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Hello Upper East Siders, Tonight as you all know is Chuck Bass' Annual Charity Ball. It looks to be an interesting affair this year. Hope to see you all there.


Gossip Girl


I looked over at the clock,

"Nathaniel it's four thirty." I sighed and got up from the couch,

"Okay let's go." Nate appeared from his previous bedroom dressed already in his tux.

"I need to get dressed." Nate looked me up and down,

"Well hurry up, we're meant to be there in fifteen minutes"

"Nate I appreciate you staying here during this time, but I do not need you to be my mother or my babysitter or my wife." I stalked into the bedroom slamming the door behind me.

I emerged five minutes later,

"Chuck man, I'm sorry. I'm worried about you, I know how important your company is to you, and your family. I'm afraid what you might do if you lose one." I stared at him, no doubt his worry wasn't misplaced I had done things in the past to protect both my empire and my family, but what did he think I would do. To be honest I didn't want to think about what I would do if I lost one or both.

"Thanks. I can always count on you to worry Nathaniel."

"What are friends for?"


"He's not here yet S, we're meant to arrive together put up a strong front." Blair was standing by the limo searching desperately for any sign of our husbands.

"B, Chuck knows that, they'll be here any second now." Sure enough a minute later Chuck and Nate rounded the corner.

"Sorry we're late honey." Nate said smiling, I reached over and kissed him,

"It's okay" I laughed, I looked over his shoulder and spied Chuck and Blair awkwardly standing in front of one another.

"Chuck hi." I said kissing him on the cheek.

"Serena." He nodded in my direction, "shall we." I stepped into the limo followed by Nate.

"B, you coming?" She looked at me, then Chuck and then back at the empty seats next to us.

"We'll meet you there." She said slamming the door in my face.


"We'll meet you there." I said slamming the limo door, "Come on, call Arthur."

"Blair, what-"

"We have to arrive together."

"That is what we were doing."

"Yes but arriving with our friends does not give the same message as arriving alone." He sighed running his hand through his hair. "Is being alone with me really that bad?"

"I don't trust myself when I'm alone with you."

"Well what does that-" His words clicked in my head, and I blushed, I inched closer to him, I reached put and caressed his hand softly, "I can make sure you don't do anything bad." I whispered in his ear. I felt him stiffen, dejected I began to pull away

"Blair..." He mumbled, pulling me back, slowly he peppered his lips across my neck. I spun around quickly, hoping he would notice that I had worn my hair up, revealing his kryptonite. "I see you have worn your hair up. Was that done to tempt me?" I smiled

"Never" I cried in mock astonishment. He smirked and pulled out his phone,

"Arthur, bring the car outside the apartment." I felt him come up behind me, and kiss the nape of my neck. "I told you I couldn't be trusted." I smiled turning around,

"Neither can I" He wrapped his arms around my waist and pressed his lips softly to mine.

"I miss you Blair." He breathed. Happiness spread through me, tears of joy sprung to my eyes.

"I miss you too Chuck."


"They should be here by now." I whispered impatiently,

"Damien and Jenny will show up when they show up. This is going to work."

"I know." I said pressing Serena against me. I looked over to the entrance and saw the press flocking to the car that had just pulled up,

"That's Chuck and Blair." Serena said separating herself from me. Chuck stepped out, he looked younger than he had when I had seen him last, he looked like he had before Carter. He bent down assisting Blair out of the car, she smiled as they posed for photos.

"Have you seen Sienna?" Serena said looking around for our eldest daughter.

"She was with Charlie."

"And Will and Lily?"

"With Bart and Cornelia. Wherever the Bass children are, ours are sure to be, relax." I kissed her forehead, "it's going to be okay."


"There they are." I mumbled to Blair, she looked over to see Damien and Jenny walk in.


A few minutes later, we were joined by Georgina, Carter and Bree and Nate and Serena.

"Jack's here too." Carter said.

"Good. Just as planned."


"Damien Dulgard." He spun around,

"Jack Bass. What are you doing here?"


"Yeah right. What do you really want?"

"I want to make a deal."


"I'm listening."

"You want Bass Industries correct?"


"I can help you get it."


