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The Forgotten Daughter.

Lightning Strikes Part II.

United Kingdom, Wales.

Lilly Court Road, Number 3:

Melinda had everything sorted out now, a week after the war had ended but she'd nearly forgotten one important thing. Remus had told her Petunia wished to speak with her, and she'd sworn to herself that if she lived she'd go to see what her estranged aunt wanted.

It couldn't be worse then future family reunions she'd once thought, but now she wasn't so sure.

"Dudley wasn't exactly my favorite person in the world, but I'm sorry about what happened. If I had thought they'd go after your family, I would have gotten you some help," Melinda said, and she really thought she would have.

She hated her muggle relatives. That was true but she didn't wish the Death Eaters on anyone, not even them. It seemed she'd over looked the obvious during the war, and while she truly wasn't all that sad about Dudley or Vernon's death she felt bad for the loss Petunia must have suffered.

She understood loss, she'd lost so many during the war.

Petunia's pursed lips loosened for perhaps the first time since Melinda had known her aunt and the long necked woman sighed. Her head was bowed for a moment before she shook her head.

"At least you're honest. Lily...she was just as honest when she wanted to be," Petunia said. "I know we have a terrible past, and I didn't really ask you here to ask forgiveness or reconcile. Honestly, I don't think us being on terms of...any kind besides a truce so to say would be a good idea."

Melinda stared at her aunt in surprise and confusion.

"Forgive me for not understanding what you're tying to say," she said.

"I know, I do want to apologize for the way I treated you. I expect nothing from you and I won't say I don't blame you for what happened to my son and husband...but it's not me I asked to talk to you about."

Melinda nodded.

"Alright, than what am I doing here, Petunia?" she asked.

"A year before Dudley died he had relationship with a girl in the neighborhood," Petunia began and Melinda raised an shocked eyebrow.

Petunia chuckled with little humor.

"I know, it surprised me too. I won't say I was completely blind to his weight problem but he got better from the last summer you spent with us. He joined some sports, and boxing. He lost a lot of weight."

"I guess miracles do happen," she muttered and gave her aunt a concerned look. "So what does telling me about this girl have to do with why I am here."

Later Melinda would wonder how thick she was to not have seen what was coming.

"She got pregnant," Petunia said, bluntly.

Melinda blinked.


"She was fourteen."

Melinda's eyes widened, and her jaw dropped.

"I see how that could be a...problem."

Petunia frowned, nodding.

"To say her parents weren't happy is an understatement. Dudley was older then her, they claimed he'd taken advantage of her and demanded he not see her again. Vernon was outraged, but I had the good sense to ask about the baby," Petunia said.

"Lori's parents – that's the girls name – wanted her to terminate it or if nothing else give it up for adoption. Dudley had mixed feelings about it, I could tell he didn't truly want anything to do with a baby. I am against ending a life, fetus or not, and asked that they keep the baby to term and we would take it in."

Melinda stared at Petunia blankly but with a new found respect. Just a bit, their past together was much to black for her to be too impressed.

"Did they keep it?" Melinda asked.

Petunia nodded and stood. Melinda knew her aunt was going to get the baby then, and a few minutes later Petunia returned with a baby about a year old. Maybe closer to two. It was a girl by the looks of it, with loose blond curls forming and big green eyes.

They weren't exactly like Melinda knew her mothers were, they were lighter, more grassy, but they had definitely been inherited from the Evans side of the family.

"She beautiful," Melinda said as Petunia sat down with the baby on her lap.

"She is...she reminds me of you, and Lily," Petunia said, sighing. "At first Vernon wasn't exactly thrilled but he grew to accept the idea. When she was born I named her Primrose Dursley, keeping with the flower tradition of the Evans side of the family. Then when she was six months old things started happening. She'd cry and suddenly whatever she wanted would fly to her. Her binky, her bottle, a rattle."

Melinda looked at the baby in shock.

"She's a witch," Melinda breathed.

