Sword Art Online Fan Fiction

A Second Chance

What if, Sachi never died? What if she was given a second chance at life? Would she become one of the strongest players in SAO? or would she return to a life of fear?

Author's notes: Thank you for reading my Fan Fic. (This is actually my first published one) This story is a side story about Sachi and her life after the death of her guild mates if she was revived by an OC of mine. It may seem a bit confusing, but please read further to understand. Of course, tips and your opinions are always wanted!

Chapter 1: A Second Chance

June 12, 2023

Everything was black, and the only thing Sachi heard was the voice of a robot. "Game Over detected, Nerve Gear self destruct will commence in 10..." it said.

"What's going on?" she wondered to herself.


"That's right... I died..." The memories of all the recent events flashed before hey eyes. The sheer thought of these made tears flow down Sachi's cheek, but she could not wipe them. Her body was frozen, and she knew that it would remain so for the rest of time.

"7...6...5..." The Nerve gear continued to count down; its voice was as cold and robotic as ever.

"I guess this is the end..." Sachi thought to herself. It was an inevitable end for her; only to blame herself for meeting this. It was the fear of dying, if she had gone out and leveled instead of sitting in town twiddling her thumbs, maybe she wouldn't be in this position.

"4...3...2..." A hissing sound flooded Sachi's ears as her heart started beating faster and faster. The seconds felt like an eternity, and those seconds were something she took for granted. "Goodbye..." she said choking in the middle of her mental sobbing.

"1..." Sachi waited for her death to come. She waited and waited for what seemed like her entire life. But something wasn't right, she was still breathing, she still felt her heart beating.

"Use of Divine Stone of Returning Soul has been detected. Self destruct sequence aborted. Don't die again" The robotic voice of the Nerve gear flooded her ears again.

"Divine... Stone?" she muttered in question. Was she saved? Was it Kirito? These questions spun around in Sachi's head as she became more and more excited to see the face of Kirito in front of her, rescuing her yet again.

"Hey...hey... wake up..." A voice said quietly. Sachi felt someone shaking her lightly. She opened her eyes only to see a complete blur. She blinked to slowly adjust to her sight, and her heart leapt to see a figure over her. She thought it was Kirito but it wasn't him. "Are you okay?" the figure asked. Sachi blinked again, the figure of a girl formed, a little older than her. She simply nodded at the question. "Good, I guess the Stone worked then." The girl said. "Can you move?" she asked.

"Yea..." Sachi replied slowly getting up into a sitting position. "Why am I outside? Where is everyone else?" she asked looking around.. She wasn't sure if this was real, or if she was in heaven already.

"There seemed to be an anti-crystal field where you guys were, so I couldn't use the stone inside." Answering Sachi's first question; the Stone was put under the crystal category. "I'm sorry, but by the time I got here, they were one second too late..." the girl said sadly."You were the only one I could save" It was indeed reality. Her guild members, no, her friends were dead. Sachi couldn't believe it and she started to sob in disbelief. "Why..." she muttered as she looked up. The night sky was filled with gleaming stars letting the tears flow; it seemed that a couple more stars had formed. Maybe some of those stars were her dead friends she wondered amidst her sadness.

The girl said nothing and simply sat next to Sachi pulling an arm around her to try to comfort her. "Survivors guilt..." she said quietly.

"Why me?" Sachi said in despair. "I couldn't do anything to help them... I don't deserve this!" She yelled. The tears flowed and flowed. Survivor's guilt was indeed a deadly thing if it entered the mind of someone weak enough.

"Come on now; don't beat yourself up too hard." The girl said.

"But what reason would anyone possibly have? I'm useless. I'm scared. I'm weak. No one would want to save someone like me..." Sachi muttered in the middle of her sobbing.

"Maybe you're right, but do I need a reason to save people?" the girl asked handing Sachi a clean cloth to wipe her face. "No, I don't. If I can save someone from death, that itself is reason enough"

"O..okay" Sachi said as she dried her tears up. She got up, picked her spear up, and held it close. She did indeed feel a little better. "My name is Sachi" she introduced herself.

"My name's Norie" the girl said in reply followed by a handshake.

Sachi took Norie's handshake and tried her best to smile. She examined the girl. Norie was a bit taller than herself. She had purple hair with flowing side bangs and a unicorn tail loosely tied back. Her face always had a smile on it. Even though you couldn't see them, Sachi assumed her eyes were purple as well. She dressed very plainly, a simple black shirt with one sleeve long and the other short behind a purple breastplate with matching black shorts. She wore knee length black socks, black fingerless gloves, and purple boots that complimented her black cap with purple goggles. A cutlass was sheathed in a plain ring sheath revealing a high quality cutlass. But there was something a little strange about it, it was glowing faintly.

"Come, let's get out of here" Norie said as she led Sachi through the dense forest. There was the chatter of various small animals scurrying about as they returned to their nests.. The thickets and trees sang with the blowing wind, and the crickets were chirping a symphony. It was only a short distance, but Norie led Sachi to a small campsite. It was simple; a campfire in the middle with some pots and pans to cook food with. Norie sat down on a log and Sachi followed a little ways from her. "Here, have some. You must be hungry." Norie said offering Sachi some bread and cream.

"Thank you" Sachi said taking the bread and taking a bite. It was quite good. The bread was soft and somewhat sweet. The cream added to that flavor giving it a cheesy taste. It was simple, but very satisfying.

"Oh, I forgot" Norie said in amidst the silence. She opened up her game menu and pressed the "Form Party" button and sent an invite to Sachi. "We need to stick together until we get to town." she added.

Sachi agreed and accepted the invitation. She opened the party menu to see some more details on her new acquaintance.

The first thing she wanted to know was what level this girl was. "Um, I know this is sudden, but could I ask for your level?" she asked. "Please don't lie about it...I don't care if you're a high level"

"Level 43" Norie replied not showing any signs of hesitation. She showed no shame in this.

"She replied so openly!" Sachi thought to herself a little shocked. "Aren't you scared of being called a cheater?"

"Why?" Norie asked as she took a bite of her bread. "Some players need to be grateful that people like us are around, or else they wouldn't know what to do if they were knee deep in trouble. No one reads the manual either." Norie said pulling a little book out and waving it around.

"But what are you doing in a lower level area like this?" Sachi asked. Norie should be fighting alongside the front party helping everyone else beat the game.

"Helping players like you" Norie replied slyly as she laid down on the ground glaring at the starts. It was indeed a good reason. "Most players can't get proper training since the Beta Testers took all the good spots, so the others are left to fight in more dangerous areas. I know the higher levels mean well by leveling faster to beat the game. But leaving all the other players behind is a little cruel." She said before everything was silent except for the sound of crickets and the crackle of the fire.

Sachi muttered in agreement. After a while of silence, "Norie..." she asked playing the dirt.

"What is it?" Norie asked getting up from the ground looking at her.

"Is there any way for me to help everyone beat this game?" she asked wanting an honest answer.

"Well..." Norie said tapping her chin. "Anyone can help if they have been led in the right direction" she said.

"But couldn't you have used the stone on someone else?" Sachi said getting depressed again. She felt that she didn't deserve to be bestowed this second chance.

Norie simply shook her head. "You sound as if you wanted to die"

Sachi was silent for a moment at the response, she didn't want to die, but she believed that there was clearly someone else that deserved this second chance rather than her.

"Sachi... don't just throw away this second life by hating yourself. Make something of it." Norie encouraged as she laid a hand on Sachi's shoulder. "Try to get over it. Getting over things like this is what will make us stronger."

Sachi thought about it for a moment in the middle of her tears "I'll try" she replied with gratitude.

"No problem" Sachi said smiling and a chuckle to brighten the mood.

"Yaaawwwnnnn" Another voice was heard nearby. It sounded like a girls voice, but it also echoed.

"Who's there?" Sachi said getting up and drawing her spear and wiping her tears. After that little speech by Norie, Sachi tried her best to stay brave.

"Haha, don't worry Sachi. It's just Ellen, my spirit weapon" Norie reassured as she drew her sword. A golden orb was glowing at the hilt. "Finally awake Ellen?" she said as she placed her hand over the orb. It glowed brighter, and then the form of a young girl appeared next to Norie.

"That was a good nap" Ellen said stretching. In amidst of her relaxation, she noticed Sachi. "Oh? Who's this?"

"This is Sachi." Norie introduced them to each other.

Sachi sat back down and leaned on her spear. "Nice to meet you" she replied.

"The feeling is mutual" Ellen replied. Ellen was a spirit that was trapped in a stone. The only way to get these spirits out is to imbue them into a weapon. The weapon itself is destroyed and the spirit takes the shape of the weapon rather than a stone, but the spirit can take upon a human appearance. The spirits age is dependent on its appearance. Ellen, for example, took the form of a small girl with pink hair and a white bow at the top of her head. She wore a pink cap with childlike buttons with happy faces on them, and her personality reflects her age as well.

"So...how is a spirit weapon formed?" Sachi asked. Sachi was still inexperienced in the game after all. So the concept of a spirit weapon was foreign to her.

"You see..." Norie said before she was cut off by Ellen.

"Us spirit weapons are stuck in a rock before we take the form of a weapon, and these stones are very rare to find. You can dig through an entire mine, examine every single pebble, and maybe only find one of us. If someone manages to find one of us, they can imbue us into a weapon of their choice. We'll take the form of that weapon and remain with our owner until death do us part." Ellen explained.

"I see..." Sachi said taking a rather keen interest. "How long have you two been together?"

"Let me think about it..." Norie said thinking back. "I think a little after I hit level 34"

"You make it sound like a marriage!" Ellen said playfully. "That was back when Norie was just a noob! Actually, you still are!"

"Hey!" Norie said chuckling.

"She was running from monsters on the 33rd floor. You should have seen her! Norie was looking for a good spot to train before she got chased She was screaming her lungs out trying to get some help. Then she picked the stone that I was in and was about to throw. Good thing I talked her out of it and gave her a hand. And that's how we first met." Ellen explained putting her hands on her hips while standing up, exaggerating certain aspects, though, most of it was true.

"I wasn't screaming that loud" Norie said getting a little embarrassed.

"Yes you were! You were like HEELLLPP MEE ANYONE!" Ellen said imitating the scene. Sachi couldn't help but giggle at the two of them quarrel. It certainly was a much better feeling than before and she sighed out of gladness. Sachi reclined on her blanket and simply glared into the night sky with her hands behind her head. Were her friends in a better place? She wondered. She was a second away from finding out, but here she is still in this virtual hell. What would she do now? She didn't know yet. After a bit of contemplation, Sachi yawned. "I think I'll call it a night"

"Have a good night!" Ellen said floating around. If it was something Ellen enjoyed, it was floating around in her human appearance. She was a spirit after all.

"Good night" Norie said. "I'll stay on guard." Norie usually wouldn't take the job as night guard because if monsters attacked her, she would react in a flash. Since she's in a party, she figured it would be safer if she stayed on lookout because monsters could kidnap her party members instead.

"Okay then." Sachi replied as she closed her eyes and tried to get some sleep despite Norie and Ellen's squabbling. She giggled once more. "Maybe this second life was as bad as I thought." she thought to herself. She decided that she will find the strength to help everyone. She wanted to repay Kirito for all those times he saved her. Many memories with her friends both in real life and SAO filled in her mind, but she slowly forgot about them as she slowly drifted to sleep.