"Chuck for some stupid reason trusts me, I can take him off the scent, make him think your over it, then when the time is right you swoop in and steal it right from under him."

"And what do you get."

"50% shares and 6million dollars. A year." I looked at him,

"Deal." I stuck my hand out, he shook it a cheshire grin across his face. He leaned in closely,

"I'll call you tomorrow." He walked away and vanished in the crowd.


I smirked as I scrolled through Damien's contacts list. I approached Chuck.

"Here you are nephew, Damien's phone." He smiled and turned to Carter.

"Go upload this onto the USB, now." Carter nodded,

"So we have his contact list, calendar and photos. Why?" I asked

"Contacts are all his gang connections, calendar all the meeting he had with he drug enterprise as well as any other illegal activities and photos are just incase he has any incriminating photos, also Blair wanted to see if Jenny and him had a sex tape for future usage." I laughed

"Well dear nephew I'm off to the bar to get drunk. I have completed my duty and don't want to be sober when Damien realizes I crossed him and stole his phone." Chuck smiled.

"Have fun."


"Good Evening" The crowd looked at me "and welcome to the Annual Bass Charity Ball, this year we are donating all profits to The Reach Foundation, which was founded by Jim Stynes in 1994 by the Irish-born Australian Rules Football player Jim Stynes. Although not a local charity, in fact it's not even in the same hemisphere" a short burst of laughter rippled throughout the room "I feel that this charity which assists young people in all aspects of their life, is a charity which is relevant in society, whether it be here or on the other side of the world." The crowd applauded, I cleared my throat. "Also tonight I would like to announce a new project of Bass Industries, could Mr Carter Baizen and Mr Nathaniel Archibald please join me up here." Carter walked up the crowd speculating as to why the two enemies were suddenly sharing the same stage.

"Carter and I have known each other for a long time, and tonight we commemorate our long association. Mr Baizen and I are pleased to announce the launch of a new Hotel, owned by both our companies." The crowd once more applauded,

"Sorry to interrupt Chuck'' Nate laughed, "but in addition to this new hotel, I am pleased to announce that The Spectator, my first newspaper, will be a joint partner in this endeavor. Becoming both a business and financial parter to Baizen Incorporated, as well as continuing it's existing partnership with Bass Industries." I smiled

"Thank-you for that Nate. So without further delay please Bid on the silent auction, donate money and join us later for the part of the night where we bid to dance with the beautiful women of our society. Enjoy." The room erupted into noise.

"Damien looks livid."

"Good. You upload everything?"


"Okay, give the phone to Georgina she'll get it back to him." Carter nodded and ran off.



"Put phone back in pocket. Got it." He stood there. "Good-bye" rolling my eyes I walked over to Damien.

"Hi. Damien right?"

"Yes, and you are?"

"Georgina Sparks." I leaned in closer to him. "I'm in room 546 of the Plaza come visit me." I smirked as I slipped the phone back into his pocket, I noticed his wallet sitting where I had out the phone, quickly I pulled it out. I turned away, "hope I see you soon"


"Blair are you sure she won't see through this?"

"Bree, let's face it, we aren't the best of friends, and I've never really liked you so I highly doubt that she won't believe that you want to stab me in the back."

"You don't like me?"

"Go!" She pushed me in the direction of the leggy blonde.

"Hi Jenny Dulgard right?"


"My Husband, Carter Baizen tells me you're trying to destroy Blair Bass."

"Her and her marriage. Why?"

"I want in."



"Blair's had her time at the top, I think someone new should step in."

"And that would be..."


"I don't want to be queen, I just want to see Blair de-throned."


"Chuck. She'd do anything for him, pathetic really. All I need to do is convince her that Chuck will be hurt unless she gives up Manhattan."

"But how does that destroy her reputation?"

"It's how she gives it up that does that. Bad publicity, a drunken night with another man. With pictures of course."

"What do you want me to do?"


'I don't know how I got myself into this.'

I walked over to Damien standing alone in the corner,

"Damien, hi. Dan, Jenny's brother."

"Oh yeah right. Hi."

"I was wondering if you could help me."


"Look what I got."

"Georgina! His wallet was never part of the plan." I rolled my eyes,

"Chuck inside his wallet is at least five fake IDs, this could definately help us."

