Grave digger

Warning: Graves

I lived in a small house in the middle of the woods with my parent's and my younger brother. We moved there to be away from the town. Lately things have been getting weird ever since my brother took a walk to the old graveyard not too far away from our house.

The first day he came back and asked my mom a bunch of questions relevant to the graveyard. There was one question that stood out. "Mom, did a grave digger die at the graveyard?" He asked in his high pitch little voice.

"Now why would you be asking that Luke?" She asked a little concerned as she put dinner in the oven.

He frowned. "My friend told me."

As a matter of fact I do recall it saying in the news paper a few months ago. No one knew the cause of death, he was just mangled for no reason in the middle of a storm.

The next day Luke came home he kept saying the same thing like he was trying to figure out a problem. "When the water turns red." he said it over and over when finally I asked where he herd that.

He just said his friend told him.

One day Luke didn't come home so I decided to check out the graveyard for my self. I wanted to know what was going on with Luke. I followed the path slowly. I looked up to see the trees. They were tall, I could barely see the branches they were so high up. The branches tangled up around each other but I could still see the sky. It was dark. It was around ten o'clock and gray clouds covered the sky. I felt a small drop land on the top of my nose. I wiped it off with my clove and kept walking. Soon it started to sprinkle, then rained, then it turned into a storm. I wasn't sure if I should keep walking. I didn't want to, but I had to find Luke.

I saw the graveyard and ran over to it. The graves looked weathered down. Moss had grown on a lot of them. You couldn't even see the names anymore. Except for one. In the distance one stood all by it's self. It was pure white and looked like it was glowing compared to the rest. I decided to look at it. Maybe Luke went to look at it to.

Soon I was in front of it. I looked at it for a second and froze in terror. Carved into the stone was Luke and today's date. I panicked. I couldn't believe my eye's. No, I just wanted to get away from that stone. Not look at it ever again. Then I noticed someone. It was a tall man and looked like he was digging. He had a large hat and his clothes were dirty. I guessed he worked here.

I relaxed myself from what I saw. Maybe it was just a coincident. A very scary coincident. "Excuse me sir, have you seen an 8 year old boy running around?" I asked my voice still a bit shaky.

He looked at me. He just stared.

I looked around the graveyard to see if I could see Luke but couldn't so I looked back at the guy hoping he would answer me. My eye's shot open and my heart raced. The man...was not a man anymore. He looked crippled. He was drenched in blood and was on the ground. I could see the guy's flesh hanging out in all directions. One of his eye's was missing and his legs were bent the opposite way.

"Allow me to show you were he is." He said, but it was hard to tell it was his mouth.

I screamed but couldn't move.

He took both his hands and dragged himself closer to me.

Finally I swallowed my breath and ran.

I could hear him crawling behind me. He was gaining speed. I ran faster and breathed heavy. I could see my house in the distance. I had to make it.

I looked back but could only see a shadow of him. It looked like he was completely still.

I slammed open the door to my house and locked it. I never wanted to open it again.

"Are you okay?"

My heart skipped and I looked. Luke cocked his head and was looking up at me.

The next day. When I opened the door. Laying there was a grave stone. With my name on it.

A/N: Hope you liked it! I had this idea in my head for awhile. Sorry I didn't edit it too well.