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Tsunade stared at the pile of papers on her desk as Shizune kept piling them on. "Milady, please try to get these done as quickly as possible. I'd rather not have the Fire Daimyo breathing down our necks again about delayed paperwork."

"Don't worry, Shizune; I'll get it done, even if I don't want to."

"Thank you, Milady," Shizune said as she bowed and exited the room, picking up Tonton on her way out.

Once she was alone, Tsunade started signing the papers. After a few minutes, she stopped writing and stared straight down. To a normal person, she appeared to be deep in thought about what was written on the paper. However, the document's contents weren't her main problem.

"This is wrong," she thought. "I shouldn't be doing this; Lord Hokage should. I know he ordered me to keep appearances, but I just can't help but feel terrible about holding Lord Hokage's position." She looked out her window toward Naruto's house and thought, "Don't worry. I'll keep playing Hokage for as long as you need me to. However, please take over for me soon, my lord. A slave such as myself isn't meant to lead."

(In Naruto's house)

"I wonder how Tsunade's holding up," Naruto said as he prepared to enter his mindscape to confront Kurama about its Fox's Eye jutsu.

Hinata, who was going to be watching over him while he spoke with the Fox, said, "I'm sure she's doing just fine. She's your loyal slave now, so she wouldn't dream of disobeying your orders."

"That doesn't help cheer me up, Hinata," Naruto woefully said as he remembered what he'd done to Tsunade about an hour ago. He also remembered what happened with Hinata last night.

"I'm sorry, Naruto. I just didn't know what else to say," Hinata said, hanging her head down. She then walked over and kissed Naruto's cheek. "Please be careful, Naruto. The Fox might try to use its jutsu against you for its own plans."

"I won't let that happen, Hinata," Naruto said, then closed his eyes and dived into his mind to visit his permanent tenant.

(Inside Naruto's mind)

Naruto walked to the center of a bright light and shouted, "Hey, Kurama! I need to talk to you!" When he got no response except a faint giggle, Naruto continued shouting, "Thanks to your Fox Eye jutsu, my friends are suffering!"

"What suffering is there?" Naruto heard Kurama say. "The girl wanted to be open with her feelings, so I just gave her a little push."

"And Tsunade? I doubt she wanted to be my slave!"

"Well, using the jutsu on her was just for my entertainment, but you were the one that made her your slave. The other girl warned you to choose your words carefully, didn't she, kid?"

Naruto quickly got annoyed and said, "Why don't you show yourself so we can talk face-to-face?"

"Fine, if that's what you want."

Naruto heard the fox walk toward him. Suddenly, though, Naruto heard the footsteps becoming softer, like a human's. Curious, Naruto turned and was surprised by what he saw.

Standing before him was a woman slightly smaller than he was with red hair tied back in a bun. A few strands of hair helped frame her face and forehead. She wore a red and blue kimono, which intentionally revealed an hourglass figure and a sizable bust. Whipping behind her were nine fox tails, which gave Naruto a hint as to who she was.

"Kurama? What are you doing looking like that?"

Staring down at herself with her blood red eyes, Kurama responded, in a seductive female tone, "Oh, this? I just haven't used this form in so long that I just had to try it out."

"You used this before?"

"Of course I did. I wasn't always sealed within someone, so I had to disguise myself if I wanted to be in public."

"And you're a girl because—?"

"Because it's my gender. It's true my voice is a little hard to picture as feminine as long as I'm in that horrid monster form, but you didn't have to jump to conclusions like that."

"I'm sorry, Kurama, I…Wait a minute! You're changing the subject! Why did you use the Fox's Eye jutsu on Hinata and Tsunade?"

Kurama let loose a sly smile and said, "I just wanted to have a little fun. Now that there's a temporary peace in the world, it's gotten boring around here."

"That doesn't mean you can treat my friends like they're toys! And what do you mean by "Temporary peace?""

Kurama narrowed her eyes and asked, "Naruto, do you really think this peace will last? The five great nations will find something new to fight about; it's happened for generations. Only in this last Great Shinobi War have all five nations worked together to fight a common enemy."

Naruto weighed her words and said, "I've got to admit that world peace isn't going to be easily obtained, but I'll find a way to make it happen."

"You already have," Kurama said.

"And what's that?"

"My jutsu. Just use it on influential people around the world and you'll be basking in world peace in no time."

"Absolutely not! I'm not taking away the free will of other people just to get what I want! Please, Kurama, just tell me how to release Hinata and Tsunade."

