dinner to forget about that ungrateful spaceship stealing arrogant Saiyan prince.


Three year later…

An explosion was heard on an island near South City. The Z-Team realized it must be the cyborgs as it was around the time that the mysterious Saiyan said it would. They all flew off towards the island but to their horror…one Z fighter was already at the island.

"Ughh…you haven't beaten me yet…"Yamcha groaned while holding his de-stomached abdomen. He staggered around before falling unconscious.

"Oh no they got Yamcha!" Krillin screamed fearfully.

"These robots are merciless." Tien choked out as he stared at the old man and the fat man in fear.

"Well…well the reinforcements have arrived." Dr. Gero stated while eyeing the Z-fighters.

"Indeed…they are all weak just like the one we killed." Nineteen replied.

"They must be the cyborgs…I don't sense their ki at all." Piccolo said angrily.

"Ahh…you are here…Goku."Dr. Gero looked at Goku with an amused expression.

"C-Twenty, may I have the honor of slaying Goku?" Nineteen asked.

"Why of course, but to make it fair, I get to kill his friends if they interfere." Dr. Gero answered with an arrogant grin.

"Are you prepared to die Goku?" Nineteen asked as he changed into his battle stance.

"Not here…not with so many people, I'll fight you but only in a location with no people." Goku replied

"Hmph, you act like it will make a difference, but very well we will leave this area as you wish" Dr. Gero replied smugly.

After landing in a barren wasteland, Goku turned into Super Saiyan surprising the cyborgs, then he wasted no time with trivial talk instead he jumped right into fighting. Despite having a clear upper hand, Nineteen managed to absorbed some ki blasts which surprised Goku but still proved to be ultimately useless against the Super Saiyan. Three years of training was just too much for the fat cyborg to fight. 'This is beyond what I calculated…he is a lot stronger than what I anticipated, how is this even possible?" Dr. Gero thought.

"Alright this has gone off long enough, time to finish this." Goku said, right as he prepared a KameHameHa, his heart disease kicked in. 'Damn…not now…' Goku thought as he gasped for breath.

Nineteen struggled off the ground as he realized his perfect opportunity to fight back. Nineteen was already severely injured and worn out from his fight with Goku, so he decided to drain his energy before killing him. Nineteen jumped up and landed on the struggling Goku, then proceeded to hold his neck and drain his ki.

"We gotta help him before he dies!" Krillin yelled.

"No way… Goku was pummeling the cyborg earlier, what happened?" Tien questioned stunned at the sudden change.

"It must be the heart disease!" Piccolo exclaimed angrily. "Damn it!" he yelled again before charging straight at Nineteen.

Dr. Gero immediately appeared in front of Piccolo intercepting his attempt at an attack.

"You will have to get past me if you want to fight Nineteen" The doctor said with a smug grin on his face.

"You think that would be a problem?" Piccolo said smugly.

Just when Piccolo prepare to attack the doctor, a yellow glow shot right next to them flying towards Nineteen and knocking him towards a mountain, which crumbled on contact with the cyborg. Everyone gasped in shock as they saw who was behind the powerful kick. Vegeta smiled arrogantly as he walked past Goku.

"What a pity…Kakkorot for you to lose to these tin cans" Vegeta taunted.

"I…can't believe it…Vegeta's a Super Saiyan!" Krillin exclaimed.

"Heh…so you finally managed to do it huh?" Piccolo asked dryly.

"Hmph. Of course I can, I'm the prince of all Saiyans. When I set my mind to do something I will accomplish it. I'm glad Kakkorot and that future brat shy me away from someone like Bulma, it was thanks to that I wouldn't waste my time on trivial things like marriage and family." Vegeta stated arrogantly.

"Hah, so what if you manage to get Nineteen by surprise? You will only increase the death toll." Dr. Gero laughed.

"Oh…after I finish recycling that piece of trash, you're next." Vegeta replied confidently.

Just then Nineteen stood back up and fired a ki blast aimed at Vegeta, in which Vegeta easily deflected. Vegeta proceeded to phase in front of Nineteen and gave him a horrible beating. After Vegeta was finished the cyborg could barely move. "Damn…you…Vegeta…" Nineteen managed to sputter while choking on his own artificial blood.

"Im…possi…ble…" Dr. Gero looked on horrifyingly.

"I can't believe Kakkarot lost to this useless scrap metal." Vegeta yarned.

"Oh just you wait." Dr. Gero said angrily before trying to jump at Vegeta.

