Hello all. This is a sequel to my Gossip Girl Fic Inevitable.

Reviews are appreciated. Enjoy :)

Hello Upper East Siders,

Yes it's been a while since I last posted, but I've been trying to give you space since C and B's happy ending, not anymore.

Today as we know is C and B's seventeenth wedding anniversary.

Seventeen years and four kids later C and B still rule the UES with an iron fist. Of course Chuck almost literally runs it, with Bass Industries becoming one of the biggest companies in the world, and the biggest on the Eastern Coast. B gained control of her mothers company, and has caused business to soar Eleanor Waldorf designs is now one of the most renowned boutiques in the world. Congrats B. But let's not assume that this means they're all grown up. We all know that C and B still play their little games, and still own that limo. Let's hope the children don't use their daddy's private limo much...

N and S got married, duh! It did take him two years to get up the courage, and now three children later the couple still act like teenagers. N's the new newspaper mogul, bigger than Murdoch. S is the woman of the UES, took after her mum in all aspects, except the five marriages and bad mothering thing. We all knew N and S would be together, ever since the Shepard's. And rumor has it N and S still like to go at it when in public. Good to know things haven't changed.

Lonely Boy married, for some unfathomable reason, V. He's now a very popular author, and she an 'indie' film maker. Oh yeah they also have a kid. So good for them I suppose.

And I now I talk to you, Audrey Holly Bass, Charles Harold Bass, Bartholomew Bass II, Cornelia Blair Bass, Sienna Claire Archibald, Lily Ivy Archibald, William Eric Archibald and yes even you Dylan Rufus Humphrey. I'm back, and I'm back for you. I know you, and you'll know me soon enough.

Care to know all your parents dirty secret's? Maybe learn the side of Chuck Bass, before he had B. Find out what really happened between Lonely Boy and S, and how clueless N really used to be. Let's hope you give me as much fun as your parents before you. And I know I'm personally hoping for Chuck Bass 2.0 to be as heartless as his Daddy.

And so a new generation begins...

And who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell

You know you love me,


Gossip Girl


What the actual hell?

I stared at the phone screen, at the faces in the room and then back at the phone screen.

"Heartless." I choked out,

"Charlie?" Audrey asked,

"I am not heartless." I reaffirmed slightly louder, Dylan scoffed,

"Shut it Brooklyn!" I snapped. Angrily I stormed out slamming the door behind me.


This is not good. Not good. I am totally screwed. I heard Charlie choke something out.

"Charlie?" I asked tentatively,

"I am not heartless." I stared at him, had this Gossip Girl gotten to him this badly. I heard Dylan scoff, I shot daggers at him.

"Shut it Brooklyn!" Charlie snapped, walking out.

"Good job Dylan." I said rolling my eyes. "Charlie wait!"


Is this bitch for real? I wasn't taking much notice of the events around me until I heard the snide comment from Dylan, an angry outburst from Charlie and the following desperate pleas from Audrey.

"What did you do this time Humphrey?" I asked rolling my eyes towards Dylan, before getting up and walking into the other room.


Stupid upper east side. Admittedly I didn't mean to scoff at Charlie, and obviously did not want to clear the room. I sighed,

"Right well see you later." I said waving goodbye to the stunned younger Upper East Siders.

Well Upper East Siders, my first day back at work has been interesting. Coming out of retirement was most definitely the best decision I could make.

You know you love me,

XOXO Gossip Girl