"Fine. But it's still wrong."


"Got it Bree?" I smirked and emerged from behind the crowd of people.

"Oh she's got it," I held up the phone "all."

"I should have known."

"Yes, yes you should have Little J."

"So what are you going to do?" She smirked at me,

"Oh Jenny please don't underestimate one's past. I happen to have evidence of you committing theft, dealing drugs, drugging an innocent girl as an act of revenge, and most of all plotting to destroy my husband." I saw a flicker of fear cross her face.

"Like I said, what are you going to do?"

"You are going to leave. For good."

"Or else?"

"Or else I'll go to every boutique everywhere, every designer who would employ you or and buyers, and make sure you don't make, sell or get anything. I will tell the world about what you have done and then you won't be able to show your face anywhere, and neither will your daughter." She stared at me, I walked up to her our faces almost touching, "Your husband has tried to take my husbands company, your daughter has blackmailed an innocent boy into breaking my daughters heart, and you Little J have tried to destroy my marriage. This is a warning. If you are not out of my city by tomorrow, you can kiss your blessed life good-bye." I walked away, "I warned you Little J, I am still the Queen."


"Are you still dealing?"

"Yes, but only to those who have the ability to pay."

"I can pay right now, cash in hand. I really need a pick me up."

"Oh you do this often."

"Gives me inspiration, come on, of course I was high when I wrote 'Inside'"

"Fair enough." Damien walked off, and returned minutes later with a briefcase, "outside." I followed his out into the courtyard. Once he opened the briefcase I saw it filled with all kinds of drugs

"What do you want." I pulled out my phone, "what are you doing?"

"Comparing your stuff with what I usually get." I quickly snapped a few pictures, before pointing to the white powder.

"$200, please." As I gave him the cash and he returned the drugs Chuck stepped out.

"Well aren't I glad I invited you."


"Here's your wallet." I threw him the wallet and saw the fear flash across his face. "Damien I'm going to give you a choice. You are going to return all the money, clietns and anything else you stole from Baizen to him. Then you are going to leave his and my company alone. And leave Manhattan for good."

"What would make me do that?"

"Because we have evidence" Serena said strutting across the courtyard, Dan had vanished, leaving this to the experts.

"It's over Damien." Nate said

"This is your best option."

"Besides we don't need anymore people like you or your wife in this city." Blair said a despondent Jenny Humphrey behind her.

"We have all your contacts, some which include highly prolific Russian Mobsters, your calendar, your suppliers, your false identities, pictures of your deals and-"

"And what? I can buy the police." He smirked,

"And the name of the police dedicated to taking you down." Damien's face fell

"So what I give back Baizen's company leave yours alone and never come back to Manhattan and you won't give this to the police."

"Oh I won't. But the evidence still exists, so just remember that next time you try to steal any company whatsoever." Damien looked around, desperate.


"Now get out of my sight" He nodded and walked off gathering Jenny and beckoning her daughter along the way. I looked around at the four of us, "why does it always come down to the four of us in a circle facing off some villain."

"That's how the Non-Judging Breakfast Club works honey." Blair said coming over to kiss me on the cheek. "Thank-you for telling me." She whispered. I smiled. eventually I had caved in and told Blair everything in the limo over here. She looked up at me. "It's nice it's all over."

"My pleasure."

"It's nice it's all over."

"It's not all over Blair." She looked at me, "we still said some things, and we still have issues to work through." She frowned,

"I know. And I would love to work on those with you." She said smiling brightly,

"Me too." She hugged me. We were together again but to me it seemed bittersweet.


"Did they just..."

"I think that's called a takedown." Audrey mumbled

"So the only difference between our parents then and know is that they are older."

"And married." Sienna said,

"The Non-Judging Breakfast Club. I like it." Audrey rolled her eyes,

"Of course you do Simon."

"No I agree with him. Do you know what we could do?" I said stopping in front of the three of them,

"What could we do?"

"Be the new Non-Judging Breakfast Club."

The Ball is over, and so seems to be the troubles in the Bass Marriage. But is my calendar correct or is the Masquerade Ball tomorrow night? And who is that boy I spy pining after Audrey and no it's not Simple Simon.


Gossip Girl

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