Piccolo grabbed the cyborg doctor's wrist and broke it off, causing the cyborg to scream in sheer pain. "How dare you do…this…to me! YOU SHALL REGRET IT!" Dr. Gero screamed angrily.

"Heh…I may not be as strong as the Super Saiyan yet, but I'm still more than capable of ending you." Piccolo replied mockingly.

"Stay out of this Namekien, I will be the one to finish off both these idiots." Vegeta ordered.

"You can't have all the fun." Piccolo replied arrogantly.

"I'll move on to the rusted up old machine after I finish off fatso here." Vegeta laughed, as he prepared his Big Bang Attack. After launching it and shocking everyone with his display of power, there was nothing left of Cyborg-Nineteen.

"Imposs...ible…You destroyed NINETEEN!" Dr. Gero screamed in frustration, before taking off to the mountains.

"Damn it, we gave him time to run away because we were too busy being full of ourselves." Piccolo fumed.

"Relax we can find him hahaha." Krillin replied comically.

"We can't sense his ki, it's gonna be hard." Tien replied.

"Who cares, we can just level the place!" Vegeta retorted angrily.


All the Z fighters looked back to see who the unfamiliar voice was that shouted behind them. They realized it was the boy from the future that warned them about the cyborgs, he was followed by a CC plane. When Vegeta saw Trunks and Bulma which reminded him about the slanderous lies he told everyone, he balled up his fist in rage.

"YOU SLANDERING LITTLE SHIT!" Vegeta pointed an accusing finger at the Saiyan boy, shocking everyone.

"Wha...what?" Trunks taken back in surprise.

"Not only did you scheme with Kakkarot and make up nonsense about me and that woman, but you also lied about the robot's powers as well!" Vegeta ranted.

"It must be a misunderstanding…" Trunks answered, still shocked at Vegeta's sudden outburst.

"I don't know about the first part, but Vegeta's right about the second point, we just killed one of the cyborgs, I think you may have overestimated their power." Piccolo responded uninterestedly.

"Yeah, Vegeta singlehandedly defeated the cyborg, but the other one ran off." Tien added on

"Wait that's not possible, how did you kill them so easily, did you guys all jumped in to help?" Trunks asked

"They were nothing to me, but I can't say the same about Kakkorot." Vegeta bragged.

"Oh no! Goku! Was he defeated by the cyborgs?"

"No he just got that heart disease you warned us about, he should be fine after he's taken home and given the medicine." Piccolo answered.

"I got you Goku." Bulma said comfortingly then she and the newly recovered Yamcha carried Goku into the plane. Vegeta without saying a word flew off to the mountains in search of the remaining cyborg. The CC plane took off as fast as possible to tend to the disease stricken Goku, without even waving good bye to the remaining Z-fighters.

"I don't get it…there's no way Vegeta would be able to handle one of the cyborgs alone…"

"Well you didn't tell us to train for 3 years for nothing did you? Obviously we should be stronger than our future selves." Piccolo answered.

"Haha, Piccolo's right that fatso didn't stand a chance!" Krillin exclaimed in joy.

"Did you just say fat?" Trunks asked surprised.

"Yeah, one of the cyborgs was fat and the other one was old." Tien answered.

"Those aren't the cyborgs! The ones from my timeline are teenage twins!" Trunks growled as he pictured their terrifying face that has scarred him when he was a child.

"WHAT? Then who were the ones we just fought?" Krillin gawked.

"I don't know but they certainly aren't the cyborgs I warned you guys about!" Trunks retorted.

"Well what are we gonna do now?" Krillin asked fearfully.

"What do you think? We need to find that other cyborg and finish him off first." Piccolo replied angrily before flying off to search for the old doctor.

"I gotta warn fath…I mean Vegeta!" Trunks yelled before taking off as well.

"Yeah we need to find the remaining cyborg, we probably wouldn't be able to take him by ourselves, so just power up and we should come to you." Tien said before taking off as well.

"Damn it, I hate dying." Krillin told himself sourly and flew off as well.

'Those fools have no idea where I am…I will take my time slowing draining their power and then kill them off, when I'm strong enough I will be able to take out Vegeta and Demon King Piccolo…' Dr. Gero thought smiling. Just then Krillin flew past the mountain area where Dr. Gero was hiding, he was so careless about his surrounding because he doubted anyone would attack him after the beating Vegeta and Piccolo gave to the cyborgs. 'Perfect, I will start with this one, he's too weak to resist me.' Dr. Gero thought smugly, as he flew up behind Krillin surprising him.

