Chloe POV

The boys and I walked out of the 'lair' if you want to call it that and Oliver told them to go get ready since they all were messy and-well to be honest they stunk- anyway he told them to get ready and that I could borrow his old Beatles shirt and a pair of jeans that were sent to his house when the mailman miss matched the addresses. Of course he wouldn't send them back to the store but oh well, they came in handy for me.

We went to his house and I took a shower to clean myself of all the leaves and twigs on my body. I stepped out of the shower and saw that he had washed my undergarments and dried them enough so I could wear them. I brushed my hair, pulled it into a pony, and got dressed.

I knew that I didn't have any deodorant or perfume so I used his and put on some of his cologne…..even though it's a man's belongings you still got to smell nice right ladies? Lol anyways I walked out of the bathroom and saw a note on the door.

Chloe I went to ur house to getur get ur bag by the time ur out of bathroom I might be outside….just look for my motorcycle because I don't feel like using my truck….plus I know motorcycles scare u!

Oh how I hate him sometimes. I watched some tv for a bit until I heard an engine and looked out to see him with my backpack on his back and his on his front. I ran outside and hopped on as we raced to school.


I was at school getting ready for our first class when I heard Oliver's motorcycle pull up into the parking lot. Oliver knows how much Chloe hates them… he is so going to have an ass whooping later on at home when they get alone….sucker.

The bell rang and I knew that I had to go to class or Ill get a detention and dad would not like that.

*class over(only doing class sometimes)*

I smelled mai as I walked out of class and I knew it wasn't Chloe because it smelled like a male…. I looked down the hall and saw a boy around my age sniffing the air. I knew I had to find chloe because I wasn't sure if he smelled the boys and I or her.

I ran and ran until I came to her locker and slammed it shut as she was opening it.

Alec POV

Jasmine and I ran to school and I felt like puking once we got inside….it smelled like jackal….and lots of it.i brushed it off thinking that they just wanted to mark their scent on mai land to irritate us and went to my first class,

I was walking to my locker after checking out a few chicks and then I smelt it…..mai….. but it was covered in jackel,and not just one but multiple.

I am sssooooo sorry I didn't update in a while but I got sick then had a HUGE test and THEN I had a volleyball game and after that I went to a friends house bc our parents were going out so I couldn't go on my computer and they were supposed to be back by like 1 am but my mom and a friend they were meeting up with got into and accident and I had to sleepover….PLUS that same day after I slept over I had a vball tournament in which I HAD to go to and it was from 9am-10pm so I was so tired I couldn't make a chapter which is why this is a short one but anyways tx for reading this and listening to my rants so….REVIEW!