Petunia nodded.

"When I spoke these suspicions to Vernon and Dudley they were terrified and wanted her out. At first I thought about it, and thought maybe if I found you you might take her, but I couldn't find you," she said.

"She's my I kept Vernon and Dudley at bay for as long as I could. Then those men attacked and I was so thankfully Primrose wasn't at home at the time. I don't really remember a lot, just pain and waking up in the hospital. I immediate asked for you, knowing the people who were there were like you."

"So is that why you talking to me now? You want me to take Primrose – "

Melinda was shocked when Petunia fiercely shook her head.

"No," she said. "At first yes, but then they told me what had happened. That Vernon and Dudley were dead. I was heartbroken but then I remembered. I still had Primrose and she would need me. After that I thought about everything, giving her up just because she was...different. I don't know how to raise a witch, not really. I was terrible to Lily and you. I knew I couldn't give her up then."

Melinda was more then shocked, she felt like this was all a very odd dream. How could any of this be real? It had to be a figment of her imagination, but it was painfully obvious real. She even discretely pinched herself to be sure.

"I wanted to talk to you because I wanted you to know about her. So that you could help me when it comes to her abilities. Like when she's old enough to go to...Hogwarts."

Melinda could tell this was all very hard for Petunia and shook her head, blinking furiously.

"Okay, I can do that. I mean I'm leaving for America today..."

Petunia's eyes widened.

"You are?"

Melinda nodded.

"Yeah. I can contact you, this house was once a magical home so it should still be connected to the floo," Melinda said and Petunia nodded.

"It is, the Kingsley man used it. He also knows about Primrose. When I decided to keep her, I changed her surname to Evans, and I'm now using my maiden name as well. It hurt to much to use Dursley any longer."

"I'll contact you when I can, or you could contact me through Kingsley. He knows how to get a hold of me," Melinda said.

"Alright," Petunia stood then. "Thank you for coming Melinda, I know you didn't have to."

Melinda stood a second later and nodded.

"I know, but I made a promise to myself to come see what it was you wanted. I think my mom would have wanted me to, even with everything from the past."

Melinda was quick to say goodbye, and leave for Grimmauld Place.

She knew one thing for sure, she really needed a firewhiskey after that.


::Everything ready, Sesha?:: Melinda asked, as she finished flicking her wand.

Melinda now possessed two wands. She would have repaired her Holly wand, if she still had the pieces. Truth was the wand had been lost during the war, probably in the forest somewhere.

She hadn't wanted to use the Elder Wand like Dumbledore had, for everyday use, so she'd gone back to Olivander who'd been more than happy to create a custom wand for her.

Cypress, 11 inches, Phoenix Feather with a single Nereid hair intertwined. Basically it was the same as her first wand when it came to core, but this one had a different wood – which Olivander said wasn't unusual – and and came from a different Phoenix and Nereid.

It worked just as well as her old wand, though it had taken her a little while to get used to the newness of it. It hadn't handled like her Holly wand did, but also at the same time felt better.

::Yes, though I don't know how you plan to sneak a poisonous snake and owl onto a cruise ship, Mistress.::

Sesha finished putting her personal effects, which weren't much more then a couple stuffed animals she'd gotten over the years. It was rather strange for a snake to own stuffed anything.

But Sesha had always been strange compared to other snakes.

::I'm a witch, Sesha, they'll never know you're there. As for Helios, it's not that hard to do the same for him. Except he'll be illusioned to look like a common bird. The fact I'm taking a Cruise ship is just for comfort, they allow animals::

Melinda walked around, making sure she had everything and then flicking her head at the trunks. They instantly began to float and follow her down the stairs once she'd secured Sesha around her arm and picked up Helios's cage.

"Mistress, someone is here to see you," Kreacher said, popping up close by and she jumped slightly.

"Kreacher, what have I said about doing that?"