Kurama let out a disappointed sigh and continued to gaze to Naruto. Her eyes seemed to glow faintly as she said, "I knew you were a hard-headed noble brat, but I didn't think you'd be so against having your dream come true."

"My dream…come true? What are you talking about?"

"Your dream, that pervert sensei's dream; world peace. It can be a reality, simply by influencing certain behaviors in people."

"Influence…behaviors? You mean with the Fox's Eye?"

"Bingo. You're not taking away the free will of anyone with this jutsu, not even the girl and the Hokage. You're merely adjusting attitudes to be in your favor. You wouldn't want to let your dream remain a dream because of a few rotten apples, would you?"

"Rotten…apples?" Naruto thought about Kurama's words. What she was suggesting was so simple. He didn't even know why he was against it in the first place. Then he remembered, "Wait! What about the time the person's hypnotized? Other people will notice and try to attack me before I'm done."

Kurama smiled and said, "Well, this jutsu can be used in a less noticeable way, so much so that not even the sharpest eye can detect it. But why this sudden interest in my jutsu? I thought you wanted to be rid of it and return everything back to normal."

Naruto hesitantly replied, "Well, the more I think about it, the more I think this jutsu is just what I need to gain the world peace Jiraiya-sensei dreamed about. If everyone was more agreeable with each other, there'd be a lot less bloodshed and war. Kurama, could you teach me how to perform this jutsu without having anyone else notice?"

Kurama's smile got wider as the glow in her eyes faded. She replied, "Sure, Naruto. I'll tell you everything you need to know."

In her mind, Kurama chuckled to herself, "Too easy, kid. Your mind was always susceptible to genjutsu, so I knew you'd fall easily for mine. I do want you to realize your dream, but who says I can't have a little fun while I'm at it?"

(Naruto's apartment; three hours later)

Hinata sat at the table with a worried expression on her face. She stared at Naruto, who was still in his meditative stance. "He's been like that for three hours now. I wonder if everything's alright."

Hinata then heard a knock on the door. She cautiously went to the door and peeped through the spyglass. She saw Tsunade standing nervously outside, so opened the door and quickly ushered her in.

As soon as she was inside, Tsunade said, "I'm on a lunch break and wanted to check in on Lord Hokage. How is he?"

Hinata said, "It's been three hours and he hasn't broken his meditation once."

"He must've gone through the same training on Mount Myoboku as Jiraiya did. They don't mess around when it comes to training."

"That could be it, but I'm worried about the Fox. Since this is its jutsu, it just might use it to make Naruto do something awful."

"I'm sure Lord Hokage wouldn't allow anything like that to happen. Please just have faith, Hinata."

"I guess you're right. Anyway, you said you were on a lunch break, right? I'll make you some—"

A knock interrupted the conversation. Frantically, Hinata began to hide in the bathroom as Tsunade transformed into Naruto. "Forgive me for assuming your form, my lord," Tsunade thought, "but I have to make sure no one interferes."

Tsunade opened the door and saw Ino Yamanaka standing outside. "Where is she, Naruto?" she asked bluntly.

Getting a little nervous, Tsunade asked, "Who are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb! I saw the Hokage walk in there, and I want to know why she'd spend her lunch break visiting you."

"Ino, I think you might have been imagining things. I'm just here all by myself," Tsunade replied back. In her mind, she was screaming, "Please go away! I don't want to remain in Lord Hokage's form any longer."

"Oh, so you're playing this game with me? Fine, I'll just see for myself what she's up to," Ino said as she prepared herself to perform the Mind Transfer jutsu.

Before she did, however, she heard a girl yell, "Tsunade, get out of the way!" She tried to confirm her suspicions that it was Hinata, but a powerful blow to the gut knocked her out before she had the chance.

(15 minutes later)

"This is bad, Hinata; really, really bad!" Tsunade frantically said. "Ino's going to know everything about Lord Hokage now!"

"Relax, Tsunade. Maybe she'll go along with everything. Besides, Naruto's good at explaining things. I'm sure he can handle it."

Before Tsunade could protest more, Naruto finally woke up from his meditation and stretched his limbs. Overcome with joy, Hinata ran to his side, planted a deep kiss on his lips and said, "I'm so glad you're okay, Naruto!"

Tsunade knelt in front of Naruto and said, "I'm relieved you are well, Lord Hokage."

Naruto looked at the two and said, "I'm just fine, you guys. Hey, Tsunade, don't you have work to do?"

