Final Notes

Well, that's it. My story's complete, for now at least! Haha. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you guys for sticking with my story all through these few months, I really enjoyed writing this. Though I might not be the best writer in the world, I really think that I did a pretty good job writing all this, and I'm quite proud that I stuck with it to the end. You know, honestly, I forgot why I started writing this story in the first place. I remember that it was what if Sachi never died, but I had forgotten how strong my motivation for writing it in the first place.

Again, I just wanted to thank the reader for sticking with me, especially those who gave me some helpful reviews, I know all of you guys hate me breaking the 4th wall xD But I just can't really help it. Oh well, I guess it can't be helped.

Now of course, I just wanted to ask the reader a few questions,

So how did I do? I was wondering just how much you guys enjoyed my story, or if you didn't really enjoy it at all. I just want the insight of the reader and some final feedback before I start my second arc (Which won't be for some time maybe), but nonetheless, I just want to see what you guys thought.

How were my characters? Personally, I love all my characters, and I used many references from games and such to create them. But I have to say, my favorite character was either Norie or Sachi.

Story? I look back upon all my chapters and I kind of laugh at just how much slice of life there was. I never really intended for it to reach this level of episodicness, but I guess that was kind of how it went. I know some of the readers wanted a more solid storyline, but it was kind of difficult for me to come up with one, especially since I wanted to stay as canon as possible to the actual LN.

Questions? I know you guys have plenty of questions ask me, am I right? xP

I digress, now of course, if you haven't caught onto it already, there was one part in the epilogue I just wanted to bring up. It was the part in which I said that Kayaba Akihito was glad to see his daughter one last time. This is probably the only part of the LN that I am going majorly off canon for. Plot twist? Yes, I intended for Sachi to be Kayaba Akihito's daughter. Details? I'll go over them in future arcs. But if you guys want to have some spoilers, I'll tell you what ideas have been spinning around in my head thus far

Well, I guess that's all there is, oh, of course, I wanted to give a big thanks to the LN for providing me many of the details that helped me flesh out my story. Without it guiding me, I don't think I would have been able to keep the story from progressing this way if I didn't keep canon. Anyway, I don't think I'll be relying upon it as much in the ALO arc as much, since Sachi's adventure will take place separate from Kirito's for most of the story…. Oops, I think I've said too much.

Oh, I almost forgot. Since I'm applying to Art Center College of Design, I figured when they asked for a portfolio consisting of designs from an original story, or an "existing" one, I could use the concepts I described in my story to draw up character designs for some of the characters. Just to give a heads up, I'm planning on doing characters sheets for Sachi, Norie, Keshiga, Ellen, and maybe Tsurugi and Irina. Depends on how much I get done during the break. Anyway, stay tuned for when I post the designs up. I'll put them up as another story separate from this one.

Well, that's kind of all I wanted to say at this point. If you have any questions or anything that needs emphasis or some clearing up, don't be afraid to PM me, I'll respond in due time. Also, don't be scared to drop off a review, though I might not be as popular as some of the other stories in SAO out there, I'm sure I've made quite the impression.

Okay, since I'm taking all your time away by writing this final note (Sarcasm!) I just wanted to thank you guys one more time, and stay tuned for my next story!