The house else lowered his head, the large replica locket of Slytherin swinging against his chest. She knew the house elf had been very happy to receive his Master Regulus' locket. Since then the attempts of maiming her and poisoning her food had stopped.

At first she'd assumed it had been Dobby's influence, but turned out Kreacher had just warmed up to her. He saw her as a worthy mistress now. She was relieved, though checking her food for deadly ingredients had become a bit of a habit.

Dobby himself had come to work for her, Draco thinking it only right sense she had saved the house elf from death with the Pearls water about two weeks ago. She hadn't been sure the water would work for the house elf, but she knew the chances of it killing him weren't very high either.

At the time he'd been so close to death she'd taken the risk over the latter option of letting him die.

"That was my fault," can a deep, familiar voice.

Melinda gasped and turned around, nearly dropping Helios's cage before she set him down gently. Standing in the doorway leading to the kitchen was her father.

"Dad," Melinda said, surprised. "What...what are you doing here?"

Poseidon grinned at his daughter, taking in her appearance with shinning sea green eyes. She was as beautiful as her mother had been. She definitely had grown a lot since he'd first met her when she was a little girl, sitting on a swing and living in a physically abusive situation.

Kreacher discretely popped away to give the father and daughter some privacy.

"I can't come visit my daughter?"

Melinda raised an eyebrow and he sighed.

"I was worried," Poseidon said. "Hecate told me about the war...and I was watching during the end."

Melinda was shocked to see tears in her father's eyes and she blinked, walking over and hesitantly hugging the larger man.

"You saw me die didn't you?" she asked a minute or two later as she pulled away.

"For a minute I thought you were truly gone," he said, and then smiled a little. "Mistress of Death, huh?"

Melinda blinked.

"How did you know that?"

Poseidon shrugged.

"I told you I was watching the end of it, I saw your last worlds to Voldemort. I know the story of Thanatos' encounter with the three mortal brothers. We just never realized they were wizards of Hecate's creation."

"Hmm, so was there something else that you had to come all the way to England just before I board a cruise ship to New York...or is this it?"

Poseidon chuckled.

"You have your mother's cheek," he said, then turned serious. "They know."

Melinda blinked.

"What?" she asked.

"Olympus knows about you. Athena came to check on her great-great-granddaughter or whatever and saw you. She told Zeus her discovery in March."

Melinda blinked.

"That was like, three months ago..."

"I know, but I had to keep an eye on your brother. I knew you could protect yourself, didn't mean it made the decision any easier," Poseidon replied. "It gets worse. Zeus' Master Bolt was stolen at the last winter solstice. He's blaming me, your brother and now yourself. To make it worse they fear you might be the prophecy child seeing as you did make it to sixteen...pass sixteen even."

Melinda was stunned silent.

"Do I still go to camp? Or is it no longer safe?"

Poseidon chuckled.

"It was never truly safe for you once my brothers found out I broke the oath. But camp is the safest place for you, even with this new development. I also know you've been waiting for this day for seven years."

Melinda flushed.

"I have to be in Southampton in an hour dad, I hate to cut this short," Melinda began and Poseidon nodded.

"I understand. Please, be careful and don't go near the sky right now. Not even on that broom of yours," Poseidon said.

Melinda nodded, pretty soon she wouldn't even need a broom to fly. Of course she hadn't mastered the ability yet, Animagus transformations took time. She found that out the hard way, and she hadn't had a lot of time recently to practice.

A minute later Melinda looked away as Poseidon flashed back to America – she assumed.


Melinda sighed contently as she sat on the deck of the ship, or whatever you'd call it. She laid on a chair, she wasn't positive the name too, she thought it might be called a lawn chair or something. She'd seen her aunt use them growing up to get a tan in the front yard, or to take to the beach.

She wore a bikini top and pair of shorts and sandals. The sun beat down on her and Sesha who was curled up around her shoulders and arm. She was the only one who could see the very large snake, thanks to a small notice-me-not spell. Powered by the Elder Wand it would take a very, very strong clear sighted person or a god to see past it.

::This is so much better then running from Death Eaters for nine months,:: Melinda muttered in Parseltongue, so only Sesha could hear her.

::Yes, much agreed Mistress,:: Sesha replied, lazily.

Melinda smiled and crossed her legs at the ankle, and replaced her ear-buds back into her ear and browsed her IPOD music choices. She splurged a little on things before her trip, after all seven days on a cruise ship was only fun if you came prepared.

Closing her eyes, Melinda set the IPOD on low volume, and began to doze off into a peaceful sleep. At least for the time being.


Melinda had arrived in New York the day before, and spent the next three days setting up her life in America. She was not quite a legal adult in Muggle America, turning eighteen in July, but she had papers, forged by the Ministry to show she was emancipated in the muggle world. In reality she was only emancipated by Magical means legally.

She had gotten a apartment in Manhattan, even though she had more than enough money to buy a small house. Hecate had suggested the apartment building she currently lived in. it had three bedrooms and a rather large living room and medium size kitchen. Quite nice for the price.

She was used to places much bigger, having lived in Grimmauld Place for so long, but having lived in a cupboard under the stairs for longer she could adapt to this new setting. It hadn't taken her long to locate her brother. Percy lived with his mother, not far and currently went to Yancy Academy.

She was guilty of stalking...but she had been dying for at least a look at her brother. She'd lived with out close family for so long, and she'd waited for years to see him. She'd seen him once in her demigod dream before third year but it had been a long time ago and he'd been a lot younger then.

He still had messy black hair, tanned skin and bright sea green eyes. In other words she was struck by how much like a mini-Poseidon he looked.

A week after she arrived she decided to head to Camp Half-Blood. Especially after the meeting with a fury, she wasn't sure which one but it hadn't been fun. She had a small burn from the furies fire-whip to prove that. She didn't like relying on the Pearl for all her injuries so she'd decided to let it heal naturally. It wasn't that bad of a burn, just stung and ugly looking.

Helios enjoyed the new area, though seeing a snowy owl was even stranger in New York than in England so the growing owlet always had a notice-me-not charm on it, no matter how low powered it was. In other words, a demigod would most likely be able to see through it.

It was the evening when she arrived at the Camp boarders. It was hard not to notice the large pine tree, seeing as she had to pass it. The welcome she received wasn't exactly...normal for lack of better term, but she'd half expected the weapon pointed at her before Chiron had trotted up.

The centaur reminded her a little of Firenze and Bane, if you mixed them together. Scary, thought.

She supposed she did look rather intimidating with an owl flying behind her, and a large snake wrapped around her arm . Speaking of Sesha, the snake had risen up to spit venom, metaphorically, at the three demigods who'd greeted her with swords.

One was younger then the others, with blonde hair curled like a princess and hard gray eyes. The other was around fourteen with black hair and stony brown eyes, but the one who caught her attention most looked about one or two years older then her.

He had blue eyes, like ice, and sandy blonde hair. A scar on his face which looked rather gruesome, but seemed to suit him.

"Who are you?" Chiron asked, or more like demanded.

Melinda was about to speak when the demigods gasped, and Chiron's eyes widened.

::Mistress, is it common for you to start growing holographs out of your head?:: Sesha asked.

Looking up Melinda gasped as well.

Above her head was a green trident. She'd been claimed, and she hadn't even been there but a few minutes.

By now nearly the whole camp had gathered to see the commotion.

"I'm Melinda," she began, looking at Chiron. "Melinda Potter, daughter of Poseidon, and Legacy of Hecate."

There were multiple gasps and whispers about what a legacy was before Chiron bowed.

To her surprise nearly all the demigods dropped to their knees in front of her. Helios hooted from where he perched and flew over proudly to perch on her shoulder, causing the blonde girls mouth to drop open even further.

"All hail, Melinda Potter. Daughter of Poseidon, God of the Sea, Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses. Legacy of Hecate."