"I'm on my lunch break now and wanted to check up on you, my lord. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Not right now," Naruto said. He then saw Ino tied to one of the kitchen tables and asked, "What's Ino doing here?"

Tsunade hung her head in despair and said, "She followed me here and wanted to know what I was doing. She was going to force herself in, but Hinata knocked her out before she could. I'm sorry for my carelessness, my lord. If you need to punish me, I'll accept it!"

"Whoa! Take it easy, Tsunade. You did nothing wrong."

"But, Lord Hokage, I—"

"I'll handle it. In the meantime, did you eat lunch yet, Tsunade?"

"N…no, my lord. I was so surprised by Ino's visit that I forgot."

Hinata walked toward the kitchen and said, "I'll be happy to fix all four of us something if you want."

"I'd like that, Hinata."

As Hinata prepared lunch, Ino finally woke up from being knocked out. Looking around, she was surprised to see Naruto sitting in front of her while Tsunade stood behind him like a maid would her master. To her left, she could see Hinata preparing a lunch for someone.

Sharpening her glare on Naruto, she asked, "What have you done to them?"

Naruto chuckled and said, "Well, there's actually an interesting story behind that."

Hinata continued to prepare lunch as Naruto explained what had happened in the last half-day and Hinata and Tsunade's new relations to Naruto. Ino could hardly believe her ears, but listened to Naruto's story to the end.

"…then I woke up to find you tied up to this chair. That's pretty much it."

Ino took a moment to respond, but eventually said, "Wow. That just seems too unreal."

"But it did happen, Ino. They wouldn't be here if it was all a lie."

"I'm not saying I don't believe you, Naruto. Seeing Tsunade-sensei standing behind you like a servant is proof of your story. However, I'd like to know what you're planning to do with both her and Hinata now."

Naruto sighed and met Ino's gaze head-on, his eyes giving of a faint blue glow. "I would like them to help me with a dream of mine; world peace. If you want, you can help me with this as well."

"Help…you?" Ino responded, now intrigued about how she could help Naruto. "What kind of help would I be?"

"Well, because of your incredible spying and information-gathering skills, I was thinking of having you act as a spy. You would be going all over compiling a list of influential/important people in the world and any dirty little secrets they might be hiding."

"Spying…on important people? It sounds like fun, but I don't think I can handle this alone. I mean, this isn't just a single village you're talking about, and I'm just one person. I can't maintain a shadow clone for months at a time like you can."

Naruto laughed as he undid the ropes binding Ino to the chair. "Don't worry. If it will make you feel any better, you can pick out partners for this little task."

"Pick out…partners. I can do that; no problem!"

"Glad to hear it!" Naruto said as the glow in his eyes faded. By this time, Hinata had finished preparing a lunch for everyone and started serving it.

After lunch was over, Hinata started to clean the dishes, with Tsunade helping her, wanting to do something other than Hokage business. Ino stood from the table and said, "Well, I guess I'll start gathering intel on potential allies. I'll see you later, Naruto."

Before she left, however, Naruto walked up beside her and whispered, "Ino, may I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Naruto. What is it?"

Naruto's eyes started to faintly glow again as he asked, "Do you find me attractive?"

"You…attractive?" Ino asked back. "Well, I think you have gotten more handsome during the three years you were training with Jiraiya. Now, however, I think you're totally hot!"

Naruto smiled and said, "For this spying business you're getting yourself into, I don't want you to think there's no reward for your hard work. What if I were to…you know…when you do a job well done?"

Ino's heart skipped a beat as she responded, "That…that…would be incredible! Thank you so much, Naruto!" With her reward firmly in her sights, Ino set off to find more spies for Naruto.

Naruto walked back in his apartment, where he said goodbye to Tsunade before she left to resume her act as Hokage. When they were alone, Hinata walked up to Naruto, deep-kissed him and said, "You know, you never did tell me what happened with the Fox. Did it know of a way to get Lady Tsunade and me back to normal? And how exactly do you plan to achieve world peace?"

Naruto smiled as his eyes started to glow and said, "Don't worry Hinata; I'll tell you everything."

I know some of you are wondering, "Hey, wasn't that Tobi's plan?" Well, from what I understand, Tobi wanted to place the entire world under a genjutsu to give them something similar to a hive mind where they would all think like him. This plan is different in that only a few people in the world will be influenced (mostly female, obviously, and they would just get some behavioral changes. These behavioral changes would ideally lead to the people influencing worldwide policies that promote world peace. It's a more subtle approach, and it could take time, but it's not as menacing as Tobi's one-shot, one-kill tactic.