"Well hello there little one." Dr. Gero greeted mockingly.

'YIKES WHAT DO I DO NOW? I can't take this guy alone…wait Tien told me to power up and and the rest will find me.' Krillin thought.

"HYAAAAAAAH" Krillin powered up at his best.

"Yes fool, power up more so I have more ki to absorb." Dr. Gero laughed maniacally as he jumped on Krillin to drain his ki. Dr. Gero was so caught up with this act he didn't notice the rest of the Z-fighters flying towards him.

"Stop right there!" Piccolo roared. Vegeta, Trunks and Tien approached as well, cornering the doctor. Gero feeling cornered, weighed his options before finally realizing he stood no chance at surviving, and decided it would be his best interest to use his trump card. Gero also realized there was another person next to Vegeta, he had no data on him, but it wouldn't matter either way… 'The reward outweighs the risk…' He thought.

"Hmph, you haven't stopped me yet!" Gero hissed.

"You're about to be obliterated trash can. Now watch this boy, and when you go back to the future you can remember how easisly I dispose of scrap metals like this." Vegeta said proudly.

"He's not the cyborg from my time, I don't know who he is!" Trunks gasped in shock.

"It doesn't matter who he is, we will end him now and then the rest of the cyborgs." Piccolo replied.

"It doesn't matter what you think, as soon as I release Cyborg Seventeen and Eighteen, you lot of idiots are done for!" The doctor laughed maniacally, before dashing off into the mountains.

"OH NO, HE'S GONNA RELEASE SEVENTEEN AND EIGHTEEN!' Trunks yelled in pure horror.

"What?" Tien asked shocked at the fear that was in Trunks voice.

"Quit yapping and hunt that robot down!" Vegeta croaked.

"Seventeen and Eighteen are the cyborgs from my time that destroyed everything and killed everyone except for me!" Trunks explained.

"Then we better not let that other cyborg release them then." Piccolo replied.

"Then what are we waiting for? LETS GO!" Vegeta shouted impatiently before taking off into the sky.


When they finally located Gero's lab and blasted down the door despite Trunks' protest they were shocked to see the actual cyborgs that had supposedly executed them in another time. Standing before the old man was two teenagers that looked almost identical even thought one could easily tell the difference between the girl and the boy, they were clearly siblings that even shared the same haircut in which their hair ended at shoulder's length. The blonde cyborg was clearly more feminine than her brother who even though was tougher looking, still looked like he was a fragile twig. Vegeta couldn't believe what he saw, he had it with this future Saiyan brat's lies, first he slanders his name with something as nonsense as loving a weak meager human then he lied about the cyborgs being a challenge and now he lies once more about a pair of fragile looking teens. Although when he studied the facial features of the two teenagers, he was captivated by the female's crystal blue eyes for reasons he don't understand. Her face and skin seems flawless and perfect, too perfect for any mortal females to ever hope to achieve naturally he thought. 'Damn what am I thinking, I'm dozing off and admiring about some tin can's beauty when I should be thinking of ways to recycle them' Vegeta mentally scolded himself. Fortunately for Vegeta, he wasn't the only one shocked by the appearance of the twin cyborgs, everyone else was skeptical of them as well.

"You sure these two are the cyborgs that killed us?" Tien asked.

"There's no mistake, I will never forget their face." Trunks gritted his teeth.

"They don't look like killer cyborgs to me." Krillin stuttered, trying to comfort himself with his own lies rather than actually convincing others.

"HAH, these two are the cyborgs that killed me in the other timeline huh? A pretty girl and some punk kid" Vegeta laughed.

"Don't underestimate them by their appearance; they are more deadly than you think." Trunks hissed.

Eighteen and Seventeen simply stared at the Z-fighters, studying them one after the other, completely ignoring the rambling Gero was giving them about the destroyed controller.

"Well if these data you gave us is correct they won't be any fun." Seventeen said monotonously.

"Well I think this one is pretty strong." Eighteen said and winked at Vegeta. Vegeta was taken aback by what Eighteen just did, but he didn't pay much mind to it when he reminded himself he had something to prove, still he couldn't help but have his mind wonder 'Why did she blink at me? Does she like me?' That thought was scrapped when he continuously reminded himself about his pride and that he needed to shut this future kid up.

"You trashcans dare to mock me?" Vegeta roared in anger.