Right this idea had been swimming in my head after watching the entire Danny Phantom Series on Netflix. I had to get out of my head before I went nuts, so have fun. My apologies to all my Merlin Fanfic fans... But hey, I can't say no to the charms of a half-ghost boy!

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The delicately clawed bathtub had lavender scented steam rising out of it. Samantha Manson smiled at the sight of the dark red rose petals littering her floor and the bath water; the candles lit all around her added just the right mood for the Goth. She slipped out of her plush, black robe and into the water, a contented sigh escaping her lips.

Things in Amity Park had settled after her newly acquired boyfriend Danny Fenton, or Danny Phantom as the world so affectionately called him, had rallied the ghosts and saved the planet from sure disaster. Her mind started to drift towards the teenaged superhero. He had been absent from her side quite a bit this last week, apparently people around the world wanted to meet him and thank him personally for his act.

She didn't mind it though. She knew he would always return, he always promised her as such. Her hands moved the petals floating in the water before her into the all too familiar D shape that adorned her beloved's chest when he went ghost. She smiled down at her piece of artwork and leaned back letting herself soak for just a few more minutes.

Pulling on her bathrobe again as she stepped out of the welcoming warmth that was her bath she slipped into her matching slippers and padded into her room.

A shiver ran down her spine as she entered the room. She looked towards the window thinking she had forgotten to lock it. Nope, it was completely closed. Her attention fell on her dresser and something caught her eye.

She walked over and looked down in awe at what appeared to be a crystal long-stemmed rose resting on a silver tray. She reached out a hand to pick it up. She jumped a bit at how cold it felt. She blinked, how could crystal be cold? Unless…

She picked it up and smiled. "Danny…" She whispered as she felt herself melt. It was then she felt warm arms wrap around her from behind. "So you're way my room is so cold…"

She turned around to meet blue eyes staring back at her with love. "Sorry, I didn't know how long you'd be and I didn't want it to melt." He said plucking the ice rose from her hands and setting it on the silver tray again. He then hugged her tighter and buried his noise in her slightly damp hair, a grin forming on his lips. "I missed you."

Sam returned the embrace. "I missed you too." She responded. Danny only hugged her tighter before pulling away and planting a soft kiss on her lips. His forehead rested on her own, and his eyes were closed. She smiled at his more than content expression.

"Mine…" He said in barely a whisper causing her to giggle. It was a new thing she had learned about him since they had been together. Danny Fenton was actually very possessive. The first time he had said it she had protested about not being an object causing him to blink at her confused as if he hadn't even known what he said.

In a way she found it cute, and he only said it when they were alone and he held that same more than content expression on his face. "Yours…" She said softly earning a smile before kissing him again.

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