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An old man sighs as a man wearing a giant bat like costume drives into a cave full of technological wonders. The man wearing the costume is obviously injured and can barely stand. "Shall I send in aid to young Timothy, Master Wayne?" Wayne simply shakes his head as he takes out some painkillers and swallows them with one group.

"I can handle this. No need to get Robin, Alfred." The old man, who is known as Alfred Pennyworth frowns as he helps Bruce Wayne to a hospital table.

"I don't think you can. Not against this new foe."

*Scene Change*

Batman is shown being thrown against a wall from an unseen force as Alfred talks over the following scenes. "You have been going at this for several years now. I will admit you did well on your own for the first couple of years."

*Scene Change*

A scared looking man, with plain reading glasses that has one lens cracked and holding a battered looking puppet, closes his eyes and faints as a shadow of Batman moves over him. "But you must realize by now that you wouldn't be here now without the help of your allies. Especially Master Grayson and Miss Gordon."

*Scene Change*

Batman coughs up blood before making fists and putting them up in a boxer style. He then takes a step and lets out a quick jab. "Even though Master Grayson is now operating in another city and calling himself Nightwing, he will still be willing to help. As are Master Drake and Miss Cain."

*Scene Change*

The scene returns to the Batcave as Alfred proceeds to tend to Batman's injuries. For a couple of seconds there is nothing but silence. Then Batman speaks. "I can't risk Robin and Batgirl. Yet." Alfred raises an eyebrow before bandaging a bleeding arm caused by a vicious bite.

"Is this about Master Todd? What Joker did to him wasn't your fault." Bruce Wayne is about to speak but gets cut off by Alfred. "Neither what happened to Miss Gordon. If you are gonna be this way, at least employ her help. We both know that harm will come her way the least now."

Batman doesn't say anything as he contemplates what has happened to him the last few weeks...

Batman: New Foe, the official first chapter will appear soon! Hopefully sooner than this! Note: This will take into account some of past Bat mythos as being true here. And I think that part of the fun in reading this is figuring out which stories I am using here and which ones I will be drawing